DIY Spring Wreath Door Basket

Make this DIY spring wreath door basket with items found at any craft store. Make your front door pop and greet your guests with style!

DIY Spring Wreath Door Basket | Easy and quick to put together! | onsuttonplace.com

I’m starting to believe that spring might actually be here. The snow is melting, the temps are warmer and the days are way longer. I also thought you might like to make something other than a round wreath for your spring front door. I would hate for us to get in a rut! I found a little grapevine basket at Hobby Lobby and decided to see what I could come up with. I’ve listed as many sources as I could find at the end of the post.

DIY Spring Wreath Door Basket Supplies

  • door basket
  • floral foam
  • spanish moss
  • 3 types of faux flowers.

To get started, I stuck a piece of floral foam down into the basket. You don’t have to go all the way to the point…just wedge it into the cone. Next take pieces of spanish moss and cover the floral foam. I literally just poked it down in clumps. To get to the bottom of the point, I used the handle of a wooden spoon.

1.) Now it’s time to add the flowers. The look I was going for was light and airy…so I chose stems of green flower balls that sort of bopped around. That’s what I stuck in first.

2.) Next I added stems of tiny white buds. These were also very flimsy so they swayed around a little too.

3.) I love ranunculus. I found some white stems at Hobby Lobby and since they were half price, I splurged and bought three. I added those next.

4.) At this point it wasn’t quite as full as I had imagined, so I added some more green flower balls. It always helps to hang what you are working on, stand back, and then make adjustments.

DIY Spring Wreath Door Basket | Easy and quick to put together! | onsuttonplace.com

When I hung the finished basket on my front door, it was way to high. I looped a long piece of ribbon on the basket handle and just tied it onto my wreath hanger. Here’s a little sneak peek at what the basket looks like on my front door.

DIY Spring Wreath Door Basket | Easy and quick to put together! | onsuttonplace.com

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Door Basket (similar)
Spanish moss
Floral foam
White ranunculus
(I could not find the green flower balls or white buds online. I purchased them at my local Hobby Lobby.)

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