Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden

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Indoor mason jar herb garden for the kitchen. The perfect way to have fresh herbs for cooking all the time. Easy and DIY.

This is one of those projects that doesn’t really need a tutorial…but sometimes we just need a few suggestions to get the ball rolling. That’s what I’m doing here with my Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden. I have wanted to grow herbs in my kitchen for a few years but never took the time to actually do it.

Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden | The perfect way to have fresh herbs in your kitchen all the time. Easy and DIY.

It takes a little planning but not much. You know me…I don’t do anything that is very complicated.

Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden Supplies:

  • mason jars
  • marbles or small stones
  • herbs
  • potting soil
  • Optional is a carrier for your jars but more on that later.

Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden | The perfect way to have fresh herbs in your kitchen all the time. Easy and DIY.

First thing is to add marbles or stones to each jar, filling them about 1/4 full. This will allow the water to drop down under the soil so the roots don’t rot.

Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden | The perfect way to have fresh herbs in your kitchen all the time. Easy and DIY.

Next it’s time to get your hands a little dirty and add potting soil to the jars. As you can see in the image below, I left about 2 inches at the top to place the plants. This doesn’t have to be exact…just eyeball it. Now remove the herbs from their containers. Break off a good bit of the soil and loosen the roots. Carefully place the herbs in the jars and pat them down with your fingers so the root soil mixes a bit with the potting soil.

Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden | The perfect way to have fresh herbs in your kitchen all the time. Easy and DIY.

Give them a good drink of water and that’s it.

Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden | The perfect way to have fresh herbs in your kitchen all the time. Easy and DIY.

Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden | The perfect way to have fresh herbs in your kitchen all the time. Easy and DIY.

I’ve had this jar carrier for several years and I actually think it’s a milk bottle carrier. I bought it from one of the first friends I made online…Jody from The Petite Market. I don’t even remember how we met, but she’s been such a lovely friend and supporter of my blog. She doesn’t have any jar carriers in her shop right now, but you can visit the link below to see more.

I am going to keep these jars inside for a few months and then probably re-plant them outside. I already used some rosemary to make Rosemary Potatoes and I felt very accomplished having my own herbs. I’ll be back in a few days with some little DIY herb garden markers. It’s a free printable so anyone can make them and you guessed it…they’re easy. (Hope you are smiling.) Click [HERE] for the garden marker printable.

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Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden Shopping Sources:

Blue vintage Ball jars
New Ball jars
Vintage Bottle/Jar carriers
Clear Marbles

Click [HERE] for some easy printable garden markers!

Indoor Mason Jar Herb Garden | The perfect way to have fresh herbs in your kitchen all the time. Easy and DIY.

One last thing before I go…I find myself in a period of transition since my mom died and it’s touched every part of my life, including my work. This world of blogs that I live in is pretty darn big…and after five years it’s getting harder to come up with original ideas. I’ve been thinking about this and here’s what I’ve decided…I’m just going to post what I like and what I think you will like. If it’s been done before, oh well. I always do a project from start to finish and put my own spin on it. I always take and edit my own photos. So in a sense, any project I post on this blog is original. I hope this is OK with all of you because I don’t really know how else to proceed. My original promise from when I started this blog still stands. I will always be honest and try my hardest not to waste your time. Time is the most precious thing in the world and I truly respect that. That’s one of the reasons you don’t see my posts filled with 20 images, one right after another. I get my point across with 6 – 8 images (sometimes less) unless it’s some sort of tour. So…onward and upward!

Thanks very much for your friendship…see you soon.

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  1. Thank you Ann for the uplifting message! Besides all of the useful tips, it helps knowing that others have similar issues, similar reasons.
    Grief especially takes its toll during and post holidays. And now the depth of winter with bitter cold conditions limit us further. Your suggestions have
    helped at one time or another but, what I particularly enjoy are your photos! I love your decor, the clarity of the photos and you printable art. Your blog is like picking up a favorite magazine, and I appreciate the quick access.
    Please continue with your valuable message, and know you are appreciated as well!

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  6. Arlene Hughes says:

    Good morning, thank you for the great idea of planting herbs in jars for setting in my kitchen. I have a bunch of the blue jars that were given to me by my mother and grandmother. I even found me a carrier to put them in. I planted them a couple of weeks ago, they seem to not be doing all that great, do you have any suggestions that might help. I have them setting in front of a window- I planted 6 different herbs and it seems the cilantro and parsley are not doing very good and are drying up. Any suggestions would be great.


    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Arlene…it’s important not to over water since the drainage is through the little stones. Add water just until it’s through the dirt and when it hits the stones, stop. I hope this helps…good luck!

  7. And that is exactly why I love your blog. 6-8 pictures. Sometimes after 7 blogs my head is spinning. I want to tell my son something and can’t remember where I saw it.
    Since my mom passed I too am more refined. I think of her everyday.

  8. Ann, I love your blog for your honesty and kindness. I am around your age and find your posts refreshing, like having you as my friend. I love your printables, your recipes and your classic decorating. While my mom is still living, it sometimes feels as if she’s gone because she has dementia. That has been hard, knowing she is still here, but not here.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Joy…my mom had dementia too so I know how you feel. I actually lost her many years before she died. It is incredibly hard. Just know you are not alone!

  9. You know, I don’t understand how some of these bloggers do it. Some of them don’t feel very authentic. I always look forward to your posts. I would love to see more of you yard and gardens this summer. I always enjoy your recipes. Looking forward to whatever you have to share.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Nancy! I will definitely try to show my yard more this growing season. Sometimes I think it’s “not up to par” so I don’t highlight it on the blog. I will try to do better…thank you so much for your comment!

  10. Love your posts dear Ann.
    Don’t change a thing !

  11. Mary Sullivan says:

    Ann, I don’t know if this post is current or not as I’ve just found your site in the past couple of months but I totally understand about losing your mother and how this affects aspects of your former “put together” life. I did end of life care for both of my parents and then last year we lost my father-in-love. Not to mention that my husband and I decided (very close to retirement) that it was time for a job change and we moved from a very large city to the country(population 2K), a farming community that was in need of a Critical Access Hospital. So my life has been upended, but I am learning its a good thing. Since I no longer have access to many of my stores, I now have gotten quite accomplished at building my own frames and putting many of your awesome artwork into them. So thank you, just this morning I made a magnet for a friend with the art ,”It is well with my soul”. I look forward to seeing all you put out there and changing my artwork as the seasons come and go.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you Mary! My mom died 2 years ago but the honest truth is it feels like yesterday. So your words are very much appreciated. I can’t imagine picking up and moving at this point in my life, so I am impressed with your life change. I wonder sometimes if I shouldn’t shake myself up a bit. I tend to stick to familiar and safe things. Anyway, I’m happy you are following along!

  12. Thank you, Ann. I have wanted to grow herbs inside for awhile and this is the incentive I needed. Your blog is wonderful; please just keep doing what you do. I truly love your style and always look forward to your posts and am never disappointed. No matter how old we are when we lose our mother, the hurt and missing them never goes away. Hugs.

  13. Thank you for the darling pictures. I am finally getting the house to make a home. 63 and I am actually getting a mortgage. No more sneaky landlord with his rent to own. I saved 4 big cans that had been tomato cans. They will be my herb garden. I am beyond excited. Everything you share with us is great.

  14. I lost my mom seven years ago, and I can relate. I feel like a different person now, always a bit emptier. Even though I have moved through the different phases of grief, everything feels a bit LESS without her. I am 61 now and find this to be a challenging time of life. (I wish there were more blogs that speak to this.). I would love to hear your thoughts about it. BTW, I enjoy the simpleness of your blog and would always choose that over “filler” content or an excess of sponsored products. I’ve made many of your recipes and enjoy the small projects! My favorite blogs are those that are the owner’s HOBBY and not their BUSINESS, because without the sponsor pressure they seem to be more authentic. I realize that makes me selfish, and I apologize for that. Just do what makes you happy! Thanks for your blog!

  15. Ann,
    So sorry about the loss of your mom, you do what you need to do. I just want you to know, I’m always happy to see your post in my in-box. Take good care of yourself.
    Lucy A

  16. Cathie Flynn says:

    Hi, I already do herbs on my back town home deck in the spring/summer. I am considering doing this herb garden during the Fall/Winter months indoors. Unfortunately I do not get much sun on the back (kitchen side) of my home. Is this something that can be utilized year round?
    thinking I may give it a try this year to see how it works out.

    By the way – found you on Pinterest. I am



    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Cathie!
      The herbs do need sun…at least a few hours every day. That’s why I put the ball jars in a carrier…that way I can move them from my kitchen counter (which gets no sun) to a windowsill. Hope you give it a try…good luck!

  17. Ann..i just read your post on mason jar herbs…do the herbs need much sun when you’re growing thru the winter? My kitchen window opens to an enclosed porch, so no sun there..also, how often do you water? Thanks for the idea to use Mason jars and marbles! Ill give it a try!

  18. Mary-Louise Shimkus says:

    Ann, you truly inspire me! I look so forward to reading your blog from start to end … and giving so many projects my “hands on” attempt.
    Thank you for being you … And please honor us with your talent.

  19. Hello Ann. I check in with you every time you post. Enjoy you so much because you are so real and not trying to impress us , just being you. We all understand what it is like to deal with a loss like this. It’s hard, but becomes less painful as time goes on. As someone said earlier your mother is still with you, and always will be. So, just continue to be yourself and do what feels right to you, and know the rest of us are with you in spirit too.

  20. I love these!!! Thank you for the printables :) Quick question for you…. did you use pint or quart sized jars?

  21. Lori Souter says:

    love your blog and will love your original ideas…just do what makes you happy….it will in turn make someone else happy! you always share sure great things..and sometimes the easiest things are the most rewarding! hugs!

  22. Thank you for sharing your lovely lovelies, thoughts and photos.
    Your site adds a smile and happy to my life.

  23. Ruth Alvarado says:

    I did not get a chance to give you my condolences on your mom’s passing. I am so sorry for your loss. I know how much our moms mean to us. I was the ultimate mommy’s girl even when I married and had my own family. I was always mommy’s girl! I still miss her so much and she has been gone a long time, but I have so many wonderful memories of our time together. I was so blessed the Lord chose her to raise me. Your mom will always be in your heart so in a way you have not lost her. I know He will give you the strength and peace you need to go on without her. Blessings. I love, love your site and your posts. Please do not stop. And I think you can just go ahead and do whatever your want to or led to do. Whatever you post will be wonderful, I know. Thanks for a great site!

  24. Love this idea and practical tips maybe this time I will be successful! I’m looking forward to the new posts, you have such great ideas and taste. Trust your instincts and your heart regarding your posts and we will follow. Thank you for not posting a ton of photos, I agree 6-8 photos are enough.
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter with your family. Please give your Dad a hug for me and tell him he is in our hearts.

  25. Stay true to yourself, Ann. That’s what we like about you. I’m currently grieving both of my parents
    and working through the process every day. Your emails are a welcome comfort. Happy Easter
    and God’s Blessings to you and your family.

  26. Oh dear Ann … thank you for being honest. Transitions in life are harder than we anticipate. Finding our way can be so hard. I am going through one myself. I love what you share. It encourages me to make my home a more nuturing, supportive place by being embracing. If only for myself now. A pretty vignette doesn’t fill the empty place at the table but its simple beauty does lift my spirits as I slog through grief. So carry on! Nothing flashy, nothing earthshaking..but something that helps light our way.

  27. Nancy Baldridge says:

    Your blog has some good practical ideas. Tomorrow I will be making my herb garden using canning jars and a bag of marbles I found the other day when I was cleaning out a drawer.
    This will be the highlight of my day before Easter! My sympathy to you. We never stop missing our parents. Thank you for sharing your projects and thoughts. I am new to your blog; so, It certainly will not bother me if you repeat some things.

  28. Ann: I love your posts and all the ideas (and opinions) you give your readers.
    You don’t have to change a thing!!

  29. I love the mason jar project…and I love your plan for the blog! You certainly don’t waste my time…I enjoy coming here. Do what’s best for you! ;)

  30. Whatever you’re doing now is perfect- don’t change. I love simple, too, and I’m more likely to give something a try if it seems ‘doable’ to me. Your ideas are wonderful, and your photos are beautiful!

  31. Cindy Parks says:

    You do what is best for you. I love your articles. I’m praying for you.

  32. Karen K from Buffalo says:

    Ann, you do what’s comfortable for you. I know I will be thrilled to hear from you, but your life comes first. I really don’t know how I will handle the loss of my mother. She’s 93 & yes, I have had many years, thank the Lord, with her. But she lives on the other side of the country & I see her twice a year. Mother’s are always in our hearts whether they are with us or not.

  33. Good for you. I support your new approach 100%. I follow a lot of blogs and my favorites are the ones that are original to the person posting the blog. I can see lots of photos on the Internet if I want to, but what I’m looking for is your new direction. You go girl!

  34. Gretchen Gerg says:

    Anne, You need to take care of yourself first and I’ve always felt blogging has to be personal or it’s no longer fun. Hence, the reason I stopped for a while and now am back.

    Your herb jars are such a great idea!

  35. Loved this blog on herbs, will be doing in coming days, I hope . Love your blogs so simple and helpful .

  36. My dearest Ann…everyone loves you just the way you are;) Including this Buckeye girl! You need to do what’s right for you and your family because all of your followers are not going anywhere! I’m glad you keep it “real” young lady:) Have a great day, and we’ll see ya soon!

  37. I LOVE your blog! I appreciate your thoughts on the pictures, more is just more, I don’t understand why so many bloggers show so many pictures of the same thing. Thank you for what you do, I get so excited when I see a post from you.

  38. Sandi Weiler says:

    glad you are doing well… My Mother always said “Busy hands happy heart”.. and I finally know what she meant… You do too..

  39. Roberta Van Horn says:

    Ann, Your posts are always so fun and informative without being overdone. Keep doing what you do! My thoughts are with you in the loss of your mother. Mine is 92 and still going strong. Can’t imagine how hard it would be to lose her. Roberta

  40. Your blog is refreshing in that your ideas are simple yet beautiful, without all the hype. Honestly, you are a breath of fresh air in the blog world. There are a number of blogs I no longer follow because I’m editing the drama out of my life! Thinking of you as you continue to adjust to losing your mother. Happy Spring! Now off to make me a sweet little herb planter…..

  41. HI Ann,
    My name is Nori, and I live in Roseville, Ca. it’s a suburb of Sacramento. Our weather today is amazing – 65 or so right now and as sunny and beautiful as can be! Yesterday, I transplanted my string beans into my garden boxes that my husband built for us, last year. We have lived in this house for a little over a year and I am struggling to make it a home. It doesn’t look anything like us ….yet… on the inside…but thanks to your blog..I am getting some ideas of where and how to start! Thanks – Nori

  42. Vicki in Birmingham says:

    I think doing things the way you feel they should be done is PERFECT…for you and for your readers. Thanks for doing your blog, it is lovely. I am sorry about your Mom, I know exactly how it feels. It will get better I am told, but who knows when, eh?

  43. I always enjoy reading your posts/blog, creative ideas. Thanks for sharing from the heart. You never forget your loved ones, but it does get easier as the years past. You have those special memories. :)

  44. Ann, your blog is the very first blog that I started following a couple of years ago. Your blog has lead me to several other blogs. Some I continue to follow and some I have deleted because of ads and fluff and there are others too large and they take forever to open. I love what you post and I look forward when I see yours hit my inbox. I agree with the others, you do what is best for you…we will still be there. You were my first blog and you are still #1 for me. Love the jars with herbs! I will be doing this soon.

  45. Cindy Nicholson says:

    Ann, thanks for the inspiration to grow my own herb garden right in my kitchen – I’ve been wanting to for years! And as for your plans for your blog – it’s A-Okay with me – We All love you !!!

  46. Catherine says:

    I like your blog because it is honest, concise, and what appeals to you at the time. It is financially doable and you have exquisite taste. We all have to weather the most difficult losses in life and how better life is for all of us when it is shared.

    I have been growing herbs in my kitchen in a sunny window for the last year. They make beautiful house plants and respond well to be clipped back. Growing them inside keeps them free of common pests and diseases. It is delightful.

  47. Ann,

    I think of you often and will be thinking of your family this Easter.

    It was so nice of you to mention my shop & your herbs look great! Lovely photos as always!

  48. Ann, I love your posts. They always brighten my day.

  49. Ann, I enjoy everything you do on the blog. Just keep doing what you want to do. I will be here enjoying all the way. Love the herb garden!

  50. I love this! So easy, I am definitely going to do this in my new apartment!

  51. Anne Henry says:

    Love the idea Ann. I live in France and the “Vide Grenier” Season (Car Boot) is about to start will keep my eyes open for both jars and baskets.

    As for your Mum she will be in your thoughts forever, but remember she will want you to go on.
    You can have lovely quiet chats with her as you go from day to day.

    God Bless

  52. Mary Kris says:

    Inspiring! Thanks! While I don’t have blue Mason jars, I’m sure I can come up with an attractive alternative. And I, for one, appreciate not having to scroll through a number of photos.

  53. Ann, I read very few blogs, so whatever you post will be new to me. Even if it has been posted before, you might have a different spin on it anyway. Nobody can ask anything else of you. Have a great day and a Happy Easter.

  54. Beth Beard says:

    I am so sorry for your loss Ann. Both of my parents passed away several years ago when my son was very little. It did get easier with time, but I grieved for a long time.

    I love your blog and read every word and study ever photo. Please don’t ever stop! I so look forwarding to seeing a new post in my inbox and always open it first. Anything you are willing to share, is very much appreciated!I love your ideas and copy just about everything :) Plus, I keep going back to older posts for recipes, gardening tips, and decorating ideas in case I missed something. Your instructions are always easy to follow, the products aren’t expensive and you always list where we can purchase the same to recreate it. I love that! I know that takes a lot of time and effort, but I want you to know how much it is appreciated!

    Take care my friend and post when you can….we’ll still be here waiting with anticipation. God bless you and your family and may He ease your pain during this difficult time. Have a wonderful Easter!

    I’m off to purchase herbs today :)

  55. Carolinacl says:

    You did get the ball rolling for me! Will create that clever little garden this week because it is still too cold to plant herbs outdoors where I live. Plus, much easier for lazy-me to snip them indoors.

  56. I agree with the comments made. I too have eliminated many of the blogs I used to read. I am tired of trying to read a post, while battling with so many ads. Also, I believe you are genuine and sincere, writing for us everyday people.
    Have a Happy Easter.

  57. I agree with all the previous comments. Keep doing what YOU do and don’t worry about it. There are tons of blogs out there . . . we don’t follow those . . . we follow yours. I don’t always comment, but always love your blog posts. And I agree about not needing 20 pictures of the same thing, just from different angles. Just keep being your sweet self and don’t worry!! Blessings from Missouri!

  58. Love that you added the drainage to the bottom. I’ve never thought of that:) I also like having herbs right in the kitchen to use and when they get a bit leggy I cut them back and my chickens love the treat.

  59. Kristen P says:

    Hi Ann, although I don’t comment often your blog is one of the couple I still read. Your blog comes through as from the heart and just not another tick mark. Sadly there are many I stopped reading either from to many ads and pop ups or just that they post to post. I send my condolences – I lost my Dad 12 months ago and the ache is just so powerful. I honestly have not gotten my creative groove back but gardening and flowers have perked me up as of late. Thank you again for a true from the heart writing style.

  60. Paula Bradshaw says:

    Ann, that’s the very thing I love about your blog. It’s simple and always interesting. Great job. My prayers are with you during the loss of your mom. I know just how it feels. I felt rather lost for quite awhile. Blessings to you my friend (even tho we’ve never met). ☺️ Paula B

  61. Ann,
    Your blog is so honest and so appreciated by so many. Don’t change a thing! I don’t want to read a blog that is miles long just to explain how to style a coffee table and I don’t need 20 pictures of the same thing. Concise doable projects are the best for me and probably a lot of others out there like me. On the personal side, losing your Mom will be the hardest thing you ever do. Been there-done that and I will think about her every day with a smile. I know you will too. Hugs to you and Happy Happy Easter!

  62. Ann, it takes time to heal after such a big loss. I lost my dad 9 years ago and my parents were divorced, so my sister and I were the ones taking care of everything. Give yourself grace, give yourself room to reflect and change (or not change), and do what makes you happy! Even though there are many blogs, the readers aren’t reading each of them. We don’t have time. We choose your blog because something speaks to us, we like it, we love it! I enjoyed your simple post today. Guess what, I spent WAY too much money at the grocery store at the beginning of the week for fresh basil and thought that I need to grow my own. Here you are with such a simple solution, with jars that make my heart sing, and you’re helping me (and all those who try this) save money by growing my own. Thanks for the inspiration. I’m going to do this this weekend and I can’t wait!! Have a blessed day!



  64. Kathleen G says:

    Oh Ann, reading the comments, the ladies are so right. Your mom passed recently and there is no time limit going through loss and sadness. Your wonderful blog is your creative outlet. Be yourself, we like it!
    Kathleen in Az

  65. Love your blog…you are open honest and best of all it’s: KISS…Keep is simple sweetie! Keep going Ann, your mom is still with you in your heart, she left her mark a long time ago.

  66. Ann I appreciate your honesty about your blog. I have read several blog post over the past 3 years and this is the conclusion I have come to. When the blogger has to ask their readers what the reader wants to read, or trying to post content that has been successful with other bloggers, the content is never as genuine as when a blogger post from her heart, as you mentioned you were going to do.
    The Internet is full of bloggers, so many choses for readers that sometimes I have to back off and chose only a few that pertain to the season of life I am in now.
    I have always enjoyed reading your post because you give me simple, doable ideas for my home. One day…I am going to plant a flower garden like yours!!
    Keep up the good work.

  67. Melissa OConnor says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss. I completely understand that kind of transition. I for one will still look forward to your emails, no matter what.
    Good Luck.

  68. I think it is very hard to adjust to a major life change and it is very important to take time to do so.I love your blogs and feel as if we could be friends outside of the blog world. Yours was the first I started to follow. Your projects often speak to me since we have similar taste.I pray your resolution will come quickly and easily.

  69. Sheri House says:

    I love your blog. Your just one of those people that have a great eye for what looks fresh and inspiring. I am glad your going to keep posting. I would miss not seeing your beautiful ideas.

  70. I lost a mom and a mother in law in 10 months. It’ll be painful for you for a while to come, so just do what you need to get through.

    I will always read your blog! I love everything you write. And I especially appreciate that you do not include three or four pictures of the same darn thing as other blogs do. Your work is beautiful. Thank you so much.

  71. Herbs are appearing in grocery store, at the nursery. I was trying to think of a unique way to plant them and then your post showed up in my email box. Problem solved-and better yet I have all the supplies, only have to pick up the herbs. I have gotten great ideas and recipes from you over the years. I appreciate the time and effort you spend putting out your posts. Great job!

  72. Linda Southworth says:

    Ann. you are always a breath of fresh air! I agree truly anything you do is unique to you even though the idea may not be. So what? I love to see your spin on a project and FRESH is alway the operative word. Thank you.