No Sew Lovebirds Pillow Cover

No Sew Lovebirds Pillow Cover…there are so many ways to describe this little craft. It’s easy, quick, inexpensive, fun and perhaps the best thing of all is that it’s no sew! I have been looking for a while now for an affordable pillow cover that was available in several colors. I finally found one and I will share more about that later. I wish you could see this pillow cover in person…it’s really very cute.

no sew lovebirds pillow cover with text

From start to finish, and that includes ironing the pillow cover, this took less than 30 minutes. I cut out the branch free-hand. You can make it as thick or as long as you want. This pillow cover is 18 x 18, so I thought one set of lovebirds was perfect. If you have a bigger pillow cover, or an oblong one, two sets of lovebirds on a bigger branch would work. For the birds, I used a scrap of drop cloth left over from another project. Craft felt or even wool felt would work well too.

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No Sew Lovebirds Pillow Cover Supplies Needed:

supplies for no sew lovebirds pillow cover


  1. Iron the pillow cover. Set aside.
  2. Back the brown felt and bird fabric with Wonder Under. Let cool.
  3. Print the template (cardstock works best) and then cut out the lovebirds.

No Sew Lovebirds Pillow Cover | template

Click to download Lovebirds template

     4. Cut out the branch from the brown felt. No template required.
     5. Trace the lovebirds on the paper backing side of your bird fabric. Cut out.
     6. Peel the Wonder Under backing off the branch and birds.
     7. On an ironing board, lay the pillow cover and place the branch/birds.
     8. Carefully press until they are firmly attached.

diy pillow craft process

Now about the pillow cover. Like I said, I have been trying to find a pillow cover, for under $10, that comes in a variety of colors to use for craft projects and seasonal decor. I have looked so many places and believe it or not, I finally found one on Amazon. It was sort of an accident…it showed up in a suggested product list when I was looking for something else. It’s well made and has an invisible zipper closure. No…it’s not linen, not at that price, but it looks like it. This color is Light Linen…next I want to try Natural Linen or Navy Blue.

linen pillow with lovebirds on branch

One of the secrets to making any pillow cover look amazing is a down insert. (I know I’ve said this before but it is worth repeating.) If you don’t have any, I encourage you to make the investment. They literally make a pillow cover come to life. I have collected down pillow inserts in various sizes and now I only need to purchase pillow covers. 

I haven’t done a craft project for a while, and this no sew lovebirds pillow cover sort of got my creative juices flowing. Believe it or not, I am thinking ahead to fall. Don’t worry…I won’t be posting anything fallish now…but I am gathering ideas with the hope that we can welcome the next season with open arms. For now, let’s enjoy these long summer days. 

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