5 Steps to a Fabulous Christmas Porch

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In this post: Use these 5 steps to assemble a fabulous Christmas porch that is welcoming and festive. This is super easy and budget-friendly!

fabulous christmas porch rocker front door

Welcome to our Christmas porch! This year, more than ever before, I am trying to keep our Christmas decor simple yet cozy…colorful yet not overdone. I’m including berries, boughs, and lots of red. An easy way to decorate for the seasons is to decide on a starting point, and let that space set the tone. I couldn’t think of a better place to start than our front porch. Read on for five steps you can take that will add your own personal style and incredible curb appeal to your home. 

Festive Wreath

fabulous christmas porch blue door with evergreen wreath

I shared how to put together this wreath made with evergreens a few weeks ago. You can see it {HERE.} I am happy to say that it looks as fresh and lovely as the day I made it. Anyway, the only change I made to the wreath was to add a red bow. I used 3 inch wired ribbon and followed my How to Make a Bow for a Wreath tutorial.

When I was finished, I thought the bow needed a bit more presence, so I added a second top section. (In the tutorial, it’s steps 2 and 3.) I just stacked the pieces one on top of the other before I completed the bow assembly. I know the bow hides the little red truck…but the wreath looks so pretty from the street that I’m not going to worry about it!

christmas wreath with red bow

Planters or Lanterns (or both!)

fabulous christmas porch black planters with grapevine trees

If you have room, a planter or lantern is a perfect way to add a bit of your own personal style. If you are a neutral person, simply add pine boughs to a planter for a lovely, festive look. This year I resurrected my grapevine trees because the ivy in the corners of the planters was still green & easy to wind. Before I wound the ivy around the trees, I added lights and red berry garland. This was quick and because I had everything on hand, it didn’t cost a cent. 

Here are the details if you want to recreate this look: 

The black lanterns I used for my fall lantern planters were cleaned up and decked out with greenery and a red ribbon. The lanterns add one more element of symmetry and a glow from the candles at night.

fabulous christmas porch with evergreen wreath

More Christmas porch planter ideas:

fabulous christmas porch lantern with greenery and red ribbon


fabulous christmas porch white rockers with pillows

Even a very small amount of lighting makes a difference on a Christmas porch. Try to add string lights anywhere you can. Some suggestions are around the door, in planters, along a porch railing, or wound around a lamp post. 

A Doormat

fabulous christmas porch black lantern with red bow

Doormats are just fun. Adding something festive in front of the door brightens the space and again, adds your personal style. 

Christmas Porch Accessories

fabulous christmas porch white rockers with red striped pillows

If you have the space and an area of your porch that is protected from the elements, add a chair or two. Accesorize the area like it’s indoors. Add inexpensive pillows, bits of red and green, and any sort of natural element. The result will be a welcoming and bright area that will greet your friends and family when they arrive on Christmas Day. 

fabulous christmas porch wreath on white rocker

fabulous christmas porch pinecones in bucket

fabulous christmas porch decorated with red and green

Fabulous Christmas Porch Sources

wreath | square black planters | plain grapevine trees| cranberry garland | black lanterns | LED candles | white rockers | wreaths on chairs (similar) | pillow covers (similar) | doormat

There is more Christmas decor coming, along with that clay Christmas ornament tutorial I promised, printable gift tags, and an easy gift idea from the kitchen. Stay tuned!

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  1. Betty Lou says:

    I love your Christmas porch, so festive a d invitingly. I gives me lots of ideas for my apartment patio as they are about the same size.

  2. Ann, as always I LOVE your front porch. You give me so many ideas. Thank you for all that you share 😻

  3. SueB of Blondin Blogs says:

    the Christmas-y touches you add to your home are inspiring; thanx for sharing!

  4. Ann,
    Your posts just make me feel good and excited to decorate for the holidays.
    Your style is classic . love the grape vine trees in your plantars. Also appreciate you listing tour sources.
    Have a wonderful holiday season

  5. Alan J Ebright says:

    Such a fun post to enjoy when it’s 100 degrees and humid here today. Thanks for the respite!

  6. Morning Ann! These ideas are perfect because I’m on a Christmas Holiday Walk this year!! =) Never too early to start planning either! ha and I already printed your three holiday prints (shown above) last year and they’re still hanging on the foyer wall! You might say I’m getting a head start on this year’s decorating! lol

  7. It’s only July and now I want to be Christmas (because or thanks to you, I don’t know ^^)
    Love the decoration and the printable. Gorgeous!

  8. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Where do we shop the linen/red pillows?
    Tell about the ball jars, please!

  9. Thank you Ann
    It’s nice to start thinking ahead and getting ideas, and thinking about Christmas in July takes my mind off the heat and humidity in Georgia.

  10. Judith A Pfeifer says:

    I love your printables. I print them on card stock and frame them and this way I have changeable displays.

    I don’t know how you have the time to accomplish SO much. I love when each new e-mail from you. arrives. Thank you.

  11. Doris Raab says:

    I always love your porch, especially at Christmas. So pretty!

  12. I adore your decorating style and have for some time. I don’t consider my home in the “Farmhouse” style but your home simply feels cozy and welcoming. It’s fun to see the snow in the front porch photos! I grew up in Michigan and now live in California and I admit that I miss snow at this time of year. Thanks for your inspiration all year long. I try to use your wonderful tips whenever I can. Simplifying is my current goal as well and your suggestions are helpful to me and I thank you! Unfortunately, I am unable to copy your printable gallery. I’ve purchased them in the past and wonder if that is still possible. Also, please repeat your source for pillow covers! I need to simplify my throw pillow situation. THANK YOU!

  13. Beautiful and I love that it is not over done!

  14. Thank you, Ann. I love your style.

  15. Janice Boucher says:

    Everything looks so festive and pretty. Could you tell us how you made your bows on the chairs and the door wreath? When I make them they always seem to hang sideways

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Janice! The tutorial for making the bow wreath is linked in the post. For the bows on the chairs, I just looped the ribbon around the chair and tied a regular bow. I hope this helps…Merry Christmas!

  16. Looks beautiful! You always do such a classy job!

  17. Nancy Murphy says:

    What’s not to LOVE? Festive and welcoming for sure.There is something to said about not always decorating with glitz and glamour creations. Love your porch.


  18. Love the entire look of the porch especially the planters and lanterns, simple but inviting.

  19. Judy Bogié says:

    Ann, you are over the top~~~~ your decor is beautifully not overdone, though. Love your reds and your blue door. Soooo welcoming. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  20. Ann, I love your blog and it’s one of the first ones I open to read! Thank you for the inspiration and the friendly manner in which you talk about home and decorating. Do you have any advice for someone starting their own blog? Thank you and happy holiday season!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Kate! Starting a blog is a big decision. It’s so different now then eight years ago when I started mine. There are very good online courses available now that take the guesswork out of most of the process. The one I recommend the most is from justagirlandherblog.com. It’s called Building a Framework. Here is the link: https://justagirlandherblog.com/framework Good luck!

  21. I love your Christmas prints. Last year I printed them and put in lots of different places around our home. Great ideas and you inspire me to add more Christmas to my porch.
    As always thank you for sharing

    Happy holidays

  22. Hetty Sluijk says:

    Thank you for all your lovely ideas.. and free printables.
    Lots of warm greetings from the Netherlands