Adding Spring Greenery & Flowers to your Decor

Adding Spring Greenery & Flowers to your Decor. Easy and unexpected ways to add a pop of green and a touch of spring to your spaces. 

Take my spring home tour for simple decor ideas that will freshen your home and welcome the season. Features fresh flowers and easy farmhouse touches.

I long to see signs of spring. To look through my windows and see the hosta popping up through the soil. To see buds on the forsythia bushes. To walk by my clematis and see the brown vines beginning to turn green. Since it’s a bit too early for any of that, we can bring those signs of spring into our homes by adding spring greenery & flowers to our decor.

Adding Spring Greenery & Flowers to your Decor | Easy and unexpected ways to add a pop of green and a touch of spring to your spaces.

There are lots of ways to do it…but I have a few favorites. That’s what I’m sharing today. First let’s talk about what holds the greenery and flowers.

  • Urns & Tureens
  • Pitchers
  • Bowls
  • Jars
  • Lanterns

Adding Spring Greenery & Flowers to your Decor | Easy and unexpected ways to add a pop of green and a touch of spring to your spaces. Blanket ladder | Blue plate wall | Moss ball in urn.

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Urns and tureens are easy to use as vessels for your greenery and flowers. It can be as simple as putting a preserved greenery ball into a vintage silver urn. The same can be done with tureens. A large opening is the perfect place to set any sort of ball. I also love to use pitchers. I think a simple ironstone pitcher has so much charm and even makes tree branches look elegant.

limelight hydrangea centerpiece in ironstone tureen

Bowls are also a good choice for adding any sort of greenery. A large bowl is my favorite way to start when I do a centerpiece for my dining table. I just made a new bunny nest with boxwood garland, forsythia and some little blue eggs. I’ve made bunny nests before but I think this one is my favorite!

Adding Spring Greenery & Flowers to your Decor | Easy and unexpected ways to add a pop of green and a touch of spring to your spaces.

If I had to pick an all-time favorite vessel for greenery and flowers, it would be a vintage, blue mason jar…or several of them grouped together. It’s the simplest way to make a flower arrangement.

Adding Spring Greenery & Flowers to your Decor | Easy and unexpected ways to add a pop of green and a touch of spring to your spaces. White tulips in vintage blue ball jars.

There’s actually no “arranging.” Just cut your flowers so they are the same length and place them in a jar filled with water. Takes about 2 seconds and packs a powerful design punch.

Adding Spring Greenery & Flowers to your Decor | Easy and unexpected ways to add a pop of green and a touch of spring to your spaces.

You all know how much I love lanterns…and I don’t use them just for candles. Putting greenery in lanterns is a great way to add interest and a pop of the unexpected. I used a preserved boxwood ball in one lantern and faux ferns in the other.

Adding Spring Greenery & Flowers to your Decor | Easy and unexpected ways to add a pop of green and a touch of spring to your spaces. Greenery in lanterns for spring.

Suggestions for adding spring greenery & flowers to your decor:

  • preserved boxwood balls
  • preserved boxwood wreaths
  • tree branches
  • faux ferns
  • pussy willow branches
  • fresh flowers (from the grocery, Trader Joe’s, etc.)
  • dried or preserved herbs (especially lavender)
  • seeded eucalyptus
  • embellished bird nest

Visit my shop to find greenery, wreaths & other spring accessories! CLICK HERE.

Adding Spring Greenery & Flowers to your Decor | Easy and unexpected ways to add a pop of green and a touch of spring to your spaces. Bird's nest | Easter decor.

One final tip for adding spring greenery & flowers to your decor: use wreaths in unexpected places. You can see boxwood wreaths sprinkled about in the pictures above. One hanging on my blanket ladder, one on the bookshelf and a large one on my dining room mirror. I’ve even been known to hang them from my lamps!

I’ve included some sources to items that are still available. Thank you so much for stopping by…click HERE to see my bunny nest!

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  1. Linda Johnston says:

    I really liked the collection of the living rooms with all the blue! Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Moria fenstermaker says:

    I love your taste and easy to follow decorating ideas

  3. Doris Raab says:

    So pretty, Ann. I love your home.

  4. Ashley ~ 3 Little Greenwoods says:

    Oh my! I have got to find a few boxwood wreaths and greenery balls for our home. They look so fresh!

    Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  5. I love all your little examples of adding greenery, especially the little next beside the bunny. The boxwood wreaths are lovely, too. I also love the tall white lamps on your dresser. I’ve been looking for new lamps lately and those are very pretty.

    Thanks for the post, Diana. Lots of goodies to feast the eye on!

  6. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Such a lovely post! Your pictures are beautiful! Ann, your home is just so gorgeous and your decor ideas are great!

    Thanks for all your posts.


  7. Elizabeth Bender says:

    Ann – you are such a talent! Love your style!

  8. Thanks for sharing! LOTS of ideas I will implement. I think I will need to DIY some mini boxwood wreaths. :-) They catch my eye when anyone uses them. :-)

  9. Thank you for the greenery ideas; what a simple but refreshing way to transition from winter to spring. We’re all looking for that first sign of spring so why not look around our homes. I really enjoy seeing your ideas and your home. Everything is so fresh, clean and inviting. Love the white walls :)

  10. Karen K from Buffalo says:

    Thanks Ann for the tips. I’ve been racking my brain over a spring vignette. I think the key is to keeping it simple. Simple & easy….And follow Ann!!

  11. Thank-you for brightening my day. Happy March!

  12. Kathy Gilman says:

    I have to tell you I love your white shelves. I finally took the plunge and had our dark bookshelves in our family room redone with a light color with waxing and distressing and absolutely love them. I am just now starting to stage them for spring and Easter and having a lot of fun. My husband thinks I am a bit obsessed. I have gained so much inspiration from you and love all of your pictures.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      My husband thinks I’m obsessed too…he totally does not get it! Enjoy your new shelves and Happy Spring!

  13. gasp! Honestly Ann your design sensibility just blows me away. And I’m really good at what I do so its not like I’m a novice or anything, people hire me! For my personal space and home I am most invited in to what you do but unsure how you arrive at it. It’s at the same time, comfy cozy, very styled and well edited. My next house is going to use yours for its muse. And BTW I just sold my house. ????

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you Pamela for your kind words. You made my day. :)

  14. Thanks for sharing info on the products you used. Also have to tell you I am making my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe ever!!!!!! I have made your recipe many many times. It is the only recipe I use now for chocolate chip cookies ????????????
    Thank you

  15. MaryChris says:

    I enjoy he variety of your posts. I look forward to reading them everyday.

  16. Good Morning Ann,

    I always enjoy your posts, but I love this one! I live in Texas & we just experienced the warmest February in many years. Needless to say, everything is budding out & turning a beautiful green. Although it’s not officially Spring yet, I’m gradually bringing touches of Spring into the house. You have given me so many new ideas! Thank you!

    Have a great day,

  17. Linda Ebright says:

    As always, so many great and easy to do spring-y ideas, and most of them use things I already have…ironstone, boxwood wreaths, little eggs. I really appreciate your beautiful styling. Have you considered putting Pinterest icons embedded in your beautiful photos? I can’t find them, and it makes them easier to pin.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Linda…I have Pinterest share buttons at the top and bottom of all my posts. On mobile, they actually float so they are always at the bottom of the screen. I have tried the Pinterest buttons that appear on images but they slowed down my site quite a bit. I’ll take a look at them again though and see if perhaps they have improved. Thanks for letting me know!

  18. Paula Mitchell says:

    Beautiful Ann! You’ve inspired me to spend this upcoming cold weekend decorating for Spring!

  19. Grest spring vignettes

  20. Pamela Gordon says:

    Wonderful ideas to bring spring into our home Ann. We still have a white landscape outside the windows but I have started to add touches of spring and will add Easter decor soon to bring spring cheer inside. Have a beautiful day.

  21. What a wonderful post today, Ann! Makes me want to decorate for spring now! Thanks for the great ideas!

  22. Kay Wagner says:

    Ann – I have been following you for some time, but just now realized you live in Findlay. I grew up in Tiffin, but we lived in Findlay between 1970-1975. I taught at Liberty-Benton and Riverdale. My husband’s work moved us around Ohio and then to Washington, DC. His 2nd career brought us back to Ohio and we reside in Westerville. I get to Findlay often, as my best friend still resides there.

    Nice to know – we have sometime in common in addition to the fact that I love your site.

    Kay Wagner

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thanks for taking the time to say hello!

  23. I think your style, like mine, is simply elegant. I always enjoy your posts.

  24. Kathleen G says:

    A pretty and fresh way to welcome Spring Ann:).
    Kathleen in Az

  25. Ann I love your bunny nests! Also your plates on the walls are such a lovely design feature.
    The sun is finally out here in England after a lot of rain & a bad storm last week.Feels like Spring is on its way.

  26. Sandi Weiler says:

    My absolute favorite time of year. Of course I’m in the south and everything is blooming.
    You have great ideas Ann and I always look forward to opening my email when I see your name.
    I have to share this with you. When I lived in Ashland Ohio my mother who was living in Alabama would send me branches of first this plum branches peach branches and almond Bush branches from her yard. We would send these in a box to me in February which is when my birthday is. She would wrap them in wet paper towels and put in plastic and send by mail. The instructions were to put in a big vase of water and put in my sunniest window. In just a short time I would have a bouquet of flowers. I loved that bouquet every year. My mother has passed on now and I have moved to Alabama. I now do this for my sister who lives in Ohio and she loves them. I also would stick the branches in my flower beds sometimes they would start and sometimes not.thought you would enjoy that.

    Appreciate you so much.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      I have forced forsythia branches once and loved it. It’s nice that you are continuing your mom’s tradition with your sister. Spring is probably in full swing in Alabama…enjoy!

  27. I love your decorating ideas! Your blog posts always brighten my day and inspire me to add those extra touches to my home! Blessings to you, Ann~