Casual & Simple Christmas Foyer Decor

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Ideas for casual & simple Christmas foyer decor that are easy, and take no time at all. Includes stairway garland & a foyer table arrangement.

market basked in simple christmas foyer

I hope you all are enjoying December so far…and that it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in your homes! Today, I’m welcoming you to our casual and simple Christmas foyer. Everything is very understated, and I used a mixture of faux and real greens. The Norfolk pine garland I purchased in July is the star of the show. It definitely looks real, and has short plastic needles. It drapes beautifully, and all it needed was a string of white lights to finish the look.

simple christmas foyer garland on stairway

I wanted this year’s Christmas foyer decor to be extremely simple…almost minimalist. I filled my market basket with fresh Port Orford cedar branches, just so I could breathe in the scent of pine when I walked through, which I do multiple times a day. If you’re wondering, I moved the market basket to the corner after these pictures were taken, so it wouldn’t be in the way!

simple christmas decor minimalist white lights

The only other foyer Christmas decor I included this year is an arrangement that I put together in my thrift store tureen. I mixed real and faux greens, added red berries, and placed the tureen on a round basket. 

pine christmas arrangement on foyer chest

I picked up the fresh greens and berries at my grocery store, and simply placed them in the tureen with some water. I surrounded the tureen with shatter-proof red ball ornaments in various sizes. I purchased the red ornaments several years ago, and they make an appearance in our Christmas decor every year. They have moved from room to room, and they add that lovely and festive pop of red.

simple evergreen and berry christmas arrangement

Sometimes, I am guilty of over-thinking things. I so want to give you all good ideas that are simple to do, so I take great care when I’m sharing inspiration. I couldn’t get this arrangement just right at first, and honestly, I got very frustrated. So I did what I always do. I walked away for a while, and then came back with fresh eyes. I had started out with a pitcher, and it just wasn’t working. The minute I switched to the tureen, everything fell together. All of this to say that when a decor project isn’t working, don’t give up. Walk away for a while, and when you come back, the tiniest little change or adjustment will make all the difference.

blue front door open in christmas foyer

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Simple Christmas Foyer Decor Sources

stairway and wreath with simple christmas decor

We’ve had our first snow, I can see Christmas lights outside my window, and I’m getting ready to begin my baking. I am trying very hard to keep some semblance of normalcy, and prepare for Christmas like I have done in the past. COVID or not, I am doing my very best to savor the season. I hope you will do the same. Until next time…

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  1. How do you stop the branches going brown?

  2. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Ann, your foyer is so pretty! The garland on your banister is so beautiful! The greens in the white tureen are lovely and I like that you placed it in a basket. Then, your market basket with the greens is such a great idea and I can imagine how nice the fresh greens smell. Your guests will feel so welcome when they enter your lovely home!

    Enjoy this most wonderful time of the year! Blessings!

  3. Your foyer is wonderful in its simplicity. I think you struck just the right note. Love your ideas your thrifted tureen. When things go back to some sense of normalcy, my first stops are going to be the thrift stores .
    Thanks for the inspiration! ;)

  4. Andrea Hawkins says:

    U find the best things . Definitely my taste and style in decor. There is garland and there is authentic nice looking garland. Thanks for making the find bit more easier .
    Andrea H.

  5. Simplicity right now is just the thing I need. It is beautiful Ann and so are you.
    Thank you for bringing joy into my day. You always get it right!

  6. I love your decorating ideas all year long. Your repurposing of treasured items inspired me to pull out and use treasured pieces. Just looking at them gives me such pleasure. Happy and peaceful holidays, filled with grace, to you and yours, Ann.

  7. This year we are on the same page. I’ve used mostly foraged greens and natural items like pine cones and birch branches as I seem to need calm and serene rather than merry and bright this year. I’ve limited the reds to small accents here and there. I think I have a need to acknowledge the season rather than “celebrate” it, as it somehow seems wrong to be festive and joyful when so many are suffering. I am also decorating each small area one at a time, savouring the process rather than trying to get it all done in one big blitz. Thanks for sharing your version of simple and elegant. Christmas blessings!

  8. The older I get,I’m all about the simplicity in decorating.Like you,I seem to over think things.Love the greens,especially the wreath.

  9. Beth Brunone says:

    Your Christmas decorations are inspiring. I have a white antique bowl I’m going to use in my foyer. A new and simple idea.
    Thanks Ann

  10. Hello and Merry Christmas,
    Simple and elegant decor. Thank you for the friendly reminder to take a minute and the inspiration will come. A fresh perspective will give life and beauty to the original with care and time.
    God bless

  11. Debra Martin says:

    Just want to compliment you on the beautiful Christmas decor ideas , as usual! I’ll try the tureen idea with our silver punch bowl we inherited. I appreciate how you are budget conscious with using decorative “parts” that are not expensive and are easily found. I also really love your printables. I’ve made many of the tags for various gifts, banners and quotes. One of my favorite quotes is the one “Enjoy the little things…..”
    Have a blessed Merry Christmas!
    Deb M.

  12. Cynthia Sutton Glenn says:

    I love how your decorations look! Just this year I have decided I try to overdo it with my decor and it is getting harder every year. You inspire me to simplify for next year and make it beautiful as well as easier. Merry Christmas to you!!

  13. Stella Napier says:

    Everything is gorgeous as usual! I enjoy your blog so much! Have a wonderful CHRISTmas!

  14. I love to see pictures of your beautiful home and decorating. I had almost given up on trying to decorate my stair railing because I never really love how it turns out, and I feel like it takes so long. Your beautiful results make me want to try again.
    Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  15. Rhonda Steelman says:

    Love your decorations and ideas. After seeing your ironstone collection, I realized I had a few pieces around the house and a corner shelf that needed a little something. I gathered the dishes together and my happy place appeared!

    1. Love your ideas. Thank you for keeping them elegant, yet simple.

  16. Beautiful I love reading all you have to share Christmas decorations are a minimal this year for me also but I did use your small tree idea and have 6 of them up so in the long of things I told my daughter I have a 18 foot Christmas tree I have put one on each porch enjoying them I’m in South Texas so the porch gets used this time of year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family……..Blessings