Christmas 2012 ~ The Entry

Christmas Stairway Decor

If Christmas came tomorrow, I would be in big trouble.

Nothing is wrapped. In fact, I’m not even sure that everything is purchased.

Nothing is baked. I did bake some Berry Orange Coffee Cakes but those are totally gone. Does that answer the question of whether or not they were any good?

No tree yet either. Not really sure when, or if, that will get taken care of.

So…enough of what hasn’t been done. Let’s move on to what I have accomplished.

The entry. Simple. Neutral. Natural. Easy!

I hung my go-to garland on the railing. I can’t use real greenery here because there’s a heat register right under the railing. The mess of dried needles is just not worth it anymore! I love the garland though and it actually looks real…at least that’s what I tell myself.

I hung my gigantic pine cones from the garland with ribbon.

These pine cones have moved around and end up some place different every year. I think this might be my favorite place so far.

I filled my lanterns with gold balls and lined them up on the stairs.

I had the letters from a project that I never completed last year. I used hot glue to attach ribbon and then I just tied the letters on the lanterns.  

This year I have enjoyed decorating with what I have…without running out and buying something new for every project. I’ve got everything almost finished. Greenery, lights, ribbon, silver, gold and the occasional pop of red. Speaking of which…my winterberries are hanging in there. They have dried up a bit but they are still on the stems.

They just need to hang in there for one more week. Sort of like all of us.

Here’s hoping we all get our baking, wrapping and hall-decking finished so we can enjoy the weekend with our families.

Just keep saying it.

One more week.

Sutton Christmas Tree 72dpi