Christmas Living Room Decor: A Trio of Trees & Tartan Plaid

Easy Christmas living room decor featuring a trio of trees and tartan plaid accessories. Generous pops of red and blue add the perfect festive touch!

traditional christmas living room

Like all of you, when I decorate our home for Christmas, my main goal is always to make it a festive and welcoming place for our family. I want our kids and grandkids to walk in and breathe a little sigh of relief that they are home for the holidays. This year for our Christmas living room decor, I set out to accomplish that with a trio of little trees, a mixture of different tartan plaids, and comfy pillows.

christmas living room with traditional decor

Christmas Living Room Decor Ideas


Last year I shared why I decided to switch from a big Christmas tree to a tabletop tree. It was not an easy decision to make, and it took my family a while to get used to the idea. We did finally adjust, and used the same little tree for several years. This year I thought we were due for a change. I opted for a trio of trees with white lights, all nestled together, and placed in a set of red plaid buckets. Together, they make quite an impact, but I love that in the future, these trees can be placed just about anywhere. They are super easy to store, lightweight, and reasonably priced. 

tabletop christmas trees set of three


I have always loved mixing patterns, so this Christmas, I went all out and added several different tartan plaids. The throws on the blanket ladder and the pillows are the main additions, but I also used plaid wrapping paper and ribbon. For our Christmas living room decor, I looked for patterns that included some blue, to tie in with the dining room and entry. The blue is an unexpected touch at Christmas, but if you have blue in your decor, it works beautifully.

tartan plaid christmas decor

tartan plaid christmas living room decor

tartan plaid throws on blanket ladder

christmas shelves in living room


A collection is simply a group of items with a common trait. A collection doesn’t have to match, and it doesn’t have to be large. Here is a list of things that can be grouped together to make a bigger impact. 

  • Ironstone (pitchers, plates, tureens, bowls)
  • baskets
  • lanterns
  • candles and/or candlesticks
  • dishes
  • Santas
  • Christmas trees
  • pieces of silver 

Once you have gathered your items together, add small touches of Christmas. Tuck in bits of greenery, bright ornaments, berries, pine cones, or white lights. 

For more on the ironstone Christmas shelves, click {HERE.}

christmas living room with traditional decor

snowflake pillow on neutral sofa


No one is more of a traditionalist than me…but once in a while, it’s fun to throw in something out of the ordinary. This year, I added touches of blue to our Christmas living room decor, and even though blue isn’t usually considered “unexpected,” it’s not a common Christmas color. It goes well with all the red and green, and works with my normal decor. Other colors to think about are pink, blush, gray, and other shades of blue such as aqua or baby blue.

christmas coffee table round basket tray


neutral chairs and footstools

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Christmas Living Room Decor Shopping Sources:

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miniature schnauzer on sofa with snowflake pillow

Kelly wasn’t much help, but as always, she was right there. She will be turning 12 in a few months, but she still hops around like a puppy. She chases the squirrels and loves to take walks. Actually, she’s aging better than me! We hope that the next few weeks are filled with great joy as you prepare for the coming holiday. Until next time…

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