Lessons I’ve Learned From A Tabletop Christmas Tree

In this post: Fun and festive ideas for decorating a tabletop Christmas tree: 5 ways! Easy inspiration to make your old Christmas tree look like new!

tabletop christmas tree on dresser in living room

If you’re thinking about down-sizing to a smaller Christmas tree, this is the post for you. It’s a big decision and chances are your family will have something to say about it! Mine definitely did…but at the end of the day, it was my decision to make. I decorate our home for Christmas by myself and it became impossible for me to get our big Christmas tree upstairs from the basement. I honestly switched to the tabletop tree because it was either that, or no tree at all. 

It took everyone, including me, a few years to get used to a smaller tree. I enjoyed the challenge of making it look new and different each year. What follows are the various ways I’ve decorated our tabletop Christmas tree, five ways in fact. Take a look and I’ll see you at the end. 

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Tabletop Christmas Tree Sources:

tabletop christmas tree with mitten banner 14

2014 details: Tiny ornaments made from red striped grain sacks, a grain sack pennant banner, and handmade clay ornaments. A willow bucket container and white lights. 

*Although I tried, I could not find a source for a similar willow bucket. 

See the tree {HERE.}

tabletop christmas tree in enamelware basin 15

2015 details: A vintage enamelware basin container with white lights. Red and black buffalo check handmade ornaments along with red balls. White felt stars and pinecones tucked around the tree base. 

See the tree {HERE.}

ivory lantern set | buffet lamp set | ivory wood tray | buffalo check ribbon | reindeer set (similar) | blue plates (vintage) | white felt stars purchased locally | enamelware basin (vintage)

tabletop christmas tree red balls 16

2016 details: The willow basket returns along with the white lights. Cranberry garland that has moved around our Christmas decor for many years. Pinecones tied on with twine, red balls, and felt stars. 

See the tree {HERE.}

tabletop christmas tree ribbon garland 17

2017: My personal favorite. Red-trimmed burlap ribbon used as tree garland. Assorted galvanized metal ornaments and a galvanized metal star topper. Once again the willow basket returns, along with pinecones, and of course, white lights. 

*Galvanized ornaments were purchased at Joann. They are not available online. 

See the tree {HERE.}

tabletop christmas tree gingham bucket

2018: A darling red gingham bucket container, white lights, and a handmade wool felt star garland. Simple but festive. More on this tree coming in my Christmas home tour. 

*Red gingham bucket set no longer available.

I’d like to share a few final thoughts. I’ve actually learned a lot from this tabletop tree. First of all, in the grand scheme of life, the size of your Christmas tree doesn’t matter. What matters is that you make an effort to provide a festive atmosphere for your family. Second, it’s OK to let some traditions go. When I finally gave myself permission to give up on a big tree, it was such a relief. If I had enjoyed the whole process, it would have been different…but I didn’t. To me, it was just work. So letting all of that go made my Christmas easier and definitely less stressful. (Because remember, if you put a big tree up, you have to take it down.)

Finally, I’ve learned that if we grant ourselves just a little bit of grace every now and then, life is better. I admire all the bloggers out there who put up multiple big trees…but you won’t find any of that here. What you will find is a mom and grandma who does the very best she can…and with a great deal of love. That is enough for now.

Will I ever go back to a big tree? I have no idea…because another thing I’ve learned is to never say never.

Thank you so much for listening and for your friendship. Until next time…

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