Fresh Rosemary Wreath Tutorial

Super simple tutorial for making a fresh rosemary wreath. Includes list of supplies and detailed instructions. Anyone can do this!

Today I’m sharing a very lovely and fragrant fresh rosemary wreath and even I am a little surprised at how good it smells! Right after I made it, I hung it on my vintage ladder and the scent immediately filled the room.

hydrangeas in striped pitcher and blanket ladder

How to Make a Fresh Rosemary Wreath

It’s been a few days and although the rosemary is drying out, the wreath still smells heavenly. It’s very pretty to look at but the scent is definitely the best part. Like most projects I share, it was very easy too. You don’t need much to make it either!

fresh rosemary wreath supplies needed

 Fresh Rosemary Wreath Supply List

I’ve been letting my rosemary grow so I had some nice long stems. I cut down two plants and there was plenty of rosemary to go around this 16 inch wreath. Try to cut your stems so they are at least 8 to 10 inches long. I didn’t count them, but I probably had around 30 stems.

fresh rosemary wreath assembly

Rosemary Wreath Assembly

Begin by gathering 3 or 4 stems of rosemary into a bundle, and attaching them to the wreath with the florist wire. Wrap the wire around the bottom of the stems. Continue around the wreath, attaching bunches of rosemary. Overlap the bunches by a few inches to hide the wire. When I was finished, I had used 8 bunches of rosemary. You can make your wreath as thick or sparse as you like.

closeup of fresh rosemary wreath with lavender

I didn’t think about this next step until the wreath was finished. I decided to add little bunches of dried lavender. (That’s why there is no lavender in the supply picture.) I just tucked them into the rosemary and did not use any wire. It would also be lovely to add other kinds of herbs & greenery. Here are a few that would work well:

  • sage
  • thyme
  • eucalyptus
  • bay leaves
  • dried flowers such as roses, globe thistle, larkspur, hydrangeas

wreath on ladder

How long will a rosemary wreath last?

To make sure your fresh rosemary wreath will last a long time, up to a year, do not give the rosemary a chance to dry out before it’s attached to the wreath. The fresh rosemary will follow the shape of the wreath as it dries. It will, of course, dry out fairly quickly. Hang your wreath in a spot where it won’t need to be moved, and where it won’t get bumped.

I’m a sucker for any kind of wreath, but this one has sort of stolen my heart. I love the combination of rosemary and lavender. It makes me smile when I walk in the room because not only does it look pretty, it smells heavenly. That, my friends, is a decorating home run!

Click for 10 Ways to Use Rosemary!

blanket ladder with quilts and wreath

Additional sources:

Thank you so much for spending a little time with me today. I’m rolling along and will begin to share some basic fall ideas and inspiration…so see you soon!

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  1. Oooh I have plenty of herbs and some lavender, and I also absolutely love to smell the rosemary, and the lavender makes it even better!! Thank you Ann!!

  2. 5 stars
    Just finished making 2 mini 6 inch Rosemary wreaths. One to give and one to keep. 😀 So easy and smells amazing!

  3. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Ann, this is the best idea I’ve seen for a quick wreath! I’m excited because my rosemary “tree” needs to get a good whacking. I may try to soak the stems and see if I can keep it from wilting but it will be fine if not. I have longed for one of those preserved boxwood wreaths but they are a bit pricey since they are just a trend. Now I can make my own and have a wonderful aroma of rosemary too. Thanks for another great idea!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration. While I don’t have time to make the wreath today, I DO have time to cut some, tie it up with a twine and hang it up…..and take in the beautiful fragrance.

    Great ideas!

  5. I have never preserved dried rosemary so I can’t tell you how to do that. A wreath with dried rosemary should last for several weeks, possibly months, depending on where it is placed and the humidity in the home. The rosemary is meant to be used, not preserved but that’s just my opinion!

  6. Susie O'Sell says:

    Love rosemary and lavender. I grow them every summer. Lavender comes back every spring, however I have to replant the Rosemary’s. Thanks for the project, would like to try it. Enjoy your site, I’m a newbie.
    Susie O

  7. This is so, so pretty, Ann! Love it.
    Hugs, Jamie

  8. I am going to do this. Love how it looks and I will enjoy the scent, too. Thanks for the inspiration.
    I have lavender soap in all my bathrooms and the scent immediately lifts my mood.

  9. Love the wreath, it looks so cute in the ladder. Sometimes it is just nice to have pretty soap at the sink to use.

  10. I agree–you hit a home run with the rosemary/lavender wreath. I am making a list of plants to include in next year’s garden. I have two rosemary plants, but I really need to plant more, so I can make this wreath. The lavender/rosemary soap sounds amazing. I may have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  11. The Michel line of products is at Tuesday Morning shops at a reduced price.

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Hello Ann! I love your rosemary wreath and seems easy to make. Like you, I am a sucker for wreaths too!

  13. Sandy Aston says:

    Ann, I love this wreath, and in fact all of the wreath ideas you submit! I am fairly new to your blog, but am enjoying it so much. I am a 35 year veteran elementary teacher and now have more time to devote to new ideas for my home. I do not have an herb garden, so I assume I could get the rosemary from my local florist or even garden shop, like Lowe’s. I love this simple wreath, and think it would make great gifts for my neighbors! Thanks, Ann, for your inspiration!

    1. You can also get rosemary at farmer’s markets if there is any where you live!

  14. Cookie Eddings says:

    I love your “easy” wreath especially the way the rosemary “spangles” out. (spangles is a word I made up). It means not flat, airy & free. I have rosemary but no lavender; I’ve always wanted lavender. Is it hard to grow? The smell–how nice–two for one. I’ll just have to do the rosemary by itself.

    1. Yes…lavender is a bit tricky to grow. If you get the right location, it will take off and do very well. It likes to be dry and it needs sun. I have not had much luck growing lavender so I buy it. I included a link to dried lavender stems in the post if you are interested!

  15. Liz Hughes says:

    Looks very pretty and I’m definitely having a go at making one. Thanks.

  16. Great idea! I grow my own lavender and now have this wonderful idea! I am also a sucker for a wreath and this really does it for me. Thanks so much for sharing!

  17. Joyce Gray says:

    Loved this Ann.. thank you so much for the beautiful inspiration you bring to my world ????????????

  18. I have to make that. have a rosemary bush and lavender bush.One of the best smells.

  19. Ann, Thanks for sharing this amazingly simple idea for a wreath. We love the rosemary scent, and have several plants growing in the front garden. I can’t wait to make one of these wreaths!

  20. How long did you leave the wreath up?? It looks lovely ????

  21. Great idea & so fresh!!!????????

  22. Carol Urbaniak says:

    I can’t wait to make this! You always post the most thoughtful, simple, and beautiful things that inspire me to make for my home! I also think these would be perfect ‘Love You’ gifts for my three wonderful daughters.

    Thank you❤️

  23. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    l love that wreath, Ann! It’s so pretty and I can just imagine how lovely it smells! Thanks for all your great ideas! Have a wonderful day!

  24. As usual, you have inspired me to make my own Rosemary/Lavender wreath. I can almost smell it as I read your post! Thank you, Anne.

  25. Norma Rolader says:

    I love wreaths oh my and I bet this smells heavenly Thank you and God bless

  26. Sue Kropornicki says:

    Loved the rosemary & lavender wreath… you I love these scents. What a great idea for a guest (and mine) bedroom. Thank you.

  27. Love these wreaths Anne! So pretty and so simple to make – my kind of project! I will be making four of these to hang on the platters over my bay windows in my kitchen. By the way, I made the BLT salad twice this week for two different lunches with friends and it was a big hit. Thank you for all your wonderful ideas and inspiration. On Sutton Place is my favorite place to be????

  28. Your photos are so lovely. Love the combination of rosemary and lavender. Thank you for this beautiful idea!

  29. What a great idea! As my Rosemary grows and grows I needed a fresh idea for gifting and keeping and this will be it. Thank you for always showing innovative and beautiful content in your blog posts. While many seem to feature the same photo’s and theme regularly, you branch out and provide learning in your posts which is my reason for reading. Thank You!

  30. Love love love your rosemary wreath with a touch of lavender. Your so right the smell is heavenly! Thanks for sharing ????????

  31. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Good idea and know it smells wonderful. Thanks Ann

  32. Cute wreath! I’ll have to see if I have enough rosemary in the garden to do this. Years ago I cut grapevines and made a small wreath but didn’t do anything else with it. Sounds like a meant to be project! Lots of lavender to cut…thanks for the tutorial!

  33. Love your wreath; too bad I don’t have a large rosemary plant but I do have lavender. Might just give that a try (just a small wreath to try it out). Thanks for the idea. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  34. Sandy Thornton says:

    I love all of your wreath ideas!!! I made your tulip wreath this spring and love it! Now I want to make this one!!! Thank you for all of your wonderful posts! I love coming here!!

  35. Kirby Dunton Carespodi says:

    I have both rosemary and lavender growing right now…what a great way to use them!

  36. Now I wish I had added rosemary to my cart at the garden center last spring! I’m saving this tutorial on Pinterest for sure. Thank you for a lovely wreath idea!

  37. I also love wreaths…but, I get excited about making this wreath for the “fresh aroma” it will give to my kitchen!!! I love lavender….can’t wait to make it!

  38. I’m a wreath person too and make my own.Love this one,
    so simple and easy to make.

  39. Sheran Steading says:

    This is so sweet. We have just moved-downsized as many of us at a certain age are. I miss my old rosemary bushes at my former home and am anxious to get some planted where we are now. I love it. I bake with it and never fix chicken without it!

  40. I love the rosemary wreath idea and its lovely fragrance! Thank you for sharing this idea. I have lots of rosemary this year and was looking for another way to use the harvest. Typically I make rosemary salt, but now I will try the wreath!

  41. Jeanne James says:

    So glad you posted this Ann! I have rosemary growing on our screen porch and now I know what to do with the rosemary that I haven’t used in cooking. I love wreaths also! And rosemary smells delightful! Thanks again! I do love all your posts!

  42. jennifer cann says:

    love all your posts i live in the uk so am interested with what you do