Ideas for a Simple Kitchen Refresh

Use these six ideas for a quick and simple kitchen refresh that will bring style to any kitchen. Brighten a tired space by adding items from the grocery, and pretty yet functional accessories. 

simple kitchen refresh with varied flowers in sink

Here in Ohio, we’re buried under a foot of snow. There is no end in sight, so I decided it was time to think spring! Call it survival mode, or wishful thinking…either way, today we’re talking about ideas for a simple kitchen refresh for spring. 

ideas for simple kitchen refresh cabinets and counters

Before a kitchen refresh is even possible, it’s necessary to clear the clutter from your kitchen counters. If you don’t do anything else, this alone will made a huge difference. My counters had somehow become a home for overflow groceries, my iPad, catalogs, hand sanitizers, and numerous other random items. I spent about an hour finding new homes for everything, and when I was finished, I felt like my counters had grown! 

simple kitchen refresh with towel on stove handle

No. 1: bright crisp linens.

Changing your linens is one of the easiest ways to bring style and color to your kitchen. You don’t have to completely swap out your regular, every-day kitchen towels. Simply add one or two new towels to a prominent space in your kitchen. This is one of the easiest spring kitchen decorating ideas ever!

fruit on cakestand in kitchen (1)

No. 2: fresh fruit.

Items from the produce department of your grocery store are perfect for making a colorful display in your kitchen. Gather fruits and vegetables that don’t need refrigerated and put them in a pretty basket, or on a cake stand. Place the fruit on your kitchen counter or island for instant spring decor. 

smeg appliances for simple kitchen refresh

No. 3: new small appliances.

Before you think I’ve gone and lost my mind, I want to tell you that my new SMEG small appliances were both Christmas gifts. I’ve wanted some SMEG since the first time I saw them, and finally put a few choices on my list. My family is good at checking off as many items on my list as possible, so I knew my chances of getting at least one SMEG were pretty good. I was thrilled when I got both the toaster AND the tea kettle! The best thing is how they refreshed and brightened my kitchen counter. They have the most perfect vintage charm, I love using them, and I swear my tea and toast tastes better!

corner of kitchen with white cabinets

No. 4: functional accessories.

Some kitchen accessories and tools (the not so pretty ones) definitely need to be stored behind cabinet doors. However, if you have beautiful cutting boards, pitchers, crocks, or canisters, place them on your kitchen counters to add style and function. My counter space is very limited, so anything that sits out needs to be used often, but also needs to be pretty and not too big. 

mrs. meyers products and flowers on kitchen counter

No. 5: soaps featuring floral scents.

The aromas of spring are almost as good as the sights and colors, so bringing them into your kitchen just makes sense. Floral scented dish soap or multi-surface spray makes cleaning up your kitchen almost fun. (I did say “almost.”) My favorite right now is the Lavender scent from Mrs. Meyer’s. It’s light and so fresh…not at all overpowering. Special soaps and lotions can also be found at discount stores and places like T.J. Maxx or HomeGoods. 

mrs. meyers products on kitchen counter1

No. 6: pitchers of flowers.

As you know, I’m a firm believer that fresh flowers can transform a room, and in hardly any time at all. They add color, texture, and life. Look for flowers in different shades of pink, purple, and yellow. The bright colors will definitely chase the winter blues away. The simple task of placing a small pitcher of flowers on your kitchen counter can not only cheer you up, it will breathe life into your space. I don’t always have flowers in the kitchen, but when I do, it makes spending time there even more enjoyable. 

No matter what kind of kitchen you have, new or old, big or small, your kitchen counters can be clean and beautiful. So look around for your most attractive kitchen tools, hide the not-so-pretty ones, bring home a bouquet of flowers, and enjoy!

blue cast iron pot on stone with wooden spoon

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