Small Bathroom Remodel Update

This small bathroom remodel update shows the progress we’ve made, and it gives a first look at the flooring and cabinets!

small bathroom remodel neutral navy inspiration

Our bathroom project is coming right along…so I wanted to show you some progress pictures. Since I have never attempted anything like this before, I have found the process very interesting. And oh so exciting! This small bathroom remodel update includes pictures I took with my iPhone, that show the progression of the different zones in the bathroom. So far, there have been no problems and no delays…which honestly blows my mind. I thought for sure there would be some enormous hidden issue, but so far, so good. 

To see what the original bathroom looked like, click {HERE.}

Small Bathroom Remodel Update

The Vanity Wall

The demolition took a little over a day, and everything was torn out down to the studs. Since everything was staying in its original location, no pipes or drains had to be moved. New wiring was added for the lights, outlets, and light switches. After that, the drywall was hung and painted. The next steps went very quickly. In one day, the vanity and counters were installed, along with the faucets. The next day the lighting went up, along with the mirrors. 

bathroom remodel vanity wall studs

bathroom remodel vanity wall drywall

small bathroom remodel double vanity installed

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The Tub Wall

The bulkhead over the tub was removed, and the added height makes the bathroom seem so much bigger. The new tub went in, and then the exhaust fan was installed. After that, it was time for the waterproofing system, and then the tile. I love the way the border turned out, and I am very happy with the niche. We ordered matching slabs of cultured granite for the niche surround and shelf. Here are the sources for the tile:


bathroom remodel tub corner studs

bathroom remodel tub installed

small bathroom remodel update bathtub tile

I looked and looked for a border for the penny tile. Pencil liner tiles are beautiful, but very pricey. I finally found the perfect solution at my local Lowe’s. I purchased mosaic sheets, that we cut apart to make rows. The rows of tiles are two different heights, so to eliminate waste, we are using one size in this hallway bath, and the other size in the master bath. 

mosaic tile for border

The Linen Shelves

Even though this entire bathroom is a big transformation, the biggest surprise has been the size of these linen shelves. When finished, the four shelves will be 42 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. I’m looking around for baskets & accessories, and am so looking forward to setting up this space. 

small bathroom remodel linen closet

The Floor

The floor tile, in my opinion, makes the biggest statement. I absolutely love the way it looks. Even though it’s neutral in color, the design adds so much interest, and it makes the navy vanity really pop. I chose a MAPEI grout color called Driftwood from Lowe’s. I have seen many bloggers who feature home renovations agonize over the grout color decision. This was probably the easiest decision I had to make. I knew I wanted the darkest color possible, and I was able to match the darker neutral perfectly. We opted for very narrow grout lines, so along with the dark color, I am optimistic that it will wear well. 

Glazzio Tile – Amalfi Coast Collection – Color: Vidal Burano

small bathroom remodel update floor tile navy vanity

We’re waiting on the pieces of granite for the niche, and the shutters for the window. When everything is installed and in place, I will be back to share the reveal, along with a complete list of sources. This leg of the renovation has gone very smoothly…I am hoping the rest of it does as well!

August 2020: We’re finished! See the beautiful reveal HERE.

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