Spring Farmhouse Porch

Even if you don’t live in a farmhouse,
it’s easy to achieve a
spring farmhouse porch
by adding simple and natural elements.

Spring Farmhouse Porch | On Sutton Place

Even though there is snow on the ground, seriously, I am determined to think spring. I’ve brought touches into my living room and dining room, so it was time to work on the front porch. Don’t be confused by the title of this post. I so did not move to a farmhouse…but I wanted to add some farmhouse touches to the exterior of my home. My porch is small with a railing so that in itself pretty much disqualifies it as farmhouse. I don’t care though. It’s not finished yet but here’s what I have so far for my Spring Farmhouse Porch.

Spring Farmhouse Porch | On Sutton Place

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I replaced the wicker rockers with wood ones. My family never knows what to get me for my birthday so this year I made it very easy for them. I asked for 2 of these farmhouse rockers. They arrived on my door step, I put them together and had instant farmhouse charm. I brought out my large enamelware pitcher filled with pussy willows for the table.

Spring Farmhouse Porch | On Sutton PlaceNext came blue ticking pillows. 

Learn how to make a Tie Pillow Cover.

Spring Farmhouse Porch | On Sutton Place

I put ranunculus in an enamelware bucket. I took the time to drill a couple of small holes in the bottom of the bucket so the water would drain. It’s definitely now a planter but that’s OK. I love it.

Spring Farmhouse Porch | On Sutton Place

The door area is still very traditional. For now I have lobelia in the black planters, but I want to move them to the back deck and replace them with something made from galvanized metal. I haven’t found any so far but I hope to get lucky. (Doormat is no longer available.)

It took me a while to break out of the “stick to one style” mentality when it comes to decorating. I’m a firm believer in collecting what you love and using it to decorate your home. A little mixing of styles makes things interesting. It also makes your home a true reflection of YOU. Can’t get much better than that.

See you in a few days…enjoy the week!

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  1. I, too, am ready for spring ! I love your porch ideas. I have similar white rockers I purchased at a garage sale and they are in need of painting. I’m considering red, but then might not have the flexibility white rockers would give in decorating the rest of the porch. I also have an old metal green glider. It belonged to my mom-in-law. It’s very rustic and I am leaving it in it’s original state. Adding pillows makes it very homey. Looking forward to your next step… I need inspiration for flower pots and planting. Thanks and Happy Happy Birthday!!

  2. love your front porch dear. you have an excellent taste :) definitely love, love your style!

  3. Your front porch is so lovely Ann. What a great place to relax and rock away the back aches from sewing! Peggy

  4. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says:

    Not having a porch, I think yours is a good size, Ann. If it is big enough to hold a couple of rockers and a table for some iced tea or lemonade, it is big enough for me!

  5. mila bassett@mila's milieu says:

    Ann, your porch is so wonderfully put together: the color combination and is so classic and peaceful. It looks like the layout of your front porch is very similar to mine. Ranunculus are among my most favorite flowers (along with tulips). Have they been tolerating the low temperatures well?

  6. Brandi @ Nest of Bliss says:

    Simply stunning. I am looking to opt for similar chairs for my front porch this summer season. Looks so very relaxing. :)

  7. Adina Johnson says:

    Ann, I love it! I especially love the rananculus in the enamelware basin.

  8. Your front porch always looks so pretty. Love the pillows, the fabric is perfect. Happy Easter to you and your family.


  9. Ooh, ooh, so pretty! I gotta get busy…need to touch up the paint on my rockers, after the Winter we’ve had they’re a little worse for wear. We’ve had a cold snap (what my Granny Godwin would have called an Easter cold snap)which my azaleas are none too happy about. Pooh. Your decorating is such an inspiration for me~thank you!

  10. Ann I love the blue ticking pillows! I have some fabric and I’m putting it my folder of things to make :) Thanks for your inspiration!

  11. Well, I know where to find you all summer, Ann! I love your beautiful “farmhouse” porch! From your pretty flowers to your inviting rockers … all so welcoming!

  12. Ann, your porch is the most inviting place I’ve seen today! We also have 2 inches of snow on the ground & I am indulging in a bit of a pity party. I think buying a pair or two of your wonderful ticking pillows just might snap me out of it!

  13. Ann, I am loving your porch so far. Have I told you how much I love, love, love your pillows. I can hardly wait for these to appear in the shop. Everything is looking real springy.

  14. Dori Troutman says:

    Ann, I love your pillows so much. Have I told you that before?!!! :-) I have been working on springing up my porches too. I’m struggling though. Never thought I would see the day I’d hear myself say, “I have too many porches” but that is really a problem I’m having! :-) Anyway, they have been coming together and looking so clean and pretty – cold snap today and the earth worms came out in droves…. ONTO MY PORCHES!!! Then they died there and are stuck to the concrete! Oh well…. life on the farm, I suppose! * Dori *
    P.S. I love your flowers you planted in the enamelware pot.

  15. Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads says:

    Ann, I would be so at home sitting in those rockers on your porch! And I just love the enamelware planter! After this cold spell, you need some porch time!

  16. How pretty your porch looks! Now I am inspired to spruce mine up for spring. It rained here in CT all day and things are finally starting to green up. So late this year though. Hope spring comes to you soon!

  17. Mary Alice Patterson says:

    Your porch looks so fresh and wonderful for spring. Love the ticking pillows with your new rockers.
    Mary Alice

  18. Thank is one of my favorite porches……love blue ticking . It is a classic farmhouse porch !!!!!

  19. Ann…your porch looks just lovely. And yes, like a farmhouse porch but also just the IDEAL porch to relax on. I am so impressed by the planters with the lobelia in them. Firstly, when I think of tall planters like this, I see them with topiaries or mixed flowers, so the lobelia took me pleasantly by surprise. And secondly…lobelia is my all time favorite flower! So. I’m definitely going to check out or link for the planters. By the way…are they heavy? I’m worried mine might blow over. Thanks!


    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Jane!
      The planters are a very thick sort of plastic material. Once you put potting soil in them they are very sturdy. I can almost guarantee they won’t blow over!

  20. What a wonderful porch! I’m just crazy about your rockers, they are just my favorite things on a front porch and I don’t have them! Yours are awesome! The lobelia in the black planters, be still my heart, love that look! Everything you touch, gorgeous!

  21. Your porch looks great and I love your new rocking chairs!! Hope you have a Happy Easter!!

  22. Dear Ann, I love all your decorating ideas. I look forward to all your e-mails. I am so inspired! Happy Easter!

  23. Your porch looks lovely! I have a couple of white rockers from Cracker Barrel on my front porch at the moment. The new pillows are so me, I’ll be watching for them in your shop.

  24. Love it, love it, love it…….
    I don’t have a porch, so I decorate “pseudo-farmhouse” – rustic pine inside. I love the pillow covers. Blue/white ticking my favorite. I will use your idea to cover a couple of existing pillows in my ticking fabric (the slip-in method with ties). What is the fabric of the ties? You always do such a lovely job without overdoing. Wonderful results!
    Happy Easter!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      The ties are just twill tape from JoAnn. It’s in the same aisle as the ribbon. Good luck with your project!

  25. Pamela Gordon says:

    I love your new rockers Ann! And the ticking striped pillows are perfect for the farmhouse look. I would love to have a pair of those rockers too but I wouldn’t be able to decide which deck to put them on! :) Maybe I need 4 of them? Have a great week and a wonderful Easter weekend. Pam

  26. Charlotte says:

    Love what you’re doing to the front porch….I want to start working on mine if the weather will ever cooperate…

  27. I just painted my rockers white and put them on my front porch, they were stained and in a screen porch. I have a wicker table that I have had for 10 years and now I think it will go outside in the front also. I have a round glass “top” for it which is actually the rotating tray from an old microwave. Love the pitcher idea. Your planters are to die for. Our weather here in No. Fla. is also crazy. 80’S yesterday. Deluge of rain over night and tonight we have promises of the mid 30’s Have faith. Spring will arrive in His time.

  28. Ricki Jill Treleaven says:

    Your porch is so pretty! Can you believe that we had snow flurries in North Alabama this morning! Crazy, huh!?!?

    I’m waiting until next week to plant our beds.

  29. Your porch is so lovely! I’m really liking those rockers…great suggestion to your family! I have the same philosophy when it comes to decorating…who cares if it doesn’t match…it’s so much more interesting! ;)

  30. It’s perfect Ann, I love every inch of it :) You always do such a nice job decorating!

  31. Your porch is lovely! I especially love the black planters your lobelia is planted in and would love to know where THEY came from! Thank you for ALL your inspiration!

  32. I love your porch Ann. I live in Ohio also and you made me want to get my porch ready for spring.(Even though we have snow on the ground!)

  33. Penny @ The Comforts of Home says:

    I am loving your farmhouse porch Ann. Those pillows are great! Right now we have 50 MPH gusts of wind and it is getting into the 20’s tonight. I have to go out and cover all of the herbs I planted in my raised bed this weekend when it was 78 degrees out.

  34. I have a rocking chair just like yours, thanks for the inspiration! Yesterday 67 today snow flurries!