A Unique Christmas Gift Packaging Idea

Present your homemade baked goods with this unique Christmas gift packaging idea! Uses terra cotta pots and other supplies readily available at craft and discount stores. 

cookies with gift tag in pot with holly berries

Welcome to part two of Cookie Packaging 101! I’ve teamed up again with Yvonne, from StoneGable, to bring you two unique and very festive Christmas packaging ideas for your baked goods. Part one was free printable Christmas gift tags, and you can find those {HERE.} Part two is the actual packaging, and I’ll be directing you to Yvonne’s blog at the end of this post. The idea I’m sharing involves Mod Podge terra cotta pots. These little pots are a fun and relaxing craft, and they look beautiful filled with homemade goodies. 

supplies for christmas gift packagaging idea

Supplies needed for the cookie pots (all sources are listed at the end)

  • terra cotta pots (learn all about the holly pots HERE.)
  • paper bag filler
  • 4 x 9 inch cellophane bags
  • twine or ribbon
  • gift tags
  • cookies of your choice (recipe suggestions at the end)

About the cookies: make your favorite cookie recipes, or try something new. I made four different kinds, but it’s totally up to you to choose how many recipes you make. My best tip is to plan a baking day, and make the cookies all at once. It can be a long day, but it eliminates cleaning up your kitchen multiple times…and it’s such a good feeling when it’s all finished!

bags of cookies in holly terra cotta pots

To assemble the holly pots:

  • Fill the pots a little more than halfway with the paper filler.
  • Place your cookies in the cellophane bags, and tie them off with twine and a gift card.
  • Put a bag in each pot, and add a little more filler around the bags, just to make the pots look full & festive.
  • Once the pots are assembled, simply place them in individual tissue-paper-filled gift bags. 

terra cotta pot christmas gift packaging idea


If you don’t want to take the time to make the holly pots, there are other easy and wonderful ways to present your homemade baked goods. Simply eliminate the pot, and place a few cellophane bags of goodies in a gift bag. The cellophane bags, and Christmas gift bags, are easy to find at craft and discount stores.

christmas gift packaging idea cookies in clear bag with gift tag

There are also really cute boxes available for baked goods, like the one pictured below. Here are links to just a few:

christmas gift packaging idea cookies in box

Everything is Better with a Bow

I believe a beautiful bow can transform just about any box! This box of cookies was cute, but by adding the bow, it’s transformed into a lovely and thoughtful gift that the recipient will love.

christmas gift box with red bow

Christmas Gift Packaging Idea Sources

*Affiliate links (Amazon & others) included. Click HERE for my disclosure statement.

**Note: if you are new here, you might wonder about the various posts dedicated to Mod Podge pots. I originally made them in the spring of 2020, and shared a tutorial that you can find {HERE.} I made another Christmas-themed set which is featured in this post. You can see them by clicking {HERE.} To avoid repetition, I have only shared the actual tutorial once. 

Favorite Christmas Cookie Recipes

I plan to give my cookie-filled pots to my girlfriends. I have gone through many phases, and experienced lots of emotions, in regards to not being able to see my friends due to COVID restrictions. Sometimes I’m just fine, and texts or phone calls do the trick. Other times, I miss them all so much that it’s almost not bearable. Thankfully, the different phases all pass quickly, and life goes on. So this Christmas, since we can’t see each other, at least they will know I am thinking of them. Hopefully by this time next year, we will be able to gather together and celebrate Christmas. That is my prayer.

stonegable christmas cookie box

Now it’s time to send you along to Yvonne’s blog to see how she put together her cookie box! Click {HERE.}

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