Baking Cabinet Organization & Spice Storage Ideas

Tips for baking cabinet organization & spice storage ideas that anyone can use. Transform your cabinets into functional and accessible spaces!

older kitchen cabinets with tile counters

My kitchen organization project continues! Up today is my baking cabinet, which turned out much better than I expected. The cabinet is very narrow and I didn’t have much hope that I could really make it work. Because my baking cabinet is so small, I use the high cabinet over the microwave for overflow items. The cabinets are side-by-side, so it was the most logical choice. 

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baking cabinet organization before

What Wasn’t Working

Basically everything! Because of my general frustration with our kitchen, I had let these cabinets go to ruin. To put it simply, they were a mess. There was no rhyme or reason to be found on any shelf in either cabinet…like the random bowl on the top shelf. I have no idea why it’s there!

baking cabinet organization over microwave before

Baking Cabinet Goals

  • My main goal was to clear the spaces of things I wasn’t using to make room for what I need. 
  • I wanted uniform and air-tight containers. 
  • Because of space limitations, I needed to make the high spaces accessible. 

baking cabinets in older kitchen doors open

Baking Cabinet Problem Solvers

Previously, I stored my flour and sugar in glass canisters on my kitchen counter. They were constantly getting dirty and the lids were very heavy. They just weren’t working and I wanted to hide the flour and sugar in a cabinet. It took some time looking online, but I finally found large containers that fit on the top shelf of the baking cabinet. They sit right at the front of the shelf, so I can reach them with no problem. 

baking cabinet organization example containers

The middle shelf stores powdered sugar, brown sugar, scooping spoons, and corn starch. The bottom shelf, which is the most accessible, stores the measuring tools, vanillas, baking soda, baking powder, and salt. An 11 inch lazy Susan helps keep everything together. 

baking cabinet organization lazy susan

The cabinet over the microwave got an 11 inch lazy Susan to corral the bottles and cans. The air-tight containers hold chocolate chips, barley, oatmeal, and cocoa powder. 

baking cabinet organization over microwave

Spice Storage Ideas

Unfortunately, I do not have a “before” picture of my spice storage cabinet. I had it emptied and was halfway through the process before I realized my mistake. It was a mixed up mess of small mason jars, tin spice containers, and plastic spice containers. There was no rhyme or reason to it at all. The cabinet I use for spices is on the end of a row of cabinets and is positioned at an angle. The inside of the cabinet is actually a triangle. It’s small and odd, but makes the perfect spice storage cabinet.

spice storage ideas jars in small cabinet

I chose these particular spice storage bottles because they fit my cabinet, plus they came with the pre-made labels. What a time saver that was. They also included a small plastic funnel that was perfect for filling the jars. I have never had a spice cabinet that looked like this…and I am in love with it!

Spice Storage Update:

I had a couple of questions about keeping track of the expiration dates after transferring the ingredients to the spice jars. I purchased a pack of removable white round labels. I put the expiration date on the label, and then stuck the label to the bottom of each jar. When it’s time to update, the label will remove easily without sticking. Get the labels {HERE.}

spice storage ideas jars with labels

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Embracing these cabinets and figuring out solutions to make them functional has been a challenge. It’s been good for me because I’ve had to look at this kitchen with fresh eyes. Instead of being annoyed and negative, I’ve had to be determined and positive. Are there still things that bug me? Of course…but as this project progresses, those things no longer out weigh what’s good. 

Baking Cabinet Organization & Spice Storage Source List

Next up is our pots & pans storage, overflow baking items, and utensils. This was the biggest challenge of the entire project because of the configuration of the cabinet. I’ll be sharing all of the details very soon! Until then…

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