Kitchen Storage Ideas: Cookware & Utensils

Kitchen storage ideas for storing cookware in hard to reach cabinets, plus easy inspiration for keeping your kitchen utensils at your fingertips. 

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Sometimes, when you have lived with a dysfunctional space for a long time, it becomes a part of your life. After a while, fixing this particular area of your home seems overwhelming, so eventually it fades to the background. That’s what happened with this awkward corner cabinet space in my kitchen. I honestly couldn’t see the forest for the trees. It didn’t work for so many years, that actually making it work seemed impossible. 

But it was not impossible.

All I had to do was think about it for a while, come up with a solution for the problems, and search for the correct organizational tools. Once I did that, this never-ending black hole was transformed into a usable and orderly space. 

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What Wasn’t Working

The biggest challenge of this entire kitchen organization project was the corner cabinet pictured above. There is no built-in lazy Susan and instead of hinged doors, there are two doors. It’s like a dark cave that goes on forever. It’s large, but because most of the rear space is hard to get to, I couldn’t utilize the space well. There were things in these cabinets that I don’t even remember putting there. If you look closely at the photo above, you can see the top part of a Maker’s Mark bourbon bottle…and we don’t even drink. I honestly have no idea how it got there!

Cookware Kitchen Storage Goals

  • My main goal was to clear out everything I wasn’t using so that I could access the things I do use. Pots were stacked on pans, and pans were stacked on pots. The only items I could get to easily were those that were at the very front of the cabinets.
  • I needed to make the back portion of the cabinets usable space. 
  • I wanted the ability to store everything I need and use without stacking anything.

kitchen storage ideas tramontina cookware

Cookware Cabinet Problem Solvers

To solve the stacking issue, I purchased eight ClosetMaid risers. They are like portable shelves that make it very easy to stack items. I placed them at the back of the cabinets. They hold items I don’t use on a regular basis, but that I need and use occasionally. 

I also decided to update my cookware to this beautiful blue Tramontina cast iron. I have wanted cast iron cookware for years, but it was always out of reach because of the cost. I saw this brand a while ago at Target and it’s very reasonably priced. My family gave me three pieces for my birthday and I added the little cocotte pot. It’s functional and beautiful at the same time. By downsizing the number of pieces, I am able to put it all in the front where I can easily access it. I replaced eight pieces of mismatched Calphalon with four pieces of lovely cast iron. I gained beauty and space at the same time!

kitchen storage ideas hard to reach cabinet

Overflow baking items are at the front of the cabinet on the right. Mixing bowls are on the top shelf with cookie cutters and sprinkles gathered together and organized in clear bins on the bottom shelf. Behind all of this are baking pans on the top, and serving pieces on the bottom. 

kitchen storage ideas for utensils

The cabinet next to the corner unit has a slide-out shelf that actually makes a perfect drawer. Two baskets turned this awkward, narrow cabinet into two functional drawers that hold cooking utensils on the top, and other kitchen items on the bottom. 

kitchen storage ideas cookware bakeware

For the first time in too many years to count, these three doors open to organized and functional spaces. I thought about replacing the two corner doors with hinged doors, but the cabinets are so easy to access now that I don’t think it’s necessary. Like the other cabinets I’ve completed in this kitchen organization project, I had my doubts that I could pull this off. I wasn’t sure I could find a solution…and when I did, it was the loveliest surprise ever. 

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I’ve got one more kitchen post that will wrap up the entire project. I attacked my under-sink cabinet along with serveware storage. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me. I hope you have been able to use a tip or two, no matter the size or age of your kitchen. 

Until next time…

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