Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet Storage Ideas

In this post: Under kitchen sink cabinet storage ideas that will work for any style of sink. See how to work around all that kitchen sink plumbing!

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My kitchen organization project is nearing completion. Today’s feature is the problematic cabinet under the kitchen sink. With pipes, tubes, and a garbage disposal to work around, this cabinet is a challenge for anyone. 

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What Wasn’t Working

Of all my kitchen cabinets, this one under the sink was actually the least scary. I had attempted to organize with handled bins, but some things were stuck way in the back where I couldn’t reach them. There were a lot of things back there that needed cleared out as well. All this cabinet needed was a good purge!

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Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet Storage Goals

My main goal for this kitchen sink cabinet was to be able to access everything I used on a daily basis. Reaching to the back of the cabinet for certain things made absolutely no sense. Like my other cabinets, I wanted the contents to consist of only things I used, and all the other stuff had to go. 

I also wanted it to look as nice as possible. I treated myself to a batch of new dish cloths and sponges. I’ve always wanted to try the Mrs. Meyers products, so I ordered dish and hand soap. My small attempt at color coordinating the supplies makes me smile every time I open the cabinet!

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Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet Problem Solvers

Since I already had plenty of handled baskets, I reused them to save some money. I lined them up along the front of the cabinet so everything I need is handy and accessible. I relocated the bin with the paper bags and by doing that, I had enough room for five baskets. I had to keep my cutting boards and cooling racks against the side of the cabinet because it’s the only place in my entire kitchen where they can stand up. They aren’t in the way though and I can easily get to them. 

*Author’s Note: There was some concern that my cutting boards were too close to the cleaning supplies…so I switched that basket with the basket with the blue rags. 

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Kitchen Trash Can Storage

Clearly there is no trash can under our kitchen sink. If you are wondering where it is, take a look at the image below. When I had our kitchen island built, I asked for a cabinet on the end that would house the trash cans. It has worked beautifully for many years and it leaves so much more room under the kitchen sink. 

trash cans in kitchen island organization ideas

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Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet Storage Sources

I thought I was going to be able to combine the under sink information with my serveware storage, but the post would have been too long, with way too many pictures. I’ll be back next Sunday with a complete wrap-up that will include where I store glasses, plates, Pyrex, and more. Until next time…

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