Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet Storage Ideas

In this post: Under kitchen sink cabinet storage ideas that will work for any style of sink. See how to work around all that kitchen sink plumbing!

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My kitchen organization project is nearing completion. Today’s feature is the problematic cabinet under the kitchen sink. With pipes, tubes, and a garbage disposal to work around, this cabinet is a challenge for anyone. 

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What Wasn’t Working

Of all my kitchen cabinets, this one under the sink was actually the least scary. I had attempted to organize with handled bins, but some things were stuck way in the back where I couldn’t reach them. There were a lot of things back there that needed cleared out as well. All this cabinet needed was a good purge!

under kitchen sink cabinet storage ideas handled bins

Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet Storage Goals

My main goal for this kitchen sink cabinet was to be able to access everything I used on a daily basis. Reaching to the back of the cabinet for certain things made absolutely no sense. Like my other cabinets, I wanted the contents to consist of only things I used, and all the other stuff had to go. 

I also wanted it to look as nice as possible. I treated myself to a batch of new dish cloths and sponges. I’ve always wanted to try the Mrs. Meyers products, so I ordered dish and hand soap. My small attempt at color coordinating the supplies makes me smile every time I open the cabinet!

under kitchen sink cabinet storage ideas cutting boards stacked

Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet Problem Solvers

Since I already had plenty of handled baskets, I reused them to save some money. I lined them up along the front of the cabinet so everything I need is handy and accessible. I relocated the bin with the paper bags and by doing that, I had enough room for five baskets. I had to keep my cutting boards and cooling racks against the side of the cabinet because it’s the only place in my entire kitchen where they can stand up. They aren’t in the way though and I can easily get to them. 

*Author’s Note: There was some concern that my cutting boards were too close to the cleaning supplies…so I switched that basket with the basket with the blue rags. 

easy under kitchen sink cabinet storage ideas

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Kitchen Trash Can Storage

Clearly there is no trash can under our kitchen sink. If you are wondering where it is, take a look at the image below. When I had our kitchen island built, I asked for a cabinet on the end that would house the trash cans. It has worked beautifully for many years and it leaves so much more room under the kitchen sink. 

trash cans in kitchen island organization ideas

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Under Kitchen Sink Cabinet Storage Sources

I thought I was going to be able to combine the under sink information with my serveware storage, but the post would have been too long, with way too many pictures. I’ll be back next Sunday with a complete wrap-up that will include where I store glasses, plates, Pyrex, and more. Until next time…

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  1. Your undersink looks like mine – pipes, disposal and tubes everywhere. I was constantly losing things to the back of the cabinet and things falling over back there. I purged enough so that only things that will fit in baskets that, like yours, line the front of the cabinet and are easily reachable. If it won’t fit in those baskets, I don’t use it. I only store cleaners that I use in the kitchen under there – any other cleaners, polishes, etc that are used elsewhere in the house are kept in the utility room. I don’t have a wastebasket there either – I sacrificed a lower corner cabinet that also was a black hole to have pull-out waste and recycle baskets.
    Your kitchen is looking so organized and while I think I too have an organized kitchen, your posts still provide inspiration with something I may not have considered.

  2. Great ideas and tips for organizing. Thank you for sharing Jean

  3. carol bittner says:

    Your under sink cabinet is immaculate! So pretty! You’ve got me thinking that I had better get busy; cleaned the rest of my cabinets last month, but didn’t even consider that ‘dark cave’. I never know what I can do to make it better. My biggest problem is the waste basket; don’t have a place that our doggie won’t get into it. Will definetly give this some thought. Thank you Ann

  4. Cyndi Looney says:

    It looks SO nice! You did a great job with using what you already had on hand. My concern is with your cutting boards so close to the cleaning supplies. Could this be a problem? I always keep food things away from chemicals. Just sayin. 😊

    1. I don’t see it as a problem. I am very careful and the cutting boards don’t touch the cleaning supplies. I seriously don’t have another cupboard where they can stand up. Storing them stacked does not work. It’s definitely not perfect but I don’t think it’s dangerous either!

    2. Maybe I’ll switch the rag basket with the cleaning supplies basket. That will get the cleaning supplies away from the cutting boards. Thank you!

      1. You could also get a long, clear container that you could then put the boards in. That way, if there was any water or chemical leaks the bottoms would be protected. And they would be less likely to slide around.

        I think someone mentioned it, but I also have a small tub under the pipes to collect any leaks. It hasn’t happened, but I’m ready!

  5. Mary Alice Kenley says:

    Ann, thank you for this. I have been satisfied with my under-sink storage, but realized reading this that it’d be a lot more pleasant if I just painted it white or whatever light color I have in the basement. Wow, thanks!

  6. Thanks for the onspiration Ann. Just renovating our kitchen so great to look at your ideas and see what will work for me. Cheers.

  7. Cheryl Ann says:

    Nicely organized…very helpful! Thanks, so much!

  8. I actually have hose handle baskets and I love them. I got them at Big Lots cheap. Your cabinets look so good. I always make my husband look at them when I finish organizing them. He makes a big deal about it. What a smart husband!

  9. I have been following your kitchen re-do and mine needs lots of help! I’ve already incorporated some of your ideas! What size of the clear handled storage baskets did you use?? They come in small and large.

    1. Hi Audrey! The baskets lined up in the front are the small size. The baskets in the back are large. I will add this to the post. Thank you!

  10. It looks fabulous and I love the color coordination. Clean and neat. You’ve given me plenty of inspiration to tackle my cabinet!

  11. Yep mine looks exactly like yours except mine is the before, i have to get down there and organize also! Thanks for the encouragement!

  12. My under the kitchen sink cabinet is on this week’s list to reorganize and get rid of things rarely used. This blog is perfect timing. I love how neat and accessible everything is. Thanks for the ideas.

  13. Melissa Houston says:

    Ann – I love what you’ve done so far! It’s the best inspiration for me now as I contemplate my own under-the-sink cabinet with ideas to get it under control. It’s a deep cabinet and I frequently have to get on my hands and knees to access stuff I use all the time. Thanks for the great ideas! I’ll be tackling my cabinet soon.

  14. Ann I am a fellow Ohio’n. I have been following your posts for 4-5 years now. I have a question about the basket -tray you used recently .it is a woven basket with handles could you tell me where you found it? Love reading your posts decorating and recipes. Thank you. Elaine

  15. Teddee Grace says:

    This looks great, but where do you store all of your other cleaning products including those for carpet cleaning, silver and other metal polishes, glass cleaner, bleach, glue and paint removers, etc. I live in a one-bedroom apartment and have such limited storage that I must use the under sink area for these items as well as my scrub pail and brushes. I envy you the space that enables you to produce such an organized area.

    1. Hi Teddee! I have a small, very narrow broom closet in my back hallway. I store cleaning products in there. I keep paint supplies (removers) in the basement. I keep bleach in a basket on top of my washer with my other laundry supplies. It would be better if it could all be together, but like you, I have limited space.

  16. Kimberly Kelly says:

    Thank you for posting a great way to organize that undersink cabinet. I’ve got a mess under mine so with your ‘help’ I’ll no longer look for something I need but can’t find!

  17. I did the same as you for under my sink.Got lower sided bins and lined the base cabinet with a clear liner.With our kitchen remodel,I got rid of the garbage disposal to free up more space but with installing a farm sink which is deeper, there is less height in the cabinet.You have to find solutions that work for you and looks like you did just that.

  18. I had to purge under my kitchen sink not too long ago. I had a leak and water was standing and dripping out the cabinet door! Luckily I caught it before it ruined my wood flooring. When I redid all of the supplies, I bought three white wash tubs and put all of my supplies in the tubs. That way, if I have another leak hopefully it will fill up one of the tubs and I will notice it before it causes damage to the rest of the wood under the sink. It was a mess!!! Speaking of supplies…Have you tried Spray way window cleaner? It’s awesome.

  19. Carol Fredericks says:

    Love the handled baskets. Will be ordering those.

  20. Brenda Zinck says:

    Great ideas and thank you for them

  21. Elsie Sielen says:

    Looks great! Hopefully you have inspired me to take on cabinets under kitchen and bathrooms. Thank you for sharing.

  22. Hi Anne! My undersink cabinet is almost the same. I, however, have no choice on the garbage can so lose a hunk of space. Still, I can do a better job on my baskets and your article shows me some ideas. I look forward to that final post on Pyrex! And I restate – I still love your blue and white kitchen and see no need for the big redo…but I don’t “live” in your kitchen. (:

  23. Christina says:

    Love your home and clever ideas! 💙

  24. Looks great! I see Pledge in there. Do you keep all of your cleaning supplies in this place? Where are trashbags and paper towels? I have little storage and unfortunately have my supplies scattered all over the house. Do you have a second group of supplies for upstairs, or do you keep all of them in one location?

    1. I keep a few cleaning supplies under the sink that I actually use in the kitchen. The other cleaning supplies are in a very small broom closet in my back hallway. I don’t use big trash bags, and my bags for the kitchen trash/recycling cans sit right in that cabinet in the island. I buy paper towels one or two rolls at a time because I don’t have anyplace to store them!

  25. Good ideas! You are definitely right….only keep what you use. Time to purge! Thanks for the inspiration. You are getting so organized and your kitchen looks great! Snowed in again here in WI, time to clean another cabinet!

  26. I will never have another garbage disposal. One community in my state is offering builders an incentive not to install them in their new home construction. Apparently they affect water treatment. They take up so much space. Everything can’t be disposed in them. Your kitchen is an inspiration. Very nice!

  27. I loved how you repurposed what you already had and thought it out differently. Also I see you used a mason jar for your brushes! Win! One thing you might think of doing when you upgrade the kitchen counters is adding those pull out storage drawers so you can access items in the back. You could put those on the floor of the under sink cabinet. I found a modular rack that is two tiered that lets me fit around the pipes under the sink. So I have two levels of storage. You could add that to what you already have it you want additional room. I can send a link if your interested. Wasn’t sure this would allow a link. Loving your posts on organizing!

  28. Definitely agree with you that the under the sink cabinet needs a major purge! It is so easy to keep too many cleaning products we never use in that space. You have inspired me to tackle it today. It is another grey rainy day, perfect for this project. Thanks Ann.