Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | Easy ways to personalize your gifts this Christmas. Shopping sources and examples included!

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | kraft paper, twine and ribbon | diy inspirationI really do love to wrap gifts. There is something about making those perfect corners and tying bows that makes me happy. That said, sometimes wrapping gifts at Christmas can be overwhelming. Let’s face it…it’s just one more thing to do and at the holidays there are a lot of gifts. I try to keep my supplies simple and inexpensive but I still want them to look festive. Everything used for this post can be found at any craft store or ordered online. Sources are listed at the end. Before we get to that though let’s start at the beginning. The inside of the box.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | white tissue paper inside the box is a must! | diy inspirationI am obsessed with white tissue paper. I use it for everything. Because of my online shop, I have a big pile of it in my sewing room. Before that though I would just buy packs of it and keep them on hand. I know you are probably thinking “does she really do that to every box?” Ask my kids. The answer is yes. It only takes a second and it makes such a difference to the person opening the gift. I will admit that the stickers might be a little overkill but I do think they are a nice touch.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | Easy, inexpensive and festive! | onsuttonplace.comEverything goes with brown kraft wrapping paper. Any color, any style. This year I added the brown kraft paper with the red writing that I found at Homegoods.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | Easy, inexpensive and festive! | onsuttonplace.comI found the gold stick on letters on Amazon and decided to do initials this year instead of names. We all have different first initials so there won’t be any mix-ups.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | Easy, inexpensive and festive! | onsuttonplace.comNatural elements make great tie-ons. Fresh greenery, pine cones, cinnamon sticks. I seriously considered buying fresh red berries someplace but talked myself out of it. I had a bunch of these faux red cranberry stems and they worked just fine.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas | Easy, inexpensive and festive! | onsuttonplace.comThe most important thing is to keep it simple. There were years early on when my kids were little where I was wrapping gifts on Christmas morning. Try very hard not to do that…it’s a little stressful! Make it as easy on yourself as possible. 

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Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas Sources: 

red striped ribbon
red and ivory striped ribbon
Gold stick on letters
Kraft tags
Kraft wrapping paper
brown twine
red and white chunky twine
brown jingle bells  
cinnamon sticks
white tissue paper
gold chipboard letter stickers

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