Easy Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

In this post: Easy Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas that include free printable Christmas gift tags along with holiday gift wrap inspiration. Tie-on and ribbon ideas.

easy christmas gift wrap ideas printable gift tags

The task of wrapping Christmas presents can be relaxing and fun…or it can be stressful and tiring. Over the years, I’ve experienced all of those feelings and more…as I’m sure you all have as well. For the past several years, I have tried to make the time I spend wrapping presents as enjoyable as possible. The easy Christmas gift wrap ideas I’m sharing today have helped me along the way. I hope they help you too.

Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

Wrapping paper: stick to brown kraft paper and one colorful pattern.

easy christmas gift wrap ideas brown paper package with red ribbon

I am a huge fan of brown kraft paper. It’s the perfect neutral wrapping paper that you can use any time, for any occasion. I always use it to wrap my Christmas presents and I add one patterned paper for some color. This year I found this fun plaid paper on my detour to T. J. Maxx. By sticking to two papers, your gifts will have a cohesive look and really make a statement.

Choose one color scheme for your ribbon.

easy christmas gift wrap ideas brown paper package gingham ribbon under tree

One of my favorite easy Christmas gift wrap ideas is to choose one color for your ribbon. It helps to keep the cohesive look you started with your wrapping paper selections. This year my color was red. I chose different widths of plain red ribbon, red and white twine, red gingham and I threw in some twine on the plaid packages. Everything mixes and matches so it doesn’t take much thought or much time.

Use natural elements or usable items as tie-ons.

christmas gift wrap brown paper package with wreath red twine

I love tie-ons. I think they add personality and they also show that you gave a little extra thought to your gift. Extra touches like tie-ons show you care. I usually use fresh pine cut from my bushes, pinecones or cinnamon sticks. Usable items are also a great choice. This year I found these tiny wreaths for about $3 each at a local shop. I also picked up some copper cookie cutters. Both of these choices become part of the gift and add that personal touch.

Stock up on tissue paper and boxes.

wrapped christmas presents red ribbon plaid paper

The last of my easy Christmas gift wrap ideas is maybe the best too. The worst thing ever is to run out of tissue or paper boxes. Both of these things have happened to me, and it’s enough to send a person over the edge. So stock up on those boxes and tissue paper. You will be glad you did!

Easy Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas | Includes free printable Christmas gift tags along with holiday gift wrap inspiration. Tie-on and ribbon ideas.

Just like tie-ons, I love tags. All shapes, sizes and colors. I made the tags above on a spur of the moment whim and I think they add just the right touch. They have red and green, with tiny spurts of blue. They are a small gift from me…to you. Happy wrapping!

Click HERE to get the Christmas gift tags.

I’ll be back in a few days so until then…

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  1. Jane Bentrott says:

    I love these ideas! I love to wrap a gift in a unique way with embellishments. It makes the gift more special and also makes the recipient feel loved!🎄🎁🎄🎁

  2. Ann, Want to Thank You for sharing your beautiful talent the Lord has blessed you with… Merry Christmas and have a wonderful, healthy, Happy New Year you and Your Family. God Bless!!

    Caroline M-G.

  3. Donna Immekus says:

    I so enjoy getting your emails. The printables are just beautiful and can’t wait to start my gift giving adding one of the tags to them!
    Thank you for your generosity! ❤❤

  4. Dora Hagerman says:

    I always Like your Idea. and thanks you for sharing once again an amazing creativity.

  5. These ideas are so me! Thank you for sharing the beautiful ideas & great inspiration!

  6. Darling gift tags. What program do you use to design these? Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas.

  7. I love all your ideas, especially the one color of ribbon! Thanks for your beautiful posts

  8. Merry Christmas! Thank you for your kind words, beautiful decorations and sharing your lovely home. Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy 2017.

  9. Merry Christmas, Anne! I just wanted to take this opportunity to say how very much I look forward to your posts.

    Your Christmas decorations are so beautiful and these packages definitely reflect your style. Thank you for the gift tags, I will remember you as I use them to label my gifts. This year I plan on using up the wrapping paper I have on hand and next year using your idea of brown paper and one print. What a great tip!!!

    Blessings to you and yours.

  10. I think your packages are so pretty and Christmas-y looking! The kraft paper with the different types of red ribbons and your lovely embellishments looks great. I can feel the stress of trying to decide which paper to buy and what colors of ribbon are needed to match fading away.
    Wrapping time is NEVER a fun time for me. Fussing around with rolls of paper and spools of ribbon, and forever losing my scotch tape in the mess of paper makes me crazy, Ann!
    On my list for next year, is brown kraft paper, another classic pattern and one color of ribbon, twine, etc.
    Thanks for the darling tags! So cute!

  11. Vesta Myers says:

    Just what I needed to get my gift wrapping started! Thanks for the great inspiration.

  12. These are fantastic ideas and exactly the look that I love! Thank you for sharing :0) Any favorite places for ribbon sources? Love them all, but the skinny plaid is unique – love it!

  13. Your style seems exactly like mine! I am renovating my 1870 brick home in Sidney, Ohio and need some new and exciting ideas to make it seem authentic and yet modern! I was debating on removing the carpet from my stairway and refinishing the steps with stain and painting the rest white, but after seeing your photo of the garland on your stairway, I love the look so now my mind is made up! Thanks so much.. Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more. I am one to look into the background and all things surrounding the feature of your photos! Keep it coming. Thanks Jo

    1. Ann Drake says:

      You will love an uncarpeted stairway Jo Ellen…I have never had one ounce of regret. Good luck with your renovation projects!

  14. Beautiful! So simple yet classic and beautiful. Love all of your ideas. The gift tags are perfect!

  15. Charmaine Ng | Architecture & Lifestyle Blog says:

    I love, love, love using brown kraft paper for wrapping gifts. It’s so simple but so classy, and you can dress it up further anyway you like. Thank you for the tip on adding greens.

    – Charmaine

  16. Becky Johns says:

    This was a visually beautiful and also very practical post! Imagine: one pattern of wrapping paper! I would never have even conceived that idea on my own. What a freeing thing to do! I also love craft paper and evergreen add-ons but I usually use faux evergreens, holly, bells…because I wrap way ahead. I only use fresh on things I deliver that day, but I do think they are nicer, and smell so wonderful.

    I never cease to be amazed at how you can simplify things, yet still have a festive and elegant result. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of simplicity and also your artistic gift in the lovely tags. Your gracious nature is reflected faithfully in your blog. I like having you as a friend.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      What a lovely thing to say Becky…thank you so much for your kindness and Merry Christmas!

  17. Beverly Franklin says:

    Gorgeous wrapping ideas! You are so talented and so nice to give us these beautiful tags. Thanks so much!

  18. For second year I made your egg nog bread. It is such a wonderful bread and people love it! Thanks for a great blog!

  19. Do you have a good source for gift boxes?

    1. Hi Jacki…I usually buy them at Hobby Lobby. I also found some very nice ones at T. J. Maxx the last time I stopped in. Most discount and craft store carry them at this time of year.

  20. I think these little tags are just what I need. Thanks so much Ann.

  21. Ann,
    Your decorating ideas always inspire me, so beautiful! Thank you and may you have a Christmas filled with fond memories and happy times with your family.

  22. Very nice Ann…Merry Christmas!

  23. Karen K from Buffalo says:

    Thank you for sharing these BEAUTIFUL Christmas tags!!

  24. Such a pretty post. You know when to stop before things are too too. Thank you for sharing your good taste. Smiles

  25. Where is the best place to purchase brown craft paper ( large quantities)?

    1. Hi Jaryn,
      I always get my rolls of kraft paper at Hobby Lobby. At Christmas time, they sell the rolls as part of their Christmas wrap. The rolls are huge and have a grid on the back so cutting is super easy. Hope this helps!

  26. Jane Windham says:

    Ann, I’m out of tissue paper and boxes. I’m nearing the edge, but your cute tags have kept me from slipping over!

  27. I also always use brown kraft paper to wrap my presents. I love being able to coordinate everything just by choosing the right ribbon.

  28. I love all of it! It is very beautiful!
    Merry Christmas

  29. Linda Standridge says:

    Ann, not sure how I first saw your blog, memory cells are shrinking lol, but oh so glad I did! I love your style and suggestions! Brightest email that pops up in my mail. Thank you!

  30. Ann,
    Where can I purchase the natural brown craft paper for wrapping?

    1. Ive purchased it from Michaels as well as JoAnns. You could probably get it at Hobby Lobby too.

    2. You can also get brown paper at home improvement stores – they use it on new floors etc. during remodels. Much bigger roles and a much cheaper price.

  31. Very pretty. I love the brown paper. I think it makes your ribbons and trims so beautiful.

  32. I love your ideas Ann and those tags are just darling!

  33. Thanks to you I’ll have the best wrapped presents this year at our family gatherings! Thank you for all the great tips AND the beautiful gift tags! Christmas blessings to you and your family.

  34. Adore the tags! Thank you Ann. My favorite thing is that they sport a touch of blue!

  35. Thank you for the gift tags…they are precious.

  36. I just love your style!! Thank you for all of the great ideas. You make everything beautiful. Have a Merry Christmas.

  37. Love the cohesive look – what a great idea! Beautiful home tour pictures too!

  38. Becky Stahlman says:

    Ann, thank you for the great ideas and for your generous gift of printable gift tags…they are a welcome addition to my wrapping station this Christmas. You continue to provide me with so much inspiration…I wish you lived next door so we could share a cup of tea and my thanks in person.
    Merry Christmas,

  39. Love your tips, I love brown Kraft wrap also. The gift tags are very cute. Thanks for printable.

  40. Thank-you for the great ideas! Just getting ready to start the process! After reading this I will approach with a new attitude.

  41. I always have stock on tissue,gift bags and
    boxes.Keep it simple and you’ll keep your
    sanity !

  42. For literally once in my life, I have 2/3 of our wrapping done already, thanks to 2 snow days. To celebrate, I’m going fru-fru and adding these tags. And making nametags for our Christmas dinner table. Thank you, Ann, for creating these for us! Blessings, Karen from Oregon

  43. Kathleen G says:

    Good morning Ann, I like the 2 color wrapping idea, but your embellishments, gorgeous! Adds a personal touch.
    Kathleen in Az

  44. Pamela Hoffman says:

    I like your tie on ideas. I also use newsprint end roles for wrapping and cut pretty wrapping paper in strips of varying widths instead of ribbon. I like making my own tags too. Thank you for the printables and Merry Christmas.

  45. Vicki in Birmingham says:

    Thanks for the gift Ann! These gift tags are lovely.

  46. Super idea! I stick to one theme depending on how I decorate my tree.
    Love the idea of adding the little wreaths and cookie cutters.
    Merry Christmas!

  47. Mary Brewer says:

    Your ideas and thoughts brighten my day and I cannot thank you enough.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  48. Jeanette Duke says:

    How lovely all you wrapping is! This is one of my favorite things to do! Gift wrapping. I especially like the one package with the little wreath. How creative!! I bought that same plaid paper. I love plaid at Christmas!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family, Ann!!!! Your house decorating is just beautiful this year!!! Oh, and thanks for those sweet little tag printables!

  49. Donna Lynn Smith says:

    Love the wrapping ideas. I usually make some sort of ornament and use them as tie ons. For my granddaughters birthdays I use pretty ribbons that they have always reused for themselves or their dolls. And thank you for the tags!

  50. All great ideas Ann! I love a beautifully wrapped present. And I’m with you, those little extra show how much you care. But when my son was little, wrapping was always a chore. It was done at the last minute and there were no frills. He tore threw things so fast I stopped using ribbon of any kind! LOL I still wrap alot of his gifts with “no frills” and he gets the biggest smile on his face. (He’s 35) and says” what ma, no ribbon?”

  51. Sandi Weiler says:

    You have the best ideas and give so much inspiration.

    Thanks for always sharing

    Merry Christmas

  52. Kathleen sime says:

    Your ideas are always so classy and so sensible.