Easy & Affordable Summer Patio Ideas

Planter and seating ideas for a small, simple patio. Use these affordable summer patio ideas to turn your bare outdoor space into an extra room for your family. 

summer patio ideas chairs and plants

Last summer, the space featured in this post was literally unusable. We tore off a rotted deck, and replaced it with a poured, concrete patio. Like most projects we attempt around here, it took longer than expected, and it was late August before it was finished. It’s a simple and small space, but I’m so happy that I have someplace to sit now when I walk out the back door!

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summer patio with black wicker white geraniums

1summer patio decor and planters

There are two things I love about the way this patio came together. First, it didn’t cost any money…except what I spent on flowers. (Which we all know was an absolute necessity!) I used everything I had from last summer. Second, it was so easy. I blew off the patio, and then quickly washed it with the garden hose. I added the flowers to the planters, and then set out the wicker chairs. I put the grill in place, brought out the pillows, and in just over two hours, the space was complete. 

summer patio ideas

concrete patio with black wicker chairs

In the past, it would have taken an entire afternoon simply to clean the deck. It was a hot, messy job that I hated. The fact that I no longer have to deal with that at the beginning of every summer is such a relief. Cleaning the patio, and planting the flowers, was a relaxing and easy way to spend a sunny afternoon. 

summer patio ideas white geranium on table

white french doors on summer patio

The flowers I chose for the planters are as simple as the patio itself. A huge white geranium, white bacopa in the tall planters, and a gorgeous purple heliotrope were the starting point. After that, I filled the square planters with tall, bright coleus and white impatiens. I always have a moment of panic when I leave the garden center with a car full of plants. I just pray that I counted right and that everything fits!

white bacopa on patio

white bacopa in black planter

Summer Patio Ideas: Flowers

summer patio ideas black table with chairs

table and chairs on patio

With everything that is still going on in our country, and most of us spending almost all our time at home, outdoor spaces are more valuable now than ever before. They provide a change of scenery, sunshine, and fresh air. I am so grateful to have this space completed and ready to enjoy.

purple heliotrope summer patio ideas

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If you are wondering about my herb garden, it’s in a completely different space. For as many years as I’ve been a blogger, I’ve planted a container herb garden on our deck. Due to the limited space on the patio, I’ve moved a couple of wash tubs to the garden along the fence. I’ll be showing you that as soon as the peonies bloom!

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