Easy & Affordable Summer Patio Ideas

Planter and seating ideas for a small, simple patio. Use these affordable summer patio ideas to turn your bare outdoor space into an extra room for your family. 

summer patio ideas chairs and plants

Last summer, the space featured in this post was literally unusable. We tore off a rotted deck, and replaced it with a poured, concrete patio. Like most projects we attempt around here, it took longer than expected, and it was late August before it was finished. It’s a simple and small space, but I’m so happy that I have someplace to sit now when I walk out the back door!

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summer patio with black wicker white geraniums

1summer patio decor and planters

There are two things I love about the way this patio came together. First, it didn’t cost any money…except what I spent on flowers. (Which we all know was an absolute necessity!) I used everything I had from last summer. Second, it was so easy. I blew off the patio, and then quickly washed it with the garden hose. I added the flowers to the planters, and then set out the wicker chairs. I put the grill in place, brought out the pillows, and in just over two hours, the space was complete. 

summer patio ideas

concrete patio with black wicker chairs

In the past, it would have taken an entire afternoon simply to clean the deck. It was a hot, messy job that I hated. The fact that I no longer have to deal with that at the beginning of every summer is such a relief. Cleaning the patio, and planting the flowers, was a relaxing and easy way to spend a sunny afternoon. 

summer patio ideas white geranium on table

white french doors on summer patio

The flowers I chose for the planters are as simple as the patio itself. A huge white geranium, white bacopa in the tall planters, and a gorgeous purple heliotrope were the starting point. After that, I filled the square planters with tall, bright coleus and white impatiens. I always have a moment of panic when I leave the garden center with a car full of plants. I just pray that I counted right and that everything fits!

white bacopa on patio

white bacopa in black planter

Summer Patio Ideas: Flowers

summer patio ideas black table with chairs

table and chairs on patio

With everything that is still going on in our country, and most of us spending almost all our time at home, outdoor spaces are more valuable now than ever before. They provide a change of scenery, sunshine, and fresh air. I am so grateful to have this space completed and ready to enjoy.

purple heliotrope summer patio ideas

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*Note: when I wrote this post, the planters at the links below were available. Currently, both styles are sold out. They do come back into stock, but then they sell out very quickly. I’m going to leave the links up just in case they become available. Likewise, the black resin wicker chair set pictured above also seems to be sold out everywhere. I doubt it comes back into stock now…but I will keep checking. 

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If you are wondering about my herb garden, it’s in a completely different space. For as many years as I’ve been a blogger, I’ve planted a container herb garden on our deck. Due to the limited space on the patio, I’ve moved a couple of wash tubs to the garden along the fence. I’ll be showing you that as soon as the peonies bloom!

Thank you so much for spending part of your day with me, and for your friendship. Until next time…

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  1. Teresa Snipes says:

    Nicely done! We love pushing that easy button, don’t we? Simple is best…always!

    Enjoy your lovely outdoor space.



  2. Kathy Menold says:

    Looks just perfect and the low maintenance I am sure will be an added bonus. Love your flower choices and the nice thing with container gardening is if one plant slows down you can just remove it and pop in something new. I have found that making sure I feed my plants with 1/3 strength balanced fertilizer every time I water keeps my pots blooming.

  3. OOOhhh, I envy you and your family this space. My house has a tiny front porch, a 6′ drop off under the bedroom slider where I’d love a deck to go, and a 9′ drop from the kitchen door (another deck or at least stairs?). Your space is just lovely!

  4. Connie Williams says:

    Your outdoor living space looks so very inviting! I just love it. I really need to get started on it!
    I also LOVE your screened porch! Thank you so much for including that in your post, and I was able to see the corner!! 🌸
    You are awesome!
    Keep up all of the great ideas and recipes!
    Blessings to you and stay safe!
    Connie W.

  5. Beautiful, fresh and peaceful!

  6. Annette Adams says:

    This is absolutely beautiful!! Inspiring me to make changes out my backdoor!! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Elsie Sielen says:

    Simply beautiful ❤️

  8. Barbara Edwards Armacost says:

    What a great patio!! So relaxing. Love the colors.

  9. Love the colors and how you arranged everything. Happy Memorial Day. God Blessed all of our departed service people.

  10. What do you do with cushions etc. when a storm coms. Do you have container in which to store them?

  11. Beautiful! I absolutely love your house and decorating style♥️

  12. I am so glad I found your blog!! I enjoy reading it and looking at all of the gorgeous pictures of your home! Thanks for the inspiration. Have a Blessed day. ❤️

  13. Ann – your patio is an inspiration! I’ve placed the planters on my Amazon list. The tall one is only listed in white or clay. Hope they will stick the black one later.

  14. Lovely. I don’t know about your part of Ohio but here in Columbus area we’ve had tons of rain and gray gloomy days. A day of sunshine yesterday was such a blessing. I sat out on our concrete patio and fed the squirrels. They would come up and beg for peanuts. So cute. Your patio is just lovely and I love your style. Somehow staying at home doesn’t seem so bad when we can get outdoors.

  15. Love your patio and that geranium is to die for ! The only thing missing might be an umbrella.You must love the view when looking out from inside your house, very tranquil.Happy Memorial Day !!

  16. Mary Slocum says:

    Im curious about your patio, itself. Did you seal the concrete after it cured? It still looks brand new. We have to pressure wash our deck and sidewalks annually and they never look that clean and bright.

  17. Where did you get your schnauzer statue? I love how your patio came together!

  18. Theresa Scribner says:

    Heliotrope is poisonous to pets and has killed a few dogs in my area. As long as it is kept in a place they cannot get at it, as you have displayed it on the table, may be okay. It is such a beautiful plant nonetheless. Love your keen sense of style.

  19. Ann, how do you store the wicker type chairs for winter? I have the same wrought iron ones and they get covered with a giant heavy tarp. The whole patio area is lovely and perfect for this stay close summer.

  20. Peg Pickens says:

    Where did you get the schnauzer statuary? Need one!

  21. Your beautiful patio inspires me to finish setting up mine. What a peaceful, pretty outdoor space you have. Thanks for sharing your home, Ann. I love to see your posts.

  22. Kathy Menold says:

    We have a small deck off our kitchen and I love having a place to have my morning coffee and often lunch when weather permits. Yesterday was the cleanup after all the heavy rain and wind we had this past week. Finally the pollen was washed away. Now time to plant the window boxes with Caladiums and put up the table umbrella. This Memorial Day will be different but my husband and I are so fortunate to have a lovely home to weather out this pandemic and it brings us peace in these troubled times.
    Stay well.