Simple Round Coffee Table Styling Ideas

Use these simple round coffee table styling ideas to add a cozy touch to your home. Includes what items work best and how to place them.

round coffee table in living room

Sometimes it’s good to let go of the old and welcome something new. I’ve shared our living room decor with you countless times, so you might remember that I had Queen Anne style tables. (If you don’t remember, you can see them HERE.) I loved these tables when we bought them twenty eight years ago, and I loved them for a long time…but for a few years now, I haven’t loved them so much.

Some people would consider them timeless, but to me, those tables were just dated. I wanted something new and completely different. Enter these beautiful round tables from Wayfair.

round coffee table with basket of quilts

These tables arrived just in time for 20 Minute Decorating, but the honest truth is that these styling ideas take much less than twenty minutes! They are not only simple to do, they are simply done. Here is my very short list of items that easily work for coffee table decor. These items can be grouped together on a tray, or simply placed on the tabletop. (And make sure to scroll to the end to see what my friends are sharing.)

  • A vessel of flowers
  • A stack of books
  • A candle
  • A potted plant
  • Framed photograph(s)
  • A piece of art or pottery

round coffee table styling ideas with baskets and flowers

Look No. 1: A round tray with accessories

After searching the internet, I finally found a round hyacinth basket that almost matches the rectangle one from Pottery Barn. I’ve used a tray on our coffee table for years, but was glad to be using a different shape. The basket is quite a bit smaller than the table, which leaves plenty of room for drinks, etc. I used one of my favorite pitchers with hydrangeas, a candle, and a stack of small books.

Tip: Stick to the Rule of Three and vary the height of your items.

round basket with flowers candle books coffee table styling ideas

Look No. 2: A trio of items

Sticking with the rule of three, the next idea is more spread out and doesn’t include a tray. I switched out the small books for a stack of larger ones, but everything else is the same. Even though I used almost all the same items, look no. 2 is completely different from look no. 1.

coffee table styling ideas flowers books

coffee table accessories

Look No. 3: A tray with a simple vessel of flowers

Now it’s time to break that rule of three, and go with a simple pitcher of flowers placed on the round tray. If truth be told, this is my favorite look. The tall, slim pitcher rises out of the wicker tray providing both interest and texture. Using one item on your coffee table can really make a statement, and it’s super easy.

Tip: Another idea is to use a large bowl…either empty or filled with natural elements.

round coffee table styling ideas with pitcher of hydrangeas

The image below is a shot of the side table. When I first placed the lamps on the tables, the cords hanging down the back bugged the heck out of me. I solved the problem by attaching the cord to the back table leg with black electrical tape. I wrapped it around the back foot of the table, ran it under the rug, and over to the outlet. Problem solved!

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wicker basket tray on bottom | wicker round tray on top | coffee table | round end table | 3 piece coffee table/end table setsquare basket | living room rug (beige/ivory) | blanket basket ladder | blue slipper chairs | linen pillow cover | blue lumbar pillow cover | flowered pillow covers (sold out) | mini boxwood wreath | matching console table

If you are wondering what happened to my old tables, they found a very good home with a family from our church. They had just moved and the tables fit their new home perfectly.

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As much as I love grocery store flowers, it was so nice to walk out in my backyard and cut the fresh hydrangeas I used in these photos. I have one Annabelle bush and it’s just going crazy. Summer is definitely here.

annabelle hydrangeas beside garden shet

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  1. Love your styling ideas, always!

  2. gail w turner says:

    I love your site Ann but when I click on the link to the coffe table and end tables I go to 37,000 and 38,000 tables on Wayfair. Frustrating.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Gail…I checked the links on Sunday evening…but by today, they were broken again. I’ve fixed all of them so you should be all set. Thank you for your patience!

  3. Crystal Young says:

    Yeah, that’s all fine and dandy, but how do I style all the piles of papers, magazines and projects that are all over my coffee table?! ;0)

  4. Hi Ann,
    I always appreciate your tips on styling. I love change and sometimes I run out of ideas. It’s also fun to see the other bloggers’ homes that participate in your posts.
    Thank you,

  5. Shirley Graham says:

    Where did you find the quilts displayed on the bottom of the table? Would love to find like them!

  6. Your room s beautiful! Are those quilts folded in the basket, under your coffee table?

  7. claudia bassano says:

    Annabelle is a native hydrangea!
    I’m always happy to see someone use natives rather than “exotics”
    Do you prune it back in early spring?
    It looks very healthy!
    Happy Fourth of July!🇺🇸

  8. I think the style of the tables compliment the style of your room much better than the old tables. Nice decision.

  9. Thanks for the reply about the cord under the rug, Ann. What you described sounds quite reasonable!

  10. Lilly Ann says:

    Your photography blog site is really awesome! You’ve done lots of excellent work! I hope your success.

  11. Hi Ann,
    I love your new tables! They look so nice!
    I do have a question about your prints. What is the best size to print them? I’d like to use them for decorating.

    Thanks much,

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Connie! Most of the prints are the proper resolution to print as large as 11 x 14. I usually print them on regular 8.5 x 11 card stock. If I want a bigger piece of art, I just use a larger frame with mat board. Thank you!

  12. Ann, I had the same Queen Anne tables as you for many years. About 9 years ago, I painted the legs white to update them. I liked the look but grew tired of them and also I knew a round table would serve my space better. Last fall I purchased a round table with gold legs and a faux marble top. I am glad to get your ideas on styling it. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Ann,
    Love your new round coffee table and it’s design!
    Great place to stash a comfy throw!
    (I get chilled in the evenings!)
    Love your hydrangea in bloom!
    My limelight bush is in the bud. . .great promise!

  14. Love the tables & have always liked your decorating style.

  15. Love your new tables! I’ve been toying with the idea of new tables in my family room for a while now. We have 25 year old oak ones . Still in good shape but I’d love something more modern.

  16. Thank you, beautiful inspiration!

  17. The tables are a nice update to your living room.

  18. Ann,
    I purchased those same Queen Anne tables for my living room around 30 years ago. I loved them for a long time and then had the same feelings you had. I still have the coffee table, but re-stained the top and painted the legs. For now, I’m okay with it because I like the oval shape. I found one vintage side table at a thrift store. It is a completely different style. It is an eclectic room, so I wasn’t looking for anything to match. I found another smaller table I purchased at an antique store that sits next to a chair. Again,it is a completely different style and color. My older side tables are still sitting in my garage waiting to find a new home. I’m glad yours have. By the way, I love your new tables!

  19. I love the updated tables!! They look wonderful in your home. Thank you for the great ideas too 🌞

  20. Love the new tables! That tall pitcher would look perfect in my home😉. I am trying to come up with a new coffee table. Love my existing…glass top country french…but trying to change it up a bit.

  21. My dear grandmother used to “fight” cords and was always finding ways to hide them. As I kid, I used to wonder why! As an adult, now I know! I love your new tables and the variety of ways you have styled the tops. Thanks for more ideas!

  22. I love the new look and the coffee tables. I’m like you in that I have cherry queen Ann end tables and coffee tables. and as much as they are timeless it would be nice to have a different look for a change. I may be inspired to go “looking”

    Thanks Ann you are always right on. Hope you are enjoying summer

  23. Love your new tables and the simple ideas. Simple, but helpful!

  24. Pat Stoughton says:

    I just bought a Limelight Hydrangea tree. Planted it yesterday. Full of ready-to-burst blooms. Some are blooming. I can see it from my window. Or if it’s nice, gaze at it while drinking my coffee. If it does well as a small tree, I will get more. My garden budget is almost depleted!

  25. Love your new tables Ann! The shape is fresh & modern!

  26. I have similar round tables. A chipwood wreath I painted white is lovely in the bottom of the biggest one. I like your styling. I use my Annabelle’s too!
    Happy fourth from Columbus !

  27. Ann…I love your new tables as well as how you styled them! So pretty and symmetrical. You have such a sophisticated sense of style!
    (I am a little sad that you no longer have the Queen Anne style tables…I have the very same ones.)

  28. These tables are beautiful, and they add a whole new dimension and feel to your living room. Perfect choice and beautifully styled! Looking forward to watching you style them for the seasons!

  29. Jeanette Duke says:

    I love your tables and how you put it all together! Sometimes it’s just time to move on with our furniture. I have to get a new coffee table as well. Trying to decide the style is the hardest part but the search is fun!

  30. Love the table ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Oh and good for you to hide the cord! It always bothers me too!

  32. Do you think you need to have a round tray on a round coffee table. I use an ottoman as a coffee table so definitely need a tray on top.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Deb…no I don’t think so. The reason I chose a round basket is because I wanted something different than the rectangle ones I’ve had for years. I think you can mix it up any way you like!

  33. So pretty. My tables will be bare. Little hands that are practicing grasping. I love those little hands that are learning so there is a teddy bear and a Jack in the beanstalk book currently residing. I do straighten up at night but come 7 am it’s off to the races. 4 little hands that are learning. Except when I can grab one for a tickle and a kiss. Their little hand opening and closing. They will only be with us for another month and then their mom and dad will have saved enough to buy their own house. That was my goal. But I will miss saving the lamp as the cord is pulled.

  34. Christine R. says:

    I love your new tables. On your end table, how do you hide the lamp cord? I’ve used cord covers in the past but like be your look of not seeing the at all.

    Thank you!

  35. I love your ideas for a round coffee table! However, the cord under the rug trick? I’ve always heard that’s a major fire hazard. Have I missed some new information that says its now safe?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Claire…I am not an expert, but I think the fire hazard issue comes into play when you run a cord under actual carpet. Like from one side of the room to another. This lamp cord is at the very edge of an area rug and under my sofa. No one is going to step on it and it gets ample air flow. The length of cord that is slipped under the edge of the rug is less than a foot because the plug is right there. Thanks!

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