Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

In this post: How to make a strawberry banana smoothie. An easy and healthy strawberry banana smoothie recipe…all you need for the perfect, healthy breakfast!

strawberry banana smoothie recipe ingredients in blender

Christmas is behind us and the winter months lie ahead. Here in the midwest, we can go for literally weeks without seeing the sun. The gray skies are, in my opinion, more oppressive than wind or snow. During this time, I try to eat healthier and take some extra vitamin D. There are days when I think it helps…and days when I’m sure it isn’t doing a darn thing. 

strawberry banana smoothie recipe in blender

But…I think anything we do to lead a healthy life is a good thing, so with that in mind, I’m sharing another delicious smoothie recipe. This strawberry banana smoothie recipe is so easy and quite delicious. It’s similar to the banana oatmeal smoothie recipe I shared last year, but by changing a few ingredients, the taste is completely different. The banana oatmeal smoothie has a nutty flavor, while the strawberry banana smoothie has a fresh, citrus taste. 

strawberry banana smoothie recipe in glass with straw

How to Make a Strawberry Banana Smoothie

strawberry banana smoothie fi

Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe

How to make a strawberry banana smoothie. An easy and healthy strawberry banana smoothie recipe...all you need for the perfect, healthy breakfast!
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Servings: 1 serving
Author: Ann Drake
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
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  • 1/2 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 orange peeled (no pith)
  • 1 large frozen banana
  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/4 cup oats quick or old fashioned
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract


  • Add all ingredients to a blender.
  • Blend on medium high speed for 1 minute.
  • Pour into a large glass and drink immediately.
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strawberry banana smoothie recipe in glass

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Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe Tips

  • The ingredients can be changed to suit your own taste. I actually prefer this smoothie without the vanilla, but I included it just in case you wanted to try it. 
  • There is no need to add ice if the strawberries and banana are frozen. If they aren’t, add a handful of ice cubes.
  • The longer this is blended, the thicker it gets…so if you like a thick smoothie, add another minute to the blend time.

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  1. I just tried the almond milk banana smoothie recipe. It is so good! Tomorrow I’m going to add peanut butter. I want to try the strawberry banana recipe when strawberries AR in season. One comment. When I was printing out your recipe your name wasn’t on it. Just the recipe. I had to do some searching to find the author of this recipe. But I found you! I always like to give credit to the recipe authors when I share.

  2. Patti Sanchez says:

    5 stars
    So good and tasty!

  3. Having your strawberry banana smoothie for lunch with a Dutch currant bun, from my favorite bakery in Holland, MI. We have sunshine and warmer temps in the upper 40’s today in western Michigan. ☀️ A little sample of spring, except for our 12-15 in of snow on the ground. Thank you for making our days brighter & happier! Always look forward to your emails! Thank you Ann! ❤️

  4. Love it although next time I’ll add an extra strawberry. I didn’t use the vanilla extract…

  5. I love your recipes and your down to earth comments. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home, your recipes and your decorating tips. I wait for your blog!

  6. Wanda McDaniel says:

    Ann, love your posts! I enjoy adding chia seeds to my smoothies. Have you tried them?

  7. Mary Alice Kenley says:

    A couple of years ago, I started having a smoothie once a day as a meal replacement. It’s been a fun journey, and I still haven’t tired of it. Thank you for this recipe; I’ll have it tomorrow!

  8. Oops meant to say Strawberry Papaya (not just Strawberry). Not sure whether you can purchase them there. But they are lovely to eat in this Salad.

  9. I understand how you feel Anne, as I too find Winter such a depressing season and long for the start of Spring, Summer and Autumn. You may miss your summer but right at the moment I don’t think you would like ours. Today will be 43 C (110 F) so am not looking forward to trying to keep 2 dogs inside to keep them cool. Preparing hot meals for dinner in this heat is a no no, so for tea tonight I will be making a Prawn Mango Strawberry & Avocado Salad with a Thai Dressing. For Dessert, Mango Yoghurt with Fresh Home made Fruit Salad. If you would like the recipe let me know & I will put in on here for you.
    Love reading all your blogs and wish you A Very Happy, Healthy, Safe New year.

  10. I share your dreary Ohio weather since I live in Columbus. Get so tired of the gloomy gray dark skies. I would rather have snow any day. I really enjoy all your posts. Your home and garden are lovely.

  11. Today the last of the Holiday guests has left; hubby left on a business trip; today I quit smoking. Lots of emotions. A bright spot in the morning was opening your email with the smoothie recipe! Thank you.

  12. Cheers to this healthy drink and Thank You for another year of blog posts and printables! You have a knack for creating the perfect designs for my taste and your calendars are something I look forward to each year. Paper calendars are becoming relics of the past as everyone seems to be using their phones instead. Call me old fashioned but I like to see a month at a time and as a hard copy. I’ve been a follower for a number of years and I don’t know how you do it but your posts just keep getting better and better!

    1. Francine Sharpe says:

      I so agree! Anne’s planners and calendars are gorgeous and they come out well before the New Year so you’ve got lots of time to get them together and ready to use. I too like to see a month to a page and it’s really hard to find planners, journals or diaries that have this feature. I like to file all my menu planning, birthdays, expenses etc in one place – my book of life!! Thank you Anne for the beautiful and inspiring blog and no strings free printable, I used your Holiday Planner all through December – such gorgeous pictures. Can’t wait to see what you’ll come up with this year. I hope your cold and bleak winter doesn’t overwhelm you too much. While you’re shivering, here in Australia we are melting! Happy New Year to you and all your followers.

  13. Have to try this recipe, I like smoothies for lunch also. They are a quick, healthy meal.

  14. Looks yummy.Happy New Year to you and your family.

  15. What a delicious recipe to start out he new year. I have ist over 80# by eating “clean” and healthy. I may add an egg white or 2 for extra protein. Happy New Year, I love your blog.

  16. The recipe sounds wonderful. Sometimes when I have extra ripe bananas, I peel them, put them in a small freezer bag, add a bit of lemon juice, and squeeze them flat. Then, squeeze any air out of the bag. The packs lay flat in the freezer. If you have a favorite banana bread recipe, put enough bananas for the recipe in one bag and be sure to label it for the bread.

    I’m in central Oklahoma and we have a winter storm watch for the next few days, but we have sun and 50s back in the forecast by the weekend. I just got an indoor garden and the grow lights in that little thing has me a bit happier. Or it could be the micro greens which are already sprouting. I’m planning to start more greens in some pretty pots and let them sit by the lights.

  17. Kathy Menold says:

    It has been wet and dreary here in North Carolina and the yard and garden a mud bog. Good month to cuddle on the coach with a good book and cup of tea and dream of spring. Will definitely try your smoothie for a healthy breakfast. No more Christmas cookies!

  18. The smoothies sound so wonderful. A taste of summer. It is the time I spend planning my flower gardens and hope that this year they look like they do in the seed catalogs. No dead leaves, no bug eaten flowers, no sun burned leaves. One can always dream that they will.

  19. Thanks for the yummy recipes! I’m sure they’re helping you. You might need light therapy though. Try to go for walks outside if you can.