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After I published my last wreath post, Monogrammed Valentine’s Wreath, I received several emails from readers who either wanted to buy the one on my door or buy one just like it. I felt terrible having to tell them that I don’t make wreaths to sell. Here’s the thing…it’s not hard. It just takes time and a little patience. I’m going to teach you all how to make a wreath…right here, right now!

I’ve been making wreaths seems like my whole life, so I have all of the necessary supplies.  If you’ve never made one, there are some things you will need to purchase. All can be found at any craft store.

1. Wire cutters

2. Glue gun and glue

3. Green florist wire

I decided to make a garden themed wreath, hoping to hurry spring along. The process is the same no matter what type of wreath you make. First you need to gather your supplies.

Garden Wreath SuppliesFor my garden themed wreath I needed:

1. 2 grapevine wreaths. One 20 in. and one 24 in.

2. 1 natural looking garland from a craft store.

3. A bow (this is optional,) wire cutters, florist wire and glue.

4. The fun stuff. Things you have collected to embellish the wreath. In this case I have vintage garden tools, a watering can and a bird’s nest.

How to Make a WreathBefore we go any further I want to explain why I use 2 wreaths. The most important thing to remember when making a wreath is that it needs depth. It’s crucial for curb appeal. One way to easily achieve that is to layer 2 wreaths…one on top of the other. Wire them together in 4 places. Just stick the wire up through the grapevine and twist.

How to Make a WreathTo get additional depth you can add a garland. Try to choose one that looks as natural as possible. Lay it on the perimeter of the smaller wreath and attach it with wire the same way you hooked the wreaths together.

How to Make a WreathHonestly, I could stop here and it would be perfectly fine. Look at the depth I’ve already achieved.

How to Make a WreathAlmost 8 inches. Of course, I can never leave well enough alone so I always add more layers. I made a blue grain sack bow and attached it, again with wire, to the wreath at about 4 o’clock.

How To Make A WreathHere is my tutorial on How to Make a Perfect Bow. A bow can be made from anything…burlap, drop cloth or ribbon by the roll. Just make sure it’s at least 4 in. wide and a good thickness. I left long tails on mine but you could make them shorter if you prefer. If you don’t like the bow at 4 o’clock, try 12 o’clock or even 10 o’clock. All look great from the street.

How to Make a WreathI found these vintage garden tools on Etsy and have been saving them for this project. I love that they still show some blue paint. I tried a couple of different ways to attach them but ended up placing them criss-cross and again used wire to attach.

How To Make A WreathThe last thing I added was the bird’s nest. I had already glued the eggs in the nest so all I had to do was wire the nest to the wreath. I nestled it under the tools and I think the eggs tie all the blues together. Honestly…the tools won’t show up from the street. That’s fine with me because it’s a little surprise when someone approaches my door.

How To Make A WreathIf you remember I had gathered a watering can with my other garden items. After I got the bird’s nest on I decided the watering can would be over-kill. Sometimes less really is more! I used very little glue with this wreath because it just worked better to wire everything.  It’s always good to have your glue gun ready to go…just in case.

How To Make A WreathI have to admit that I adore the bow…I made a red one for my Christmas wreath and I think I like this blue one just as well.

How To Make A WreathFor this wreath I opted for a garland. Many times I use natural-looking floral stems. I have found that the best way to attach stems is just to stick them right through the grapevine. I rarely ever use glue. That’s what I did when I made the monogrammed wreath.

Monogrammed Valentine's WreathAll of the flowers shown here are simply stuck through the grapevine. Because I had the monogram and the full floral stems I didn’t use a double wreath. Actually it would have probably looked better if I had!

An important thing to consider is the color of your door. Try to choose contrasting colors for the elements on your wreath. White always pops from my blue door so I try to use it as often as I can. If your door is white, bolder colors would be better.

Spring WreathThis wreath is one of my all-time favorites. I kept adding flowers until I had tons of depth. Sticking to just white and blue helped with the curb appeal. Another trick is to vary your textures. Try to use big, showy flowers along with berries and smaller “filler” flowers. Stay away from fake ivy if at all possible. (Sorry if you are a fake ivy fan…please reconsider!)

How To Make A WreathI hope I’ve inspired you to make a wreath for your front door. There is no better way to put your personal stamp on your home. It’s the perfect way to welcome visitors and introduce yourself.

For more inspiration and wreath-making ideas visit my Pinterest board 
D E C O R A T E | Wreaths.

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Thoughts from my friends...

  1. says

    Thanks so much for sharing at Project Inspired @ Setting for Four. I pinned your lovely spring wreath to our group linky pinboard!
    I hope you are having a fantastic Easter, and can join me Monday evening 8 pm EST for Project Inspired #8! :D

  2. says

    Thanks for the tutorial.I like your double wreath idea. Your wreaths are always gorgeous. and you’ve inspired me to make one for my “nekkid” front door. :)

  3. says

    I enjoy making wreaths, as well. Especially when we lived in Washington and were surrounded by an abundance of different (and free) types of greenery.

    Thanks for the tutorial, Ann.


  4. says

    Thank you my friend for showing me how to make a wreath. Would you believe that I’ve never made one that I’ve liked. But now I think I have a much better handle on it. I really want to make a pretty one for my door and one for my friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  5. says

    You are quite the talented wreath maker!!!! I love your newest creation. The little garden tools you added are perfect for Spring. I love the birds nest and of course that grainsack bow too! Thanks for sharing the tutorial. I think making wreaths is fun.

  6. says

    OMG Ann! I have never stacked 2 grapevine wreaths together but I can see how it adds so much depth to a wreath! Thanks for that tip! You aren’t going to believe this, but I bought some vintage gardening tools at the auction. I haven’t put them up for sale in the shop because I wasn’t sure if someone would want them. Boy, was I wrong!!!

  7. says

    What pretty wreaths. It’s crazy but I’ve never made one myself…and I think I am almost ready! Thanks for sharing your wreath creating tips. I’ve already got some ideas brewing…:) Have a great weekend, Ann!

  8. says

    Oh Ann – thank you so much for this post! I think I will pick up some supplies tomorrow and attempt to make a gorgeous spring wreath. Yours are all so beautiful. We are supposed to have more cold weather here this weekend… Andrea and I and the girls are going to leave the guys home tomorrow & going shopping in the “city”! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Ann!

  9. says

    Thanks so much for the wreath making tutorial. I have been wanting to make one for a long time and you’ve just inspired me to do so. I need a little spring right about now!

  10. says

    I’ve made lots of wreaths, love making them. But I’ve never done 2 on top of each other before for depth, great idea! I love the look of your wreath with the tools & nest. Very springy!
    Debbie :)

  11. Linda Powers says

    All of your wreaths are so nice and I really love your grain sack bows! Perhaps you could sell your beautiful bows! I would certainly buy one or two of them! Thanks Ann for sharing your Spring Inspiration.

  12. Donnamae says

    Well, truth be told, I haven’t made a wreath in twenty years. It would be so much easier for me, if you’d just make them to sell….you would have so many buyers. But, I guess I’ll just have to try again! Enjoy your weekend! ;)

  13. says

    Beautiful wreath, and adding the two together is a great idea:) Still snow here, so it is hard to get in the Spring mood even thought it is on my mind constantly. Can’t wait to see how your forsythias turn out. I lost my plant when our well went out. Hubby had to dig it up and it never came back. I may have to stop along the road and get a few cuttings to re-root, they are the easiest plant to start from cuttings.

  14. says

    Well, whatever plans I THOUGHT I had for this weekend just got thrown out the window! I spent all of last weekend searching for this very, exact, perfect THING!!! And instructions? I’m over the moon in love with this post! *sigh* Be. still. my. heart. (who says praying for directions for the perfect Spring wreath doesn’t work, LOL)

  15. says

    Hi Ann! Oh, thank you so much for the tutorial! I’ve never thought of using two wreaths together like this but what a difference it makes! I love the depth. I make my own arrangements for my front doors – I have double doors – but it really does take a talent to make them look like this! You’re one amazing gal!
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  16. says

    Your wreaths are so pretty. I used to make wreaths, but mine always looked kind of doofy, so I quit. Maybe I’ll try again after seeing your instructions and how lovely yours turn out. You have a real talent.

  17. says

    Oh, Ann! Such a beautiful and full spring wreath. I make my wreaths the same way,using two grapevine wreaths as a base. It just makes it so full and professional looking!
    I adore the bow too!!!! A masterful job indeed!

  18. says

    your wreaths are ALL beautiful, I tried forcing the stems like this once and some little bug hatched, beware for bugs!Some lay dormant all winter just as the buds do!