Christmas Tree Pom Pom Pillow

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Make this DIY Christmas tree pom pom pillow for your own home, or for a gift. This simple pom pom craft is inexpensive and fun!

christmas tree pillow on sofa

When it comes to pom pom crafts, this little project should be at the top of the list. It’s one of those ideas that takes a little time, but is very easy to do…and this cute little pillow has so much charm, and is one of my favorite craft projects ever.

Once you have the pom poms made, the rest of the steps go very quickly. The pom poms do take a little time, but they are fun and relaxing to make. Gluing them on the pillow cover takes all of five minutes.

christmas tree pom pom pillow decor

How to Make a Pom Pom

Here are awesome instructions for how to make a pom pom. I briefly thought about doing my own tutorial, but quickly talked myself out of that. There are many to choose from online. This particular tutorial uses a fork to make the pom poms, and I love this method because the pom poms turn out all the same size.

You can also use a pom pom maker. I will link to one in the supplies list. Another option is to buy ready-made pom poms. It’s hard to find any color other than kelly green, and the craft store pom poms are slightly smaller. But it’s possible to use them if that’s the look you want.

Supplies Needed

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1.) Make your pom poms. To assemble the tree on an 18 inch pillow cover, you will need 27. If you use a bigger or smaller pillow cover, that number will need to be adjusted.

2.) Trim the tie strings off your pom poms, and flatten out the bottom of each one.

3.) Press your pillow cover. “Dry fit” the pom poms on the pillow cover so your spacing is decided before you begin to glue. Follow the pattern in the picture below.

4.) Starting with the bottom row, glue each pom pom to the pillow. One large drop of hot glue is all you need for each pom pom.

5.) When the tree is complete, glue a piece of ribbon on the pillow cover to make the tree trunk.

green pom pom christmas tree pillow

This tutorial was originally posted in 2013. I have wanted to update it for several years, so I’m happy that it’s finally happened. Back in 2013, I made a white pillow for my daughter, and an ivory one for myself. You can definitely give this project your own special touch by choosing the perfect color for your pillow cover, and the best color of green to blend with your decor.

This is also an easy craft to do with older kids or grandkids. The pompoms are simple enough that any child over the age of 7 or 8 could make them. I can’t wait to plan a crafty morning and make another pillow with my granddaughter.

Frequently Asked Questions

The possibilities are endless! Here are some Christmas themed suggestions: a wreath, a star, a candy cane, or a gingerbread man. Other shape ideas are rainbows, a butterfly, Easter bunny, pom pom letters, or Valentine’s Day heart.

A small 3 or 4 oz. skein of yarn is more than enough.

I used a small piece of jute ribbon, but any kind of scrap ribbon will work. Try to use a piece in the brown tones that’s about 1 inch wide. This ribbon works well.

christmas tree pom pom pillow on sofa

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  1. What is the brand name and color of your sofa . I love the pillow!

  2. Absolutely precious!!!

  3. Thanks for this great idea, Ann. I now plan to make a dreidel pom pom pillow!

  4. What a charming pillow! I love it! May very well have to dust off my crafting skills.

  5. How adorable, Ann! I love those little pom-poms! I know your daughter was thrilled to have one of her own…

  6. Suzy @ Worthing Court says:

    Simply adorable, Ann. I LOVE it!

  7. This is so cute… I have so may pom poms left over after my last project…now I know exactly what I am going to do with them….thanks for sharing!

  8. Bonnie Morgan says:

    Very cute. Everything you do is wonderful.

  9. Yvonne @ StoneGable says:

    Ann, this is absolutely adorable! I have a white PB pillow cover and this is exactly what I’m going to do!!! What a fun, festive and easy way to add some Christmas sass to my home… and of course your’s too! Great tutorial!

  10. Moni ~ Zu Haus at Home says:

    This is really cute! I’d love to make one – thanks for sharing!

    1. Barbara LeGrange says:

      This pom pom pillow is simply adorable. Now I know what one of my Christmas gifts will be next year. I do have a question…what is the trim around the pillow?

      1. Ann Drake says:

        Hi Barbara…the trim around the pillow is braided jute. I didn’t add it, the pillow came with the jute already applied. Thanks!