Christmas Tree Pom Pom Pillow

Christmas Tree Pom Pom Pillow Tutorial

This little project is one I almost didn’t do. It’s one of those things that takes a little time and very easy to put off. It wasn’t until I actually bought the yarn that I decided to really try and make it happen. Turns out this little Christmas tree pom pom pillow is one of my all time favorite projects. Ever. 

The pom poms are what takes the time. Gluing them on the pillow cover took all of five minutes. Here’s an awesome tutorial on how to make the pom poms with a fork.  How to Make Mini Yarn Pom Poms. I briefly thought about doing my own tutorial but quickly talked myself out of that. There are a million already out there. Using a fork makes them all the same size and it’s easy peasy. 

1.) So here’s what you need: A pillow cover, yarn, scissors and ribbon for the tree trunk. One of the reasons I went ahead and tried this out was because I discovered these pillow covers at Hobby Lobby. I was amazed at the selection. The one I chose is a Pottery Barn knock-off but looks pretty dang close to the real thing. It’s 18 x 18 which is the perfect size for an accent pillow. 

2.) Make your pom poms. I needed 27. If you use a bigger or smaller pillow cover just adjust that number.

Christmas Pom Pom Pillow Tutorial3.) Fire up your hot glue gun. Trim the tie strings off your poms and flatten out the bottom a little bit. You can mark the center of your pillow cover or just eye-ball it like I did. One drop of hot glue is all you need for each pom. When you have them all glued on, add a piece of ribbon for the trunk. 

Christmas Tree Pom Pom Pillow CoverI sent this home with my daughter but ended up making one for myself. It’s exactly like this one except my pillow cover is ivory instead of bright white. You can definitely make this project your own by choosing the perfect pillow cover and color of green for your decor. Really…think of the possibilities. They are endless.

We are getting blasted with a snow storm but it’s actually sort of fun. As you all know, I love to be at home so that’s where I’m staying today. If all goes well, I’ll be back tomorrow with my Christmas Home Tour. Happy Saturday!

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