DIY Dog Bed: An Easy Sewing Project

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Sew your own DIY dog bed for that special pup in your life! This is a very quick sewing project, with easy to follow directions.

better homes and gardens fabric and sewing accessories

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Did you know September is National Sewing Month? It was declared in 1982 by President Reagan, who said the celebration is “in recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation.” Who knew? So even though I about ran out of time because we are nearing the end of September, I want to share this very easy sewing tutorial for a DIY dog bed.

As some of you know, we said goodbye to our little dog, Kelly, in July. We can’t bring ourselves to get another dog yet, but we get our puppy fix by visiting with our daughter’s little miniature schnauzer, Lucy. When Walmart Home asked me to partner with them to celebrate National Sewing Month, I knew immediately that I was going to make Lucy a new bed. She turned one on September 10th, so it was the perfect birthday present.

miniature schnauzer on dog bed

DIY Dog Bed: Getting Started

The measurements and instructions below are for one 26 in. x 26 in. dog bed. I was inspired by this dog bed tutorial on I chose to alter the measurements, but if you want to make a bed that’s 24 in. x 24 in. see the Walmart tutorial. There’s also a very handy video that shows the steps.

black and white fabric pieces

You need three different fabric designs. I made it easy by choosing pre-cut, already coordinated pieces of Better Homes & Gardens fabric. The cute black and white patterns match my daughter’s decor perfectly.

  • Design #1: 1/2 yard
  • Design #2: 1/2 yard
  • Design #3: 1.5 yards (this fabric will be the back of the bed)
miniature schnauzer on diy dog bed

DIY Dog Bed Steps

  • Wash and dry your fabric. Press with an iron if needed.
  • Measure and cut 6 strips of fabric (3 fabrics, 2 strips from each fabric) that are 5.25 inches wide x 27 inches long.
  • Measure and cut 2 pieces of fabric (rectangles) that are 16 inches x 27 inches.
  • Sew the 6 strips together with 1/2 inch seams, making sure to alternate fabric patterns.
  • Press all the strip seams well. You should have a square piece that measures approximately 27 inches x 27 inches.
  • For both rectangles: press over 1/2 inch on one long side of each piece. Press over again. Sew the hems.
  • To assemble: with WRONG side down, place the square sewn strips on a flat surface. With wrong sides up, place the rectangles on the square, with the hems overlapping in the middle. (RIGHT sides will be together.) Pin well so there’s no movement.
  • Sew all along the outside with a 1/2 inch seam.
  • Turn the cover and press well.
  • This method would make a darling pillow cover, and it can be accomplished by simply adjusting the measurements.

Whenever I share a sewing project, I always get emails asking me what kind of sewing machine I use. I have a Singer sewing machine that I love, and it was purchased about 30 years ago. It’s still going strong, but if I had to replace it, I would choose this sewing machine. If you are thinking about buying a new sewing machine, and need additional advice, Walmart has a wonderful Sewing Machine Buying Guide that will take the guesswork out of the decision.

DIY Dog Bed Resource Guide

Just click the images to go straight to the product.

Having Lucy in our lives has helped cheer us up after losing Kelly. She really is so adorable! Sometimes, it’s still hard for me to grasp the fact that Kelly is gone. The sadness is beginning to fade, and the good memories are coming to the surface. For that, I am very grateful.

*A special thank you to my daughter for taking these cute pictures of Lucy. She was a very good girl and the perfect model!

diy dog bed with minature schnauzer

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  1. Sherry McCollum says:

    Lucy looks like such a sweet girl and I’m glad she is helping you cope with the loss of Kelly. Hopefully you will soon be able to share your love with a new doggie who will bring you so much happiness. The dog bed is so cute and doesn’t look too hard to make. Thanks for sharing it and the picture of Lucy on it with it. She looks like she really likes it.

  2. Sharon Caulineau says:

    I have to say so sorry for the loss of Kelly. They say, all our animals greet us when we pass the Heavenly Gate. For a moment, I thought Lucy was Kelly. So sweet. Hope you find it in your heat to share your love with another sweet fur baby soon. The dog bed is very nice. Like the envelope pocket to remove and wash. Have a blessed day, Sharon

  3. I’ve been overwhelmed with life the past several months so missed seeing your post about losing Kelly. I’m terribly sorry for your loss but do hope the pain and sadness of losing her has become a little less intense with each passing day.

  4. Cookie eddings says:

    I appreciate your sewing info. & directions. Lucy is beautiful! She reminds me of Kelly. Speaking of Elizabeth, I haven’t heard about her in a long time. I always enjoyed it when she would post for you. This looks like a different house than the one you posted about helping her decorate with your sewing curtains. I’ve wondered about her & how she’s doing.
    It’s awful to lose a furry family member. Hopefully you can give a deserving doggie the chance to live with you in your loving home. Happy Autumn, Cookie

  5. Beth Denney says:

    4 stars
    Such a cute pup and bed! When sewing, don’t forget to leave an opening large enough to turn your work right side out and insert your pillow form/pillow stuffing before stitching the rest of the way closed. (Apologies if I missed this part in the directions.)

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Beth! Actually this project has an envelope back, so there’s no need to leave an opening. Thanks!

  6. Sue Daugherty says:

    What an adorable puppy. Schnauzers have such expressive faces.

  7. Diane Lattanzio says:

    Thank you, Ann, for sharing the darling photo of Lucy and her sweet new bed! I will definitely follow your “sew-simple” pattern to make a dog bed for our Grand-pup, Zoe! We always look forward to her visits at our home. Enjoy your time with Lucy!

  8. Hi Ann,

    I was heartbroken when I read about your loss of Kelly. I always looked forward to seeing her picture in your posts. I have lost 2 dogs in my lifetime and I understand the feeling. Lucy is adorable. My daughter just took up sewing, so I am passing this along to her. I think her dog Sammy (a maltipoo who is 13) would love this bed.

    Always enjoy getting your emails!

  9. Lucy looks so adorable on her new bed! I was looking to see which sewing machine you recommended as I have not had good luck with the less expensive Singers. Wish I had my mom’s Singer made many years ago!

  10. Thank you so much for such detailed directions for cutting and sewing the dog
    bed. This is a project that I can tackle. Lucy is adorable! When I opened up your Email I thought for sure you had adopted a little one. I know the pain of loosing a beloved pet.Two years ago I lost my little pomeranian, Rusty. We did not plan on getting another dog . Then two months later our vet called and asked if we would consider rescuing a papillon whose owner passed away. Of course you know the rest of the story. We fell in love with Buddy, we still miss our little Rusty but Buddy has helped heal our hearts. He has been a blessing. So for now, enjoy Lucy.

  11. Lucy is absolutely adorable!! Oh, and the dog bed is beautiful too (ha ha). I’m so glad you have Lucy to help you through your time of grieving for Kelly. I’m keeping these instructions and when, not if but when, I get another dog, I’ll make her this beautiful bed. Thanks for sharing this. Happy Fall!

  12. Kristine Puzel says:

    As mentioned already, your email was the first one I opened this morning, and was such a heartwarming, tears-in-a-good-way message! I put my cat Lucy to sleep last month. I knew it was coming, but it still shattered my heart. A little while afterwards I was thrift shopping, and suddenly the overhead music started playing “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” (The Beatles). Such a sense of peace came over me. Also – you have had such an impact on my sewing! Your enthusiasm and guidance inspire me to sew and for that I am most grateful. And I did NOT know September was National Sewing Month. Sewing is my zen; I get lost in working on my projects. And now that I am retired, I am looking forward to stretching my skills with different kinds of projects. Your banner pattern is one of my favorite projects, and I am looking forward to this dog bed project, which will be for our other cat, Max. Thank you for all the gifts you bring to us.

  13. Cheryl Gorr says:

    Lucy is adorable, you gave us a happy heart to start the day, just love these little pups and so miss ours, what a wonderful surprise when we opened up your email this morning, we always look forward to reading your words. So glad you are able to share some time with Lucy, it helps having a sweet little dog “fix”. Her dog bed is wonderful will keep the instructions for “down the road”. Many thanks!

  14. Terri Herman says:

    Oh she’s beautiful! Pets have special places in our ❤️S. One of our three is 15 and we are in the last precious days with her. She has been such a blessing! And still has such a joyous outlook.
    Don’t you love that wall of fabric? I just stroll by every time I’m in there! Love your choice!

  15. Susan I Roberts says:

    Lucy is darling! Yes, it is sooo very difficult to loose our beloved furry animals. We lost our Great Pyranees last summer and I still think about him all the time. I, too, can’t get another dog right now. I do miss not having a dog, but it’s not the right timing for me. I love the bed you made and will save the directions – maybe at some point. The bed may work for a cat too. Thanks for sharing :)