DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Fall Wreath Pillow

Make this DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Fall Wreath Pillow for a fraction of the PB price. No sewing required!

Make this Pottery Barn inspired Fall Wreath Pillow for a fraction of the PB price! Easy and NO SEW. | onsuttonplace.comHello! I hope your Sunday is going great…I’m popping in tonight (I know…not my normal time) to share this cute pillow tutorial. It’s easy, budget-friendly and I promise anyone can do it! It’s a knock off of a Pottery Barn pillow cover that I just fell in love with. Here it is.

Pottery Barn Fall Leaf Embroidered Wreath Pillow Cover

It’s really beautiful in person…I saw one recently in a Pottery Barn store. It’s very big and measures 24 x 24 inches. The leaves are perfectly stitched on a heavy beige cotton. It retails for $59.50 and that doesn’t include the insert. For a seasonal accessory, that’s a little out of my price range. So I decided to make my own. I knew it wouldn’t be exactly like the PB version but I thought I might be able to come close. I was going for a wreath of fall leaves and I think I accomplished that.

Before I get started I want to tell you that when I decided to do this project, I had every intention of using felt and cutting out all the leaves. BUT…inspiration hit when I walked in the door of Bed, Bath & Beyond and saw sets of heavy felt coasters. I stood there for a minute and looked at them before I put four sets in my cart. I decided to give myself a break and take the easy way out! They are no longer available, but I’ve linked to something very similar below. If you want to make your own leaves, I found some leaf templates that I think will work great.

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 Supplies needed:
18 x 18 beige pillow cover
Felt leaves – find them here or here
Buttons or brads as embellishment
Dinner plate and pencil
Glue gun & glue

Make this DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Fall Wreath Pillow for a fraction of the PB price. No sewing! |

How to Make a Fall Leaf Pillow

  • First thing to do is fire up your glue gun.
  • Next, iron your pillow cover and lay it on a flat surface. Using a dinner plate and pencil, trace a circle (make sure to center the plate) on the pillow cover.
  • Take your leaves and place them around the circle. Overlap some and let some rest on top so you see the entire leaf. When you have the leaves just where you want them, start gluing.
  • I found that it worked better to just lift a corner of the leaf and drop a ball of glue. Don’t pick up a leaf, glue the back and then try to lay it back down. Take my word for it…that method gets a little messy.

Make this DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Fall Wreath Pillow for a fraction of the PB price. No sewing! | onsuttonplace.comI got the little pearl brads at Hobby Lobby so I was able to just stick them through the pillow cover and fasten them. Little buttons or beads of any kind would work well too.

Make this DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Fall Wreath Pillow for a fraction of the PB price. No sewing! | Like I said at the top of the post, clearly it’s a knock off…but I think it captures the essence of what I was going for. A pillow with a pretty fall wreath made from leaves.

For more details on the beautiful gourd click HERE.

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  1. Patricia Magehee says:

    Love It! Much prettier than the original :-)

  2. BettyJean says:

    The PB pillow just doesn’t do it for me, too commercial looking, like one of those sweatshirts grandmas wear. I like yours much better. More texture, organic and the coasters bring such a rich pop of color, WOW! Hmmmm, how would it look on a burlap pillow? Hugs,

  3. Denise Gazdik says:

    I made this pillow Sunday and I love it – thank you for the great idea !!!!!!

  4. This pillow is beautiful. I like your version better than the Pottery Barn version.

  5. Love this project, Ann! Even if you know how to sew, sometimes it’s nice to do something that doesn’t involve the sewing machine. Great knock-off! :)

  6. Donna Marie says:

    Love, love, love the pillow but my outdoor dog would make it hers in a minute!!!

  7. Love it Ann, it’s much prettier than the PB one :)

  8. Your pillow is lovely! What a brilliant use of coasters and the colors are perfect.
    I enjoy your blog (and recipes, too) very much…thanks for sharing :)

  9. Linda Sangirardi says:

    Love, love this project. I agree, I have my eye on those beautiful Pottery Barn seasonal pillows, but, they are just a bit too much. This came out perfect…so easy and cheap to make!

  10. Jill Wendt says:

    I love your pillow! It is prettier and more colorful then the PB pillow. Why don’t you sell some in your shop?

    1. Hi Jill! I am in the thick of sewing for Christmas right now! I try not to mix my shop items with projects I post on my blog. Once in a while I do but not very often. I do plan to post at least one tutorial for items I’m selling at Christmas so if you want to make your own you can. Thank you for asking though and have a great week!

  11. constance says:

    Oh my gosh, the pillow is beautiful. You did such a great job. I think it’s way better than the outrageously priced one. I think I might try it!! And those gourd’s that you did are beautiful, just beautiful too!! Silly question, but do the gourds just dry up inside or do you have to take seeds out or am I thinking of squash??( I didn’t know they lasted for year’s.) And pup-pup what a sweetie-pie he is all bundled up in bed. Thanks Ann, have a great night.

    1. Not a silly question! Yes the seeds just dry up. In fact they rattle around inside the gourd. I’ve had mine for a few years and they look as good as when I first did the project. I have been worried that the stems might fall off but so far so good!

  12. Very pretty. I like your version every bit as much as PB.

  13. Ann,

    If you’re hot gluing the leaves on the pillow cover, do you really need the brads? Like the PB version, but yours has so much more depth, and “eye-popping” appeal!

    1. Hi Diane…the brads are just for added decoration. They don’t really hold the leaves on. You don’t need to bother with the brads if you don’t want to!

  14. Actually, I like your version much better. The coasters are perfect. I just recently started to subscribe to your blog and always look forward to reading it.

  15. Jeanette Duke says:

    Ann, I think your pillow is just as nice and I love the price! This was an awesome idea you came up with! So pretty!

  16. Ann this turned out so great! Sewing projects scare me so this is right up my alley! I have to admit that I like your pillow a lot better than the Pottery Barn pillow.

  17. Sherry Myers says:

    Just BEAUTIFUL, Ann! I love it. Thank you for the easy to follow tutorial. Guess where I am off to tomorrow? You guessed it..Hobby Lobby! I love your economical creativity!

  18. I have a collection of lovely autumn foliage quiling thinking this could be cut with a leaf template and ironed on to fusible fleece and then appliqués on for a similar effect…although I love the coasters postage to Oz is now quite high.
    Love the idea…even if we are in Spring here but tulips would also be an easy shape. Thanks for the idea.

  19. Melissa Wagner says:

    Your pillow looks way better than the Pottery Barn one. Love it!!

  20. Love this!! I think your version is better than the original!!! Especially the vibrant colors!!! And the cost can’t be beat. You did a great job!!! You are inspiring me to redo my pillows!!! Thanks for a great post!!! Karen

  21. I actually like the knock off better than the original! Heading out to BB&B tomorrow! :)

  22. Hello,
    This is a beautiful pillow.
    I made one (as a gift) last Christmas with thick felt snowflakes from West Elm. The snowflakes I used were cream in color and I attached them to a neutral pillow with snaps I sewed on. Velcro could have been used also.
    Your leaf pillow as well, could have been done this way…either in the wreath circle or, depending on size of pillow and pieces, in a grid.
    My thinking is removable leaves could be replaced by snowflakes or mittens and then hearts and so on and so forth throughout the year.
    I agree with the previous post…yours is better. It has the needed dimension to bring out the beauty of shape and color.
    Nice job!

    1. Great idea Sherry about being able to remove the felt and switch it up…thank you so much!

  23. Love the pillow but I have a two questions. What did you stuff your pillow with? I did not see that on your list above. Also how did you seal your pillow shut? Thanks.

    1. Hi Janet! The pillow cover actually has a zipper so there was no need to stitch anything. I had a down pillow insert already but you can get them online…or you can get a poly insert at any craft store.

  24. I love your pillow! I think it’s far lovelier than the one from Pottery Barn!

  25. Ann, you are brilliant! I love this pillow!!!! So colorful and so so easy to make!! I love love love those pearl brads!!!!

    1. Sheila you can butter anytime you want! Thanks for stopping by…

  26. Ann,
    Such a smart idea using coasters, I would have never thought of doing that. Once again you inspire me! I want to go out and get the stuff to make one.