Fall White Pumpkin Wreath Tutorial

Make this super easy and inexpensive fall white pumpkin wreath to bring a touch of autumn to your front door!

white pumpkin wreath tutorial with fall leaves

When the seasons change and I begin fluffing my house, at some point I usually get an email from my daughter listing her own fluffing needs and wants. Most of the time they are simple things like a new doormat, or something for her mantel. Occasionally she asks for a new wreath for her front door, and that’s when I get excited.

Finding Inspiration

We all know about my wreath obsession, and it doesn’t take much to get the creative juices flowing! This is her most recent request, and it’s from one of my favorite sites, Williams-Sonoma. (It’s no longer available, but you can see a picture below.) Since the retail price was $129.95, there was no way we were buying this wreath. So what’s left to do?

maple leaf pumpkin wreath550

Make it! I liked the orange pumpkins, but Elizabeth requested white, so that’s what I used. Also, I couldn’t find faux maple leaves that I liked, so I bought leaf sprays that were a softer shade. I used the picture as inspiration, but for our white pumpkin wreath, I didn’t copy it exactly. This definitely makes the whole process more interesting.

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Supplies Needed

You can see an example of what the pumpkins look like in the image below. They are literally white pumpkins with a pick sticking out from the bottom.

white pumpkin wreath tutorial pumpkin picks

How to Assemble

Put the grapevine wreath on a flat work surface, or the floor. If you are using leaf sprays, stick the first one into the left side of the wreath, and loosely attach the leaves along the bottom of the wreath with florist wire. Stick the second spray into the right side and attach the leaves along the top of the wreath. If you are using a garland, attach it to the wreath in four places with florist wire. Your desired end result is a monochromatic array of leaves that covers the wreath.

white pumpkin wreath fall leaf garland

At this point if possible, hang up the wreath. It will be much easier to place the pumpkins. Stick the pumpkin picks into the wreath randomly until you have filled the wreath. I left gaps between the pumpkins (like our inspiration pic) but you could place them close together for a more controlled look. Make a hanger out of florist wire and attach it to the back of the wreath. 

Final Cost

Not including the time it took me to shop, from start to finish, this white pumpkin wreath took 15 minutes to make. It’s super easy. It’s also super cheap compared to the Williams-Sonoma version! Everything was on sale, and the grand total was just under $30.00. (I already had florist wire, so I didn’t have to buy any of that.)

Thank you so much for stopping by…see you soon!

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  1. So sorry geeze, found it

  2. Where is the finished wreath?
    Not showing in my feed awe really wanted to see it

  3. Hi Ann,
    I love the fall wreath you made for your daughter! Lucky girl! Thanks for sharing. Love all your ideas.

  4. Love the wreath— so simple but very pleasing—-thanks

  5. Your wreath turned out beautiful and so easy,I’m sure your daughter was thrilled.

  6. What a bargain, and I like yours much better anyway!

  7. Love the wreath Ann. Your daughter is very lucky to have such a crafty mom. I agree my favorite of yours is the snowman too! I’m going to make one for my sister. She is a snowman lover.

  8. LOVE your wreaths, Ann. As yet, I have failed in my quest to source white pumpkins here in the UK, but I live in hope. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to creating something else using your fabulous tutorial. Sue x

  9. Iolanda Di Giambattista says:

    Mi piacciono molto queste idee pubblicate, le trovo raffinate, eleganti, semplici, essenziali e facili da realizzare! Grazie.

  10. Hi Ann,

    Very pretty! I love Fall wreathes too! This was a nice take with the white pumpkins. I’m sure your daughter will love it!


  11. Susan Horn says:

    LOVE, LOVE the pumpkin wreath!!! Found white pumpkins at Michaels.

  12. Marlene Stephenson says:

    You’ve made a beautiful wreath and what a great mom you are,i know your daughter is thrilled.

  13. Ann, Love, both of the pumpkin wreaths! I have a similar version, but with pears. Figured I could stretch it through the holidays with added greenery. Hopefully, that will work.
    Love your posts. Always so warm & inviting. Thank you for sharing!

  14. Anne…..The white pumpkin wreath is just beautiful. I did like the pumpkin wreath w/white pumpkins on the left side w/the gray and white chevron striped ribbon. Found the snowman wreath so much fun. Of all the blogs I open yours, in my opinion,
    is the BEST!!!!

  15. Donna Marie says:

    I love this wreath and pinned it with the others!!!

  16. Janet Dsuban says:

    Thank you Ann for the beautiful posting with all the wreaths. I’m in need of “fluffing” up the house too for fall, and although I don’t consider myself very good at crafts (love baking & cooking) I do feel inspired to make the white pumpkin wreath so I will go to Michael’s today and see what they have so I can “fluff” up my front door.


  17. I like your wreath much more than the WS inspiration one. Your daughter is one lucky girl to have such a talented mom.

  18. Oh, Ann, I like your version MUCH better! The WS wreath is too busy and I agree with Nancie–it has no contrast. The fact that your wreath was made for less than half price is just frosting on the cake! :-)

  19. You make it look so easy!! And it’s beautiful!

  20. what an inspiration you are. with the weather STILL so warm in California, it is hard to think FALL, but you are just the kick I need to get decorating (G)!!! XXX

  21. Beautiful wreath, Ann. The WS wreath has no contrast. Everything is So orange and So expensive! Like all the other wreath you made for your daughter. I’m especially loving your snowman wreath. I just may have to copy that one!

  22. I actually think your wreath with the white pumpkins is nicer than the more expensive one. I am also loving your snowman wreath!!!