How to Decorate with Different Kinds of Flowers

Are you wondering how to decorate with different kinds of flowers? I break it down, and explain what kinds of flowers work the best, ideas for vases & vessels, and how to add faux flowers to the mix.

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One of the things I love most about summer is being able to bring fresh flowers indoors from my garden. It took years of trial and error, but I now have many plants that provide abundant blooms. I wouldn’t call it a real cutting garden, but it’s getting close. Decorating with flowers is easy, and over the past few years, I’ve shared many ways to add garden blooms to your decor. But what if you don’t have a garden? Read on for easy flower selection ideas, tips for arranging, and much more.

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Decorating with Different
Kinds of Flowers


Decorating with Daisies

Daisies are the quintessential cutting flower. They are super easy to grow in your garden, and they’re readily available to buy at the grocery or flower stand. They last a very long time, and have a strong stem. They are white, with a happy yellow center, so they can be paired with any color, and any type of flower. If you want to grow daisies in your garden, I recommend the cultivar ‘Becky.’ Daisies are a classic addition to any garden, and bloom from early summer all the way to fall.

  • Daisies pair beautifully with hosta leaves, basil, mint, hydrangeas, wildflowers, lavender, or zinnias.
  • Since daisies have a thinner stem, they look lovely in jars and bottles. They also work well in small, short vessels.
peonies in galvanized watering can

Decorating with Peonies

Peonies are an old-fashioned and stunningly beautiful flower. In recent years, peonies have become amazingly popular, and can now be found at most grocery stores and flower stands. Depending on your growing zone, they are also a lovely addition to your garden. Peonies die down in the fall, and need a cold winter in order to bloom. Peony season is short, so when mine begin to bloom, I cut them daily so they don’t weigh down the bushes. There is something magical about a peony bloom. The colors range from white, to light pink, to magenta.

  • Peonies make a statement all on their own, but they can be mixed with any neutral colored flower, or any type of greenery. Peonies and seeded eucalyptus are a perfect pair.
  • Peony blooms are big, and the stems are thick. They need a tall and sturdy vessel such as a large pitcher, watering can, or vase.
different kinds of flowers in pitcher

Decorating with Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a summer flower, but can be found at grocery stores and flower stands year-round. Instead of being sold in bunches, hydrangeas are often sold individually, by the bloom. This allows you to highlight them in an arrangement featuring other kinds of flowers. They are also so pretty in a vessel all by themselves. There are many ways to arrange hydrangeas, but my favorite way is to place them in a tall pitcher, either on their own, or mixed with other blooms.

pitchers of sunflowers on shelf

Decorating with Sunflowers

Although sometimes regarded as an autumn bloom, sunflowers can now be found almost year-round. Decorating with sunflowers is not only easy, it adds amazing color to any room. They are a happy flower. When you look at them, don’t you see a smiley face? Sunflowers rank right up there with hydrangeas in terms of “showiness.” They make a statement no matter where they are placed. Like peonies, sunflowers are lovely on their own, but they also pair nicely with mums, eucalyptus, gerbera daisies, or berries.

  • Sunflowers tend to make the water murky, so using a vessel that you can’t see through is best.
  • Sunflowers have a thick stem and are quite heavy. To avoid the flowers falling over and out, make sure you have a very full vessel. The more flower stems, the less tipping about.
decorating with different kinds of flowers roses on coffee table

Decorating with Roses

Roses are the most dependable bloom to add to your decor…and they are always available. I cannot ever remember visiting the floral department at my grocery store and NOT finding roses. They blend with any style decor, and come in a wide array of colors and varieties. All of these traits are admirable, but the best thing about roses is that they are simply beautiful. They are the perfect choice when you are undecided, and they can stand alone, or be mixed with other kinds of flowers.

  • Roses look good in anything! Excellent choices for displaying roses are vintage blue mason jars, antique pitchers, anything silver, or tall clear vases.
pink tulips in basket on coffee table

Decorating with Tulips

Learn all about arranging tulips {HERE.}

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How to Mix Real and Faux Flowers

The key to mixing real and faux flowers is balance. A good rule of thumb is to always have more real flowers than faux. So if you plan to use three different kinds of blooms, two of them should be real, and one kind can be faux. If you only want to use two kinds of flowers, choose a real flower with a large bloom, and a faux flower with a smaller bloom. Can you tell that the tulips in the image above are not real? I’ve tried many varieties of faux tulips, and these are by far the best I’ve ever had. Another trick is to use faux greenery with real flowers. Once you have invested in the greenery, you can splurge on fresh, big, beautiful blooms.

eucalyptus sunflowers mums in pitcher

The Best Filler Choices

Many combinations of blooms need no filler at all, but you can add a whole new dimension to your flower arrangements by including greenery. Seeded, Silver Dollar, or spiral eucalyptus are always good choices. If you grow hosta plants, clip the leaves and add them to your flower bunches. Fern fronds are also another excellent choice for greenery. Filler can also come in the form of branches or berries. Curly willow and Hypericum berries are the most readily available to purchase.

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Tools for Decorating with Different Kinds of Flowers

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