Limelights and Sunflowers: A Summer Arrangement

Make a flower arrangement with Limelights and sunflowers to cheer up your space during those lazy summer days! It’s easy and so fast.

flower arrangement on vintage dresser 2022

There are periods of time during the year when our homes become a bit stale. I find that when a season is winding down, a little decor pick-me-up helps matters immensely. We are in the thick of summer right now, but we will soon be shifting our attention to fall. It’s the perfect time for Limelights and sunflowers.

sunflowers hydrangeas 2022

Gather Your Supplies

To get ready for this easy arrangement, I picked up a package of five sunflowers at the grocery. I rarely go inside the grocery store these days, but when I do, I always treat myself to a bunch of flowers. To take my sunflowers to the next level, I paired them with fresh cut limelight hydrangeas from our front yard at the Sutton Place house. After that, I chose one of my favorite tall pitchers to use as the base for this arrangement.

hydrangeas in pitcher 2022

How To Arrange

  • Gather your favorite vessel, scissors, sunflowers, and hydrangeas. If you don’t have or can’t get hydrangeas, just use any fluffy white flower that’s available.
  • Just before you place your stems in the water, give them a clean cut with scissors.
  • Add water to your vessel, and then place the hydrangea stems. (I used seven.)
  • Nestle the sunflowers in between the hydrangeas.
  • Stand back and make any necessary adjustments.
  • After a few days, prolong the life of your arrangement by giving the flowers a fresh snip, and changing the water.
sunflowers and hydrangeas in pitcher 2022

Other Vessel Suggestions

There are endless ways to arrange limelights and sunflowers. Use a pitcher with color, like pictured here, or a simple white pitcher. A clear glass vase would be lovely, or a tall cylinder vase.

tufted chair and vintage dresser with flower arrangement 2022

The thing I like best about flower arrangements like this is the pop of color. The sunflowers are like smiling faces peeking out of the hydrangeas. I placed this pitcher of flowers in our living room on Sutton Place. I could see it when I was working, or watching TV. Our home was feeling quiet and empty, and this flower-filled pitcher made such a difference. Don’t ever underestimate the power of natural elements!

sunflowers and hydrangeas in pitcher and bowl 2022

Flower arrangements don’t have to be complicated. With minimal supplies and a bouquet or two of fresh flowers, you can have a lovely addition to your decor in no time!

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  1. Such a pretty band simple arrangement. Now I just have to wait for my Limelights to bloom. They are just starting but grow quickly. Stay cool in these Dog Days of,


  2. Your flower arrangements are alway simple and so beautiful. 😁

  3. Beverly S says:

    Such a fun arrangement! AND I think I may be able to do a decent imitation 😊 Thanks, Ann!

  4. Mary Brubaker says:

    Oh I LOVE this decor. Sunflowers are my favorite and to add them to your blue and white decor is absolutely stunning. Thank you for all the wonderful tips, recipes, and beautiful photos and ideas that you share.

  5. Cathy Tally says:

    I planted two little limelights this year and they are so pretty! Love the arrangement🙌🏻

  6. This arrangement is stunning in its simplicity! Plus, it gave me an idea for a late summer tree that I am decorating!

  7. Kristine Burke says:

    Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers so thank you for the idea of hydrangea blooms and sunflowers. I faithfully read all your posts and have incorporated some of your ideas into my home. Please keep up blogging.

  8. Love how you keep flower arrangements simple with pitcher vases, just a few variety of flowers, and classic style. Thanks!

  9. Chris Jackson says:

    Love the way this looks! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Ann, thanks for the tips. I love hydrangeas!

  11. Love all of those colors together. Just beautiful. And sunflowers are such a happy flower. 💛

  12. Diane Tilden says:

    It’s great that most supermarkets have fresh flowers readily available for those of us that can’t grow them. It makes it easy to arrange a great bouquet anytime!

  13. I love this arrangement. There is nothing happier then Sunflowers, and they really pop when used with blue white. So easy and so much impact. Thank you for all your great home and decorating ideas I so enjoy.

  14. RayeLynn Fletcher Longhini says:

    Thanks for The arrangement idea. This is something even I can try to duplicate!🌞🌞

  15. Love the combination of sunflowers and limelight hydrangeas! Together they make such a happy arrangement not matter what you put them in.