Limelights and Sunflowers: A Late Summer Arrangement

Make a flower arrangement with Limelights and sunflowers to cheer up your space during those late summer days! Easy and so fast.

flower arrangement on vintage dresser 2022

There are periods of time during the year when our homes become a bit stale. I find that when a season is winding down, a little decor pick-me-up helps matters immensely. We are in the thick of summer right now, but we will soon be shifting our attention to fall. It’s the perfect time for Limelights and sunflowers.

sunflowers hydrangeas 2022

Before I got to work, I picked up a package of five sunflowers at the grocery. I rarely go inside the grocery store these days, but when I do, I always treat myself to a bunch of flowers. To take my sunflowers to the next level, I paired them with fresh cut limelight hydrangeas from our front yard at the Sutton Place house.

hydrangeas in pitcher 2022

Limelights and Sunflowers Arrangement Steps

  • Gather your favorite vessel, scissors, sunflowers, and hydrangeas. If you don’t have or can’t get hydrangeas, just use any fluffy white flower that’s available.
  • Just before you place your stems in the water, give them a clean cut with scissors.
  • Add water to your vessel, and then place the hydrangea stems. (I used seven.)
  • Nestle the sunflowers in between the hydrangeas.
  • Stand back and make any necessary adjustments.
  • After a few days, prolong the life of your arrangement by giving the flowers a fresh snip, and changing the water.
sunflowers and hydrangeas in pitcher 2022

The thing I like best about flower arrangements like this is the pop of color. The sunflowers are like smiling faces peeking out of the hydrangeas. I placed this pitcher of flowers in our living room on Sutton Place. I could see it when I was working, or watching TV. Our home was feeling quiet and empty, and this flower-filled pitcher made such a difference. Don’t ever underestimate the power of natural elements!

Flower arrangements don’t have to be complicated. With minimal supplies and a bouquet or two of fresh flowers, you can have a lovely addition to your decor in no time!



Love hydrangeas? These simple tips will keep your hydrangeas fresh and beautiful for a week or longer.

sunflowers and hydrangeas in pitcher and bowl 2022

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tufted chair and vintage dresser with flower arrangement 2022

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  1. Pamela J. Brittain says:

    love the flower combination. would never have put those together myself!

  2. Deborah D says:

    Beautiful combination. Love both.

  3. Micaela Brundage says:

    Fresh flowers are my favorite decoration!

  4. Sunflowers are so bright and cheery, love them in pitchers.

  5. So pretty! I never would have thought of that combo.

  6. Beverly S says:

    Such a fun arrangement! AND I think I may be able to do a decent imitation 😊 Thanks, Ann!

  7. Here in the deep south, we love our hydrangeas!

  8. Kathy Hines says:

    Always love your articles! So beautiful

  9. Waiting for my limelights to bloom!

  10. Eileen Sumner says:

    Just gorgeous!

  11. Mary Brubaker says:

    Oh I LOVE this decor. Sunflowers are my favorite and to add them to your blue and white decor is absolutely stunning. Thank you for all the wonderful tips, recipes, and beautiful photos and ideas that you share.

  12. Cathy Tally says:

    I planted two little limelights this year and they are so pretty! Love the arrangement🙌🏻

  13. This arrangement is stunning in its simplicity! Plus, it gave me an idea for a late summer tree that I am decorating!

  14. Michele W. says:

    The flowers are beautiful…..and truly brighten a room and lift our spirits!

  15. I love Blue Plates!! I’ve been collecting them for years and I’m really happy to see them used in home decor in 2022!

  16. Thanks for the great ideas!

  17. Limelights are my favorite!

  18. Theresa Steely Ellison says:

    Love blue and whit deco!

  19. I love sunflowers. I plant a variety to put in arrangements and I even share some with the birds and squirrels.

  20. So beautiful displayed in the blue and white pitchers! 🌿💙🌿

  21. Hydrangeas are one of my favorite things!

  22. Absolutely Beautiful! A Ray of Sun-flowers!

  23. Georgia Bingham says:

    Love when the hydrangeas are blooming. Can’t wait to cut some down. Thanks for the advice on keeping them happy!


  24. I live in Central Florida and would love to have limelights. I have a couple of mophead hydrangeas which do really well. But the flowers on limelights are just beautiful.

  25. Thank you so much for all the lovely flower hints and tips. I have successfully been able to dry my strawberry and blue hydrangeas. The delightful arrangements help carry me through our long winters.

  26. Kristine Burke says:

    Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers so thank you for the idea of hydrangea blooms and sunflowers. I faithfully read all your posts and have incorporated some of your ideas into my home. Please keep up blogging.

  27. Pat Hatter says:

    These flowers are so fresh for summer & certainly freshen up a room!

  28. Gena Fausel says:

    Limelight hydrangeas are beautiful. Beautiful cut flowers, beautiful in your flower gardens.

  29. Alisha M. says:

    Beautiful! And I love your tips on the “Secrets to Long
    Lasting Cut Hydrangeas.” I hope to be able to give it a try soon.

  30. Love how you keep flower arrangements simple with pitcher vases, just a few variety of flowers, and classic style. Thanks!

  31. Chris Jackson says:

    Love the way this looks! Thanks for the inspiration!

  32. Ann, thanks for the tips. I love hydrangeas!

  33. Love all of those colors together. Just beautiful. And sunflowers are such a happy flower. 💛

  34. The yellow, blue, and limelight together is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your tips on keeping the limelights fresh.

  35. Oh those limelights are so beautiful! They remind me of my dad who also had a knack for gorgeous flowers. They look very nice with your sunflowers!

  36. Such a sweet and simple bouquet. :)

  37. Cheryl D Foley says:

    Two of my favorite flowers😍🌻So pretty!

  38. Limelight’s are so beautiful, I have to keep mine in pots here in Virginia, too many deer!
    The sunflowers make a perfect combo that I would not have thought of, and they are easy to grow!

  39. gail w turner says:

    Gorgeous!! Wish the deer would stop having lunch at my one lone limelight, though. lol

  40. Fresh flowers are a must. I pick them up as often as I can to brighten the indoors!

  41. A simple, yet beautiful, arrangement! Yellow and blue are my favorite colors.

  42. EVA SHARP says:

    Really love all your ideas and recipes I have tryed may of them the best one was the strawberry butter on waffles oh my!!!!!!…..
    Love your home and have been incorporating neutral in mine……

  43. This is so perfect and simple! Great idea to brighten up the room

  44. Diane Tilden says:

    It’s great that most supermarkets have fresh flowers readily available for those of us that can’t grow them. It makes it easy to arrange a great bouquet anytime!

  45. Judy Cline says:

    Love the mix of the blue with the sunflowers. Sunflowers make me happy 😊!

  46. Janet Skokowski says:

    Beautiful! I love the brightness of sunflowers! I have the traditional blue hydrangeas and oak hydrangeas. I need to add limelight to my garden!

  47. Emily North says:

    Love your blue & White

  48. If I could have sunflower arrangements year round I would!! Love them.

  49. I love this arrangement. There is nothing happier then Sunflowers, and they really pop when used with blue white. So easy and so much impact. Thank you for all your great home and decorating ideas I so enjoy.

  50. Laura Lander says:

    Great combination. Blue hydrangeas look great with plain old orange ditch lilies too

  51. This arrangement looks so cheerful and welcoming!

  52. RayeLynn Fletcher Longhini says:

    Thanks for The arrangement idea. This is something even I can try to duplicate!🌞🌞

  53. Love the combination of sunflowers and limelight hydrangeas! Together they make such a happy arrangement not matter what you put them in.

  54. Mildred Hoppe says:

    I love Limelights, I love sunflowers. Alas, another year w/o Limelights. The deer have again devoured the tops of my bushes. Guess I will have to do something to deter them next bloom season. I use sunflowers for decorating the latter part of the summer. It’s about time to pull them out for show.

  55. Sunflowers look really pretty with hydrangeas! I am trading out my Endless Summer hydrangeas for some Nikko’s due to the varieties that bloom on old and new wood (supposedly) are not always repeat bloomers. Not reliable as I look at my lush green hydrangea shrub this summer. Thank goodness I have Annabelles! They always bloom up nicely. Thanks for the tips!

  56. My hydrangeas are only a few years old but I noticed recently that rain seems to affect some blooms more than others.
    When I looked closer, I realized that by cutting off blooms mid-branch, I have created branches that sub-divide, looking rather like a hand on the end of an arm.
    When each of the “fingers” on that branch grow a flower at their tip, that branch is much heavier than the branches that start at the base and grow straight out to a bloom. Three or five wet blooms on the end of one branch are much heavier than one.
    My new plan is that any cuts I make will take the branch down to its base in the expectation that it will create a fuller looking plant of sturdy blooms.
    Happy gardening!

  57. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    5 stars
    Your flower beds are beautiful! I planted 15 limelight’s this year and the deer were very happy! I put up tomato cages and Bambi and his family went away. Not really, they ate all my figs! Finally I have 2 bushes blooming and I am so happy! Thanks for the tip about pruning. Take care!

  58. I read a great blog post by Thrifty Decor Chick on how to keep Limelights perkier longer once they are cut. She says to immerse the whole stem and head in a sink of water for 20 minutes so they can absorb the water better and stay prettier longer. It works! My Limelight bush is also drooping from rains and heavy flower heads. That is the only drawback to this beautiful shrub.

  59. Beautiful hydrangeas, one of my favorite flowers.The sunflowers just say happy !

  60. Shirl Lundstrom says:

    Love the limelights and sunflowers together. My limelight hydrangea bushes got pounded by rain several times in the last 3 weeks (which we needed here in MN). Still have enough to enjoy a few inside. In a response to a previous reader, I let my blooms dry naturally on the bush and then pick them. They are great to use in the fall and winter seasons. I even tried lightly spray painting them with various degrees of sucess!

  61. Diane LaSauce says:

    Ann, are your Limelight shedding little white flowers…not the petals but the centers? My Little Lime are superb, but drooping to the ground with all the heavy rains, but I am selling cut stems at the farmer’s market. The only downside of them indoors is the droppings for a few days.
    Do you deadhead your Limes at the end of season? Not sure what I will do this year, as when dried, the petals disintegrate altogether. Perhaps a few of your readers could share their experiences.

    1. Mine also droop after 2 dayside bringing indoors 😢