Neutral Pillows: They Don’t Have to Be Boring!

Find out my three tips for adding interest when you decorate with neutral pillows. Neutral throw pillows don’t have to be boring…they are soft, cozy, and so versatile!

neutral pillows on sofa in living room

I told you the story of why I love neutral decor a few years ago…and I’m happy to say that I am still very much in love! I took our home from bright colors and large patterns, to soft, neutral tones and very subtle patterns. One of the best decorating tricks for adding neutral colors to your decor is to use them as accents. Introduce neutral window panels, a neutral rug, or my favorite way, neutral pillows. Once you invest in a neutral pillow cover collection, you will basically be set for life. If you don’t ever wish to change it, you will be fine, because neutrals go with everything! Neutral pillows can travel from room to room to create a fresh look, and they can be mixed and matched with ease. Read on for my three best tips for adding neutral pillows to your decor. 

neutral pillow on tufted chair

How to Add Neutral Pillows to your Decor

Mix the Textures

So…what is texture? Texture is the feel or appearance of an object. In regards to fabrics and home decor, texture refers to whether or not a fabric is smooth, nubby, canvas-like, or furry. Other examples are rough and rustic wood, thick wicker, or smooth metals. When decorating with neutral pillows, it adds amazing interest to vary the textures. Mix a smooth linen fabric with rough burlap. Pair a thick chenille with a heavy cotton. Another thing that adds texture is trim. Think of fringe, tassels, or buttons as accessories for your pillows. By mixing up the textures, you can add your own personal style and charm to your space. 

neutral pillows different textures

Vary the Neutral Tones

The definition of neutral is: without color. Most people think of neutrals as soft and soothing, which they are, but they have other positive traits as well. Neutral tones are classic, and they will never go out of style. Some examples of neutrals are beige, ivory, white, gray, taupe, or black. Each of these neutral colors comes in a variety of tones, or shades. When deciding on your neutral pillow covers, choose different tones, so there is contrast and appeal. Use a light ivory along with a dark beige. Pair white with gray or khaki. Another idea for varying tones is to use a subtle, neutral pattern. A tone-on-tone stripe or plaid really makes the solid neutrals pop. 

neutral pillows on sofa

Use Different Sizes

One of the easiest ways to add charm to a neutral pillow cover collection is to use different sizes. Make sure to include lumbar pillows, square pillows in multiple sizes, and if possible, a round pillow. I know round pillows are hard to find…so if you see one, make sure to grab it! By combining different sizes, you will easily present a layered effect, which is not only pretty, it’s functional. At this point, you are probably asking how can pillows be functional? If you think they are just for show, listen to this! Lumbar pillows are helpful for back support, and square pillows offer a soft place to lay your head. I use a pillow under my feet when they are propped up on a footstool. Pillows soften hard lines of furniture, and they provide comfort. They are the perfect mix of form and function. 

pile of neutral pillows

Bonus tip for sofas and sectionals: 

To add a touch of the unexpected, use an odd number of pillows on your sofa and/or sectional. If you are a pillow minimalist, use a pair of pillows, one on each end, along with a third pillow in a different size and color tone. If you enjoy lots of pillows, include two sets, along with a fifth pillow as an accent. I follow some crazy talented home decor bloggers on Instagram, and what they do with their pillows is truly stunning. Here are some accounts to follow if you are interested:

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Neutral Throw Pillows for Your Home

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Final Thoughts

Pillows sometimes get a bad rap, but this is a post for everyone, whether you enjoy pillows or not. Even if you think they are ridiculous, the tips included here apply to all soft furnishings, no matter what color they are. If you decorate with reds and greens, it’s still important to vary the tones and textures. So take the ideas and inspiration, and apply them to your own home. Let them help make your home the perfect reflection of you. Because at the end of the day, that’s what is most important. 

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