Neutral Living Room Ideas for Winter

In this post: Easy and budget friendly neutral living room ideas that are perfect for the winter months. Includes inspiration to up your home’s cozy factor!

roses and boxwood in kitchen sink

When the holidays are over and the Christmas decorations are packed away, our homes can sometimes feel cold and bare. When I decorate for Christmas, my philosophy is the more color, the better. Not so in the winter. During the winter months I crave a calm and soothing vibe. This can be easily achieved by using neutrals throughout our main living space, which is our living room. Read on for my best neutral living room ideas.

living room ideas roses on coffee table

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Neutral Living Room Ideas

The first place I start is with pillows and throws. My newest source for super affordable pillow covers is the website H&M. I have ordered several sets of pillow covers and I have loved them all. They are very well made and the fabrics are rich and hefty. It’s wasn’t even a splurge when I ordered three new sets right after Christmas!

neutral living room with winter decor

I chose a set in linen, one in velvet, and one in a jute pattern. I can mix and match them anywhere in our home. They instantly added texture to the space and provided a serene sense of calm. The eye travels around the room easily, moving from one neutral piece to another.

neutral pillows on sofa living room ideas

I got an Amazon gift card for Christmas and it was burning a hole in my pocket, so to speak. I used part of it to buy two new ivory throw blankets for my ladder. They have a quiet design that adds texture without adding color. Plus I love that they are soft and fluffy.

living room ideas pitchers on shelves

living room ideas blanket basket ladder neutral accessories

Living Room Ideas: Natural Elements

After the pillow and throws, I turned my attention to natural elements…and that meant flowers. I picked up a bunch of roses at the grocery and paired them with boxwood from my yard.

living room ideas roses on coffee table

By using the boxwood as filler, I was able to make a dozen roses stretch to fill three pitchers. One trick that I use quite a bit is layering several pieces on a tray to make one cohesive item. It also helps to stagger the sizes of the vessels. If the pitchers were spread around the room in three different places, they wouldn’t have the impact they make all together on the coffee table. The middle sized pitcher was a Christmas gift from my son and daughter-in-law. It’s called the Milkmaid Pitcher and it’s from Farmhouse Pottery in Vermont.

roses and boxwood in pitchers living room ideas

The boxwood will last for weeks, so I’ll just have to replace the roses with fresh flowers to keep the arrangement going. I carried the boxwood over to the blanket ladder by hanging little wreaths with ribbon.

living room furniture with winter decor

Living Room Ideas: Something Shiny

A great way to get home decor items that you wouldn’t normally buy yourself is to ask for them from family for Christmas. I always do this and the honest truth is that my family is grateful for the suggestions! Like most of you, I’m rather hard to buy for and they love getting me something I actually want. They gave me the ivory ceramic garden stool and I was so excited. I’ve wanted one for a long time and I think it’s perfect!

living room ideas geometric rug neutral furniture

living room ideas ceramic garden stool beside chair

To sum things up:

  • Use pillows and throws in a neutral color
  • Add natural elements
  • Add accessories in a neutral color (side table, lamp, wall decor, etc.)
  • Gather neutral accessories together to make more of a statement (shelves, trays, etc.)

neutral pitchers on shelves living room ideas

Room Ideas: Sources

blue slipper chairs | living room rug | velvet pillows on chairs | linen pillows on sofa | jute textured pillows on sofa | basket blanket ladder | blanket ladder throws | lamps on dresser (similar) | ivory ceramic garden stool | mini boxwood wreaths | tall pitcher on coffee table | tray on coffee table (similar) | lanterns on dresser no longer available

Sofa: Chloe II in Desire Pearl from Artvan.
Chairs & footstools: Elle IV in Ferrel Doe from Artvan 

Some of you may agree that it can be a relief when the holidays are over. I enjoy the hustle and bustle, but I’m always glad to take a step back and slow down a bit. I hope you were inspired to add some neutral decor to your living spaces and cozy up for the winter months.

Reminder: Season 3 of Victoria on PBS begins Sunday, January 13th!

Until next time…

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  1. Thank-you for all of your wonderful winter decorating ideas. They are refreshing.

  2. I always love your decorating tips, Ann. I’ve ordered several sets of pillow covers since following your blog. I’ve run out of room to store them though. How do you keep yours put away between seasons? Thank you once again for your fresh ideas!

    1. Hi Jean…right now my pillow covers are in a very narrow linen closet in plastic bins. Like you though, I am overflowing. I need to figure out a better solution, and when I do, I will definitely share it here. Happy New Year!

  3. You are always such an inspiration. With an email box full of advertisements, it is always a treat to open your posts. I read them top to bottom. I have a new to me well-worn ladder. It has chippy paint and a few snags, but I love it. Do you know where you got the wire baskets you have on your ladder? I like how you have options besides blankets on display. And thank you for sharing your home and ideas.

  4. The neutral theme after the holidays is so refreshing. Thank you for the ideas and happy new year.

  5. I have a great room and a sunroom, however no formal living room. Everyone complains if I have too many pillows hanging around. They actually set them on the floor so I don’t buy or make them anymore. My girls tell me pillows are out of fashion, simplicity is in. Oh well, everything that goes out comes back in sometime.

  6. I love your neutral decor, Ann, and I noticed your beautiful sofa, because we are looking for a new one. We live in a downsized home, and neutral colors are best in our open-plan cottage. Could you give me an idea of what the fabric is? I want something light but easy to clean. I always love to visit your blog for fresh ideas!

  7. Lorri Rauscher says:

    Hi Ann..I absolutely love your Garden stool..It fits in lovely with your decor. I once again want to say that I look forward to each one of your blogs…I love that you are down to earth , that your ideas can fit with most peoples decor. We have the same style and interests..gardening especially so I love reading those blogs. You go girl !!! Oh yes ..Love yr blog about yourself and what you have accomplished… Quite amazing isnt it..❤

  8. So pretty and very soothing! I also love the royal blue chair! Thank you for the inspiration! ❤️

  9. My daughter tipped me off to H&M about two years ago so I now have a few in different colours. My favourites are the navy velvet which I picked up on sale for $7 each. Honestly they look as good as $50 cushions on sale in the homeware stores. Of course I’d like to have expensive luxurious cotton velvet but with family life these are a great buy. The secret with budget decor items is to be selective and not buy it all. Mix them with some higher end cushions and you would ever know the difference.

  10. Edna Smith says:

    I look forward to receiving your posts and always find ideas to try in my home. The winter decor you shared today makes your already-beautiful room so calming and inviting. It’s beautiful. Oh, isn’t it wonderful when your family gifts you with gift cards that you love or items for your house that you have asked for? I love that!!

  11. Charlotte says:

    Love your winter whites and cream.

  12. Very soothing. I have to comment about the boxwood. Please be careful with animals as it is toxic to them. I always enjoy your posts.

    1. Oh thanks for letting others know! I appreciate that!

  13. Your home looks so calm and inviting. Thanks for reminding me about Victoria on PBS, too!

  14. Your home is lovely, Ann. Will you share your family room some day? The last post of it I recall was the wonderful installed shelving on the sides of your doorway.

  15. Your living room is lovely, the garden stool fits perfectly.I’ve taken to paint & spray paint to repurpose the old into something new again, all with neutrals.

  16. Hi Ann, I absolutely love your decorating style and delicious recipes. It’s a pleasure to open your blog every day. Your aesthetic always makes me feel calm, cozy, and relaxed. You have such a beautiful collection of white dishes, only problem in my mind’s eye is that they are very hard to see against the neutral background. Please do not take this as a criticism, just a comment. 😉

  17. Gorgeous! Thank you for all the ideas. 😊

  18. Good Morning Ann,
    Thanks for the winter decorating ideas. Taking down our Christmas decorations always makes me a bit sad & I feel that the house looks so bare. This year I decided to decorate the livingroom using neutral colors & textures very similar to what you have in your home – fluffy throws, pine cones, & a bit of greenery. I am very happy with it. Your post though has given me a couple more ideas that I plan to use. I love the garden stool & the idea of using white roses! Thank you!
    Have a great day!

  19. Thank you so much for the tip about H&M! I had never looked at their site before. The pillow covers are so reasonable. I ordered the jute one that you got – it’s on sale for $9.99! And it’s a 20×20 pillow. Amazing. Their pillow inserts are priced so much lower than anywhere else I’ve seen. I ordered quite a few pillow covers to freshen up my family room and my husbands man cave. Great idea Ann! Thanks again for sharing.

  20. barbara kasprzynski says:

    Your garden stool is gorgeous. The perfect addition.

  21. Denise V Cox says:

    Ann, Where did you get your ladder?

  22. Ann,
    Gorgeous neutral inspiration accessories within your living room!
    I, too, l o v e all the hustle and bustle that Christmas brings! I don’t want to miss a minute of it!
    But once Christmas is over, I’m ready for soothing hues and spaces within my home decor, as well.
    Thank you for the great suggestion of adding fresh roses to boxwood in multiplies!
    Wishing you the happiest of New Year’s!
    P.S. “Mr. Ed” & I have been watching past Seasons of Victoria and are ready for Season Three’s premier!