Vintage Container Herb Garden

Inspiration for planting a low maintenance vintage container herb garden. Anything will work from a vintage bucket to an old watering can!

vintage container herb garden pin with text

Sometimes DIY projects work out just the way you imagine them in your head…and sometimes they don’t. That’s the story with my vintage container herb garden. It doesn’t look anything like all the pictures I pinned, or the lovely pictures I’ve seen in magazines. It’s a combination of enamelware, galvanized metal and random containers I collected from around the house. It’s completely different from my container herb garden from last year which is what I was going for…I guess. It’s a mismatched collection of buckets and pans that couldn’t have been planned out if I had tried!

Planting a Vintage Container Herb Garden

The first thing I did after gathering my lot of misfits was drill holes in the bottom of each one. This is the most important step in successful container gardening. I had to come to terms with the fact that my vintage enamelware was being permanently transformed into plant pots. Once I did that, I just started drilling.

drill and bucket with holes

I used fresh, fertilized potting soil and filled each container about three-quarters full. The next step is adding the herbs. This year I planted:

Lemon Basil
Chocolate Mint

I filled in with verbena and asparagus fern. Even though I had my doubts, this is how it turned out and I have to admit that I sort of like it.

vintage container herb garden on bench

I decided at the last minute to use one of the corner benches to stow the containers instead of the deck floor. We have enough seating on the deck and don’t often use the benches anyway.

antique colander white enamel bucket

Every container has a little story to go with it. The colander came from my mother-in-law’s kitchen and almost went to the Goodwill. I saved it at the last minute.

vintage container herb garden on deck

The watering can was a gift when I left my job at the school. The galvanized metal buckets were an absolute steal ($3 each) at my antique mall. The step stool was another find in my father-in-law’s garage. And so it goes…

vinrtage container herb garden antique stool

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My plant markers from last year’s garden literally fell apart. I wasn’t sure if I was going to replace them until I saw these hand-stamped garden markers on Etsy.

metal herb garden markersThey are from a shop called Monaco and the owner is from Ohio. I ordered three and liked them so much I ordered three more. They can be ordered in sets or just one at a time. I adore them. I had quite a few questions on the willow buckets. They are no longer available but if I ever find them, I will let you know.

If you are new to gardening, or are just obsessed like me, here’s a round-up of my best DIY Gardener’s Tips and Tricks. Like I say in the post, the emphasis is on the DIY. I am not an expert for sure, but over the years I have learned a few things…mostly from all the mistakes I have made!

As always, I am grateful you stopped by. Your time is precious and valuable…and I’m so glad you chose to spend some with me. See you soon!

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