Chicken Salad Fruit Plate | An Easy Summer Meal Idea

In this post: Make this easy Chicken Salad Fruit Plate for summer lunches or Sunday Suppers. It’s the perfect dinner for two or the recipe can be adjusted to feed a crowd. 

Make this easy Chicken Salad Fruit Plate for summer lunches or dinners. It's the perfect Dinner for Two or the recipe can be adjusted to feed a crowd.

There’s a bit of a back-story to this post so I’ll start with that and then move on to the recipe. When my kids were growing up, we spent countless summer days at our pool. One of the biggest treats, at least for me, was when we ate lunch there. It was such a nice change from hot dogs and peanut butter! Anyway, the snack shack menu was limited to mostly kid-friendly choices but they also served what they called a “fruit plate.” You could pick chicken salad or cottage cheese for the middle and they surrounded it with different kinds of fruit. The finishing touch was a couple of mini muffins. When we ate lunch at the pool, we always ordered a fruit plate…I would eat the middle and we would share the rest.  

Make this easy Chicken Salad Fruit Plate for summer lunches or dinners. It's the perfect Dinner for Two or the recipe can be adjusted to feed a crowd.

When my kids left the nest, and I was cooking for two, I started making fruit plates for our dinner during the summer. My husband loves them, they are easy, and fairly healthy. For years I could get the most wonderful chicken salad at my Kroger deli. Just a few months ago, they changed their recipe and now it’s not very good. In fact, we don’t like it at all. So…I decided to start making my own chicken salad. I tried to copy the old Kroger recipe and came pretty close. I’ve made it twice and both times it was delicious.

Make this easy Chicken Salad Fruit Plate for summer lunches or dinners. It's the perfect Dinner for Two or the recipe can be adjusted to feed a crowd.

Make this easy Chicken Salad Fruit Plate for summer lunches or dinners. It's the perfect Dinner for Two or the recipe can be adjusted to feed a crowd.

Easy Chicken Salad Fruit Plate

Make this easy Chicken Salad for summer lunches or Sunday Suppers. It's the perfect Dinner for Two or the recipe can be adjusted to feed a crowd.
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Servings: 2 people
Author: Ann Drake
Prep Time 30 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes


  • 2 cups diced cooked chicken I use white meat from rotisserie chicken.
  • 1/2 cup diced celery
  • 1/2 cup seedless red grapes, halved
  • 1/2 cup chopped walnuts
  • 1/2 cup light mayonnaise
  • 2 tablespoons Milk
  • salt & pepper to taste If you use rotisserie chicken, you won't need this.


  • Combine all ingredients in a large bowl and toss well. Add the 2 tablespoons milk to thin the mayo if needed. Cover and refrigerate at least one hour before serving.


To assemble the fruit plate:
  • Place a large scoop of chicken salad in the middle of a dinner plate.
  • Surround it with four different kinds of fresh chopped fruit and a muffin or quick bread slices.
  • Optional additions: hard boiled egg, fresh mini carrots, cherry tomatoes.
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I know that some people consider rotisserie chicken unhealthy and every time I include it in a recipe, I get comments about how bad it is for you. Here’s the deal…I know it’s not necessarily the best choice. BUT, we don’t eat it that often and I love the convenience of it. So if you object to rotisserie chicken, please substitute whatever kind of chicken breasts you like best.

Make this easy Chicken Salad Fruit Plate for summer lunches or dinners. It's the perfect Dinner for Two or the recipe can be adjusted to feed a crowd.

If you’ve got a busy day, these fruit plates can be made up ahead of time and stashed in the refrigerator. Just cover the plate with plastic wrap. 

For quick bread & muffin ideas to accompany your chicken salad fruit plate, click the links below. Don’t forget that most quick bread recipes can be made into muffins and most muffin recipes can be made into quick breads!

Just in case you need a reminder, here’s my take on cooking the perfect hard boiled egg.

When I write posts like this, I am tempted to feel sorry for myself and truth be told, sometimes I do. I let my mind wander and I go back to those sweet days when my kids were young…and still at home. When that happens, I let myself go there for a little while and then I shut the door. Wishing for days gone by doesn’t do anyone any good. I rearrange my thoughts and remind myself of everything I have to be thankful for. You all are at the top of that list. I am so grateful for your support and friendship…and the fact that I can fill my days writing and creating is one of the biggest blessings of all. 

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  1. 5 stars
    I sometimes think back as well – but for me I think back of my wonderful childhood and parents! That’s a long time ago. They have been gone 15 years now, and things aren’t the same without them, but, we have a wonderful daughter and son-in-law, and the best part is we have two wonderful granddaughters. We spent last evening with them – 4 hours of hamburgers, salad, and a good glass of wine. At our ages we still look “forward”, making weekly and monthly plans and enjoying ourselves as much as we can. My husband has a saying “I don’t worry about tomorrow – because if today turns out to be my last day on earth I don’t want to spend it worrying and unhappy.” Words to live by.

  2. Hi Ann!
    I love your posts and look forward to reading your newest stuff.
    This chicken salad plate looks and sounds so delicious. I can’t wait to try it.
    I am sorry that so many wrote to you complaining that rotisserie chicken is not a healthy choice to use in this recipe. Don’t they know that you are not a dietician but rather a wonderful lady sharing your recipes with us. If they don’t like using rotisserie chicken, they can substitute whatever they choose for themselves. I guess it’s true, you can’t please everyone.
    I am looking forward to trying this recipe this week!
    Thank you Ann!

  3. Beverly Branch says:

    Thanks for sharing your recipes. I’m in the mood for a chicken noodle casserole.
    And I keep chicken salad on hand quite a bit. Now that we are going into the summer season all the fruit sounds so good. We like sliced cucumbers and tomatoes with chicken salad!

  4. Mayra Bacha says:

    Hi, Ann. I am a fan of yours from the Dominican Republic. I just love everything you post, your taste is excellent in decorating your house, at the kitchen, at the garden…everywhere. I made the chicken salad recipe a month or so ago, and it was simply delicious! I did not want to eat anything else after I tasted it, so it was my main and only dish for two days! I am looking forward to repeating it this week, and planning to add some sliced olives and chopped tomatoes, what do you think? Thanks a lot for those wonderful and easy recipes!!

  5. Did you tell them at Kroger Deli that you don’t like the new chicken salad? It is important that they get that feedback from their customers so they can supply you with what you want.

  6. Nita Roush says:

    I love chicken salad and had never thinned it with milk. I may try that. It looks scrumptious.
    I think we care all subject to looking back sometimes but you’re right. Don’t get hung up back there. My hubby has Lewy Body Dementia with Parkinson features. and I sometimes long for simpler times when we could laugh and talk and enjoy our days together and our son was still young and at home. I have to leave it in the past though it I can’t be the best caregiver I can be for my hubby and remember he didn’t choose this either. He watches news in the mornings and I read your blog and other decorating and DIY blogs. It starts my day with beauty. Thank you.

  7. What a great idea! I’m saving this for my husband and I. I , too, miss those days when the kids were little and we did things like that. Back then I felt so overwhelmed, now I would give anything to go back! Think I will try this idea with my grandchildren out by our own pool and picnic table……fun, but getting in their protein too! Thanks!

  8. Ann, I wish we were neighbors……….. =)

  9. Originally I read your blog but then forgot the name. I did this three times when I finally subscribed and now it is my fav. I am diabetic and am always looking for non-carb recipes. The chicken salad plate is terrific but I would change out at least some of the fruit(to many carbs) for slices of zucinni, and other vegetables. A great recipe can be adapted and this one works great. And I didn’t know rotisserie chicken wasn’t good. Thanks for all that you share.

  10. Oh Ann…I just love a good chicken salad and fruit. Of course those little tea breads, who can resist:)

    I can so relate to missing my boys being little.. I had my kids a little later in life and they are now 25 and 29. Both away in NE for grad school.
    My oldest just surprised us and came home this past Wednesday.
    He can do a lot of his research here on the computer and we are so enjoying his company and getting a few of those more challenging projects around the house done with his help.

    So for the first time I have one of my kids home on Mother’s Day. It’s been a long time since I have been able to say that and I’m loving every single moment of it.

    How blessed we are to both have so many wonderful memories with our children that we miss them like we do.

    Happy Mother’s Day! I look forward to opening your posts every time and often reread them.

  11. I love a chicken salad and fruit plate. The only thing I do that is different is adding a little sour cream to the mayo. I poach my chicken breasts but would use rotisserie chicken if I wasn’t too lazy to drive to the grocery store. LOL! When I get in the baking mood I make quick breads and put them in the freezer to go with my chicken salad and fruit plates. Yours looks absolutely delicious.

  12. Thank you for your amazing BLOG! Bless you on Mother’s Day! I hope it brings you great joy.

  13. Thanks Ann for the chicken salad and fruit plate idea. We are also empty nesters and your comment at the end was so poignant. Same thing happens to me when I remember all those sweet years when the kids were growing up. But you are right – reminisce a bit then “shut the door”. Life is still good and I try to relish each day with gratitude and joy. Pat

  14. Laura Heywood says:

    Thank you for a sweet reminder. I had the same bittersweet experience last night and know exactly what you mean. My sons live so far away. The salad looks delicious and will be on my table soon. Thank you from a fellow Ohio lady and Happy Mother’s Day!

  15. Paula Warren says:

    I am so happy to have found your site. Lots and lots of good info. I use rotisserie chicken all the time from Kroger’s deli. After reading the recipe and seeing the comments about rotisserie chicken I was puzzled. I have not heard anything about rotisserie chicken being unhealthy. Can you please tell me why people would think this?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Paula…the comments on a previous post indicated that the additives used to preserve the chickens were unhealthy. I have never done any research, but it was also indicated that the fat content was higher as well. I love Kroger rotisserie chicken and enjoy using it in my recipes!

  16. I have been feeling the same way lately. Thank you for sharing how you shut that door but not without a bit of wistfull memories. I sure do enjoy your posts…….

  17. A wonderful story and recipe. I love “fruit plates” or what I call “cold cut plate”. Just some sliced cold meats, cottage or sliced cheese, hard cooked eggs, crackers, fresh fruit. Putting a little lettuce or spinach leaves under the cheese, cold cuts or fruit adds a nice color. Also a few cherry tomatoes is pretty. So easy and good in this hot weather.

  18. jeannette says:

    I’m with you Anne. I love the convenience of buying a rotisserie chicken! Like you we don’t have it often. I much rather pick that up that picking up a burger and fries! lol I do want to try your chicken salad. It sounds yummy :-)

  19. Anna Hatt says:

    I love chicken salad, it is one of my favorites, all year. I never cook chicken anymore, rotisserie chicken, is cooked on a spit so much of the grease drains off, don’t eat the skin. Some of us are not happy, like to complain about everything, be happy folks, life is short.

    Thanks Ann, love your posts.

  20. I think this is one of your best posts. The recipe is timely and helpful, and thank you for including your personal comment about missing the days when your children were young. I feel the SAME way, and it’s good to know I’m not alone.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Cindy…you are most definitely not alone. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!

  21. stacey avelar says:

    I love the idea of surrounding the chicken salad with fruit. I love chicken salad for its’ versatility. I like to add a squeeze of like juice when I make it with curry powder. Also a bit of finely chopped red onion. I use half mayo, half non fat Greek yogurt.

  22. Everyone of these recipes sound delicious! And I could go right down the line enjoying each one.
    But really, someone objects to rotisserie chicken? One of the best time savers out there!

    Thank you for the great ideas!

  23. Woo Hoo! Great idea for the weekend…and I have ALL the ingredients w/o having to go to the store! I’m just getting over the flu, ugh, and this comfort food will certainly assist in my improving health. Thanks so much for the recipe…and the chicken salad recipe also. It is an all time favorite, and I love trying new recipes for it.

    God Bless!

  24. This recipe is so good & so easy! I like to use toasted pecans instead of the walnuts. Delicious!

  25. Ann,
    This summer plate looks awesome and refreshing!! Thanks for sharing your recipe as well as the beautiful memories raising your children. That time flies by in the blink of an eye! I thought I was the only one that missed those days gone by! Now looking forward to the litter patter of grand children’s feet.

  26. I’m looking for a “somewhat” healthy dinners for hot weather & not too much using the oven.
    I have 5 grandchildren living with me so that’s why I said somewhat healthy. We do enough meals with hot dogs & hamburgers so I’d like a variety of meats/ meatless & with fruits & veggies.

  27. Sarah Tregre says:

    I’m always looking for a good recipe for chicken salad, so thanks. Why do folks think rotisserie chicken is bad for you?. They cook it right in front of you – no injections. I bring it home, cut it apart, and use the chicken in recipes. Just wondering…

  28. Charlene Loosley says:

    It’s comforting to hear you express a wistfulness for days gone by with, as my hubby and I call them, “the Littles”. The coolness of an early summer morning while packing a picnic lunch before heading to a favourite park is one of those summer sensations that stirs those memories for me. I’m so blessed to now have grandchildren to also make those memories with…Thanks for your wise words about not wasting our precious time wishing for the past. Love your blog!

  29. Ann, these plates look perfect for the summer lunches! I too loved Kroger chicken salad before they reformulated it. Thanks for your take on the “good” recipe for chicken salad. I will give it a try. I can relate to your wistfulness over days when the children were small. I like the quote, “God gave us memories so we may have roses in December.” It seems to apply to lots of situations. :)

  30. This is such a great idea for a summer lunch or dinner.

  31. I make my chicken salad almost the same way, with these differences: I use Miracle WHIP and sour cream for the dressing. I also use pecans instead of walnuts. I add chopped onion or green onion and a dash of curry powder and no salt seasoning. If I don’t have red grapes I substitute dried cranberries. Sometimes I add some chopped red, sweet pepper.

    1. sounds good…I use dried cherries rather than the cranberries.

  32. I make almost the same chicken salad. The one difference is I use equal amounts of mayonnaise and sour cream. It adds a nice flavor for a change.

  33. Hi Ann,

    I didn’t realize how much I loved those summer days until they were gone! I have five kids who are now all adults and in summer we spent every day at our neighborhood pool. No snack bar but the pool was such fun.

    The chicken salad looks delicious and I’m going to give it a try.

  34. Anne this is a great idea- tHank you for sharing it looks delicious.

  35. This looks like a scrumptious recipe. With temps in the 90’s, this is a perfect meal.

  36. Pat Stoughton says:

    I am definitely going to try this fruit plate with chicken salad in middle, and I love mini muffins. Thank you!!

  37. Ann, That sounds lovely. You put up some really nice recipes& you don’t seem to use ingredients that we can’t get here in England. I do like meat & fruit together.
    I do enjoy your blog& reading your reader’s comments. Just shows you are doing a great job!

  38. This sounds really good, thanks!

  39. That is a perfect meal for summer! I love it. I use to get a similar meal at our beach club. These hot, hot days, I’m always looking for a way to keep cool in the kitchen.
    I do a lot of reminiscing about days gone by too. I’m so old that I miss my grandkids when they were little too! Ha! The youngest is 16, so no babies around here. But you’re right, we can’t live in the past, but looking back lets me remember how blessed I have been.

  40. Deanna Rabe says:

    We love chicken salad with fruit, and make ours very similar to your recipe. So perfect for a meal at the end of a hot summer day!

  41. This looks yummy! I’ve been looking for a quick chicken salad recipe … I like the simplicity of yours, and will have to give it a try. Also, the fruit plate idea is wonderful for the hot summer months in SC. Thanks for sharing!

  42. Marlene Stephenson says:

    I always make my own chicken salad,my boys love it. I like the idea of adding portions of fruit and vegetables around it. Thanks Ann.

  43. Nancy Elizabeth says:

    ANN looks delicious!
    Just in time as my daughter is visiting this weekend and she will love this idea (recipe).

  44. Sheila DelCharco says:

    I love chicken salad! I like to add a bit of curry powder to mine. I have also added slivered almonds, or cashews to mine for that extra crunch. I have never heard that rotisserie chicken was bad for you!

  45. I have been looking for a good chicken salad recipe and will be making it this weekend. Plus I love the idea of the fruit plate. My husband and I are trying to eat lighter, healthier meals so this sounds like a win. Thanks for the inspiration on this hot and humid day.

  46. I used to think the best days were gone forever but now I have a granddaughter. These days are even better! Maybe your best days are yet to come.

  47. Susan Barr says:

    Thank you, Ann for this delightful post! So happy for this cold-supper idea on these hot, mid-summer days, when my imagination in the kitchen lags. Lovely story and yummy recipe. Like Joanne, I’m curious about what is wrong with rotisserie chicken, which is so convenient and well-done. I suppose if you eat the fat and skin and use the juices, there would be the extra calories, but I much prefer roasted chicken to boiled in recipes. (Just my little preference :). ) If I need a rotisserie chicken, I do try to get one near the time if was removed from the oven, so it doesn’t sit under the heat lamp too long. Love your sense and spirit which you share so generously on your blog.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      I never thought rotisserie chickens were bad for you either! Evidently they have preservatives and I agree…the skin is not healthy but I hardly ever eat it anyway. Not that I wouldn’t like to!

  48. Cookie Eddings says:

    This really works! Thanks so much for this help; many times I’ve pulled off white parts of the eggs trying to peal them.
    I love your blog and always look forward to seeing it in my inbox.
    I really enjoyed seeing your daughter & her house on your blog. I’m sure that you’ll let us know about your grandchild.

  49. I’m curious—–what is unhealthy about a rotisserie chicken that I should be aware of? This is a serious inquiry. Thank you.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Joanne…from what I’ve been told the chickens have preservatives added. They are not organically raised unless you actually buy an organic rotisserie chicken. Plus the added fat from the skin and whatever basting they roast them with. I don’t think it’s anything too bad which is why we continue to eat them!

  50. Looking forward to trying this recipe. It brings back some very fond memories. Thank you for sharing the recipe, but most importantly for “the story” that goes along with it. It is just as important to share our stories as we journey through our lives!

  51. Yum,yum this looks delicious and so pretty for a ladies luncheon. Thank you for your wonderful posts.

  52. Jane Moore says:

    The salad plate is a lovely idea…thank you for sharing it with us all! My comment, however, is directed toward the empty nest. My mother used to say she hated to see us grow up but that if we didn’t, it would mean something was wrong. When I start to get bluesy over the fact my children have grown up and are on their own, I remind myself to “smile because it happened” rather than “cry because it’s over!” I AM blessed to still have both sons living in the same city we live in.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you Jane…and you are definitely blessed to have your sons right there!

  53. Ok, you have tickled my taste buds! One of my favorites is a chicken salad plate. Yours looks beautiful and delicious. So refreshing. A restaurant here in town has always served a cranberry nut bread with their chicken salad plate. Your muffin idea is one I had not considered. See, we all need smart people in our lives! Thanks, Ann.

  54. I love chicken salad with grapes and nuts in it. This fruit and chicken salad plate looks so yummy and it is perfect for those hot summer days. I poach boneless skinless chicken breasts for 20 minutes and then cut it up for my chicken salad but your idea is a great shortcut.

  55. Lovely post as usual. Reading your posts is a happy part of my day. It feels like we are neighbors.
    Smiles and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  56. Jacque Avant says:

    Love this idea and will certainly prepare to serve tomorow. Enjoy your blog so much.

  57. Ann…I love chicken salad and thanks for your recipe!!! love your posts!!

  58. It looks delish! I sometimes get nostalgic for the “good ole days” when my babies were young. Looking back I realized they were some of my happiest despite the exhaustion. Now, when I’m tempted to get lost in that, I remind myself that there is a season for everything….enjoying my adult children is wonderful in an entirely different way. Love the season you’re in….I remind myself. Have a wonderful day, dear Ann.

  59. This is very similar to mine except I use toasted pecan pieces. Thanks for the recipe!

  60. Ann,

    I understand about missing the years when the kids were home. During that time I did not realize they were the best years. Fast forwarding to now, the empty nest is and has been a huge transition. For me, when I get teary and sad it helps to remind myself…they are happy and it is not about me. This is my coping mechanism and it seems to work most of the time. If it doesn’t work, I run the pity flag up for a few hours and let it fly then lower it and proceed. As always, I enjoy your every post!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Debbie…you sound like a very wise woman. Thank you so much for your comment!

  61. LIz @ Home and Gardening With Liz says:

    Beautiful presentation! This looks so delicious! Dried cherries are a big thing here and often used in chicken salad recipes so I am going also to try it that way. I love rotisserie chicken for the convenience. Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Ahhh dried cherries or cranberries would be wonderful. Thank you!

  62. This is perfect for hot weather…love the backstory. Had to pin it twice, once to Ensalada and once to Chicken Dishes. Pinterest is my vault of recipes and ideas.

  63. I love this idea!! And i love love rotisserie chicken!! Come on they are wonderful….and lets face it we all eat things that are alot worse for us….enjoy the summer!

    1. Ann Drake says:


  64. Ann, this looks delicious! I know exactly the chicken salad you are talking about. I’m in Indiana just a few hours from you (my daughter lived in Findlay for three years while attending graduate school) and my Kroger does not carry it anymore either. It was also a favorite at my house and we miss it too. I may try your recipe today for lunch.

  65. Chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad are all wonderful meals in the summer. With our summer weather being so hot not turning on the oven and heating up the kitchen is such a help. The chicken salad would be great for a potluck or a ladies luncheon. Plus you can also buy cut up fruit in containers at any grocery store. Makes for a delicious, easy meal. Will have to convince my husband we need to have a supper like this and the sooner the better.

  66. Helen Louise says:

    I want to thank you for this post today. The Easy Chicken Salad brings back memories of my summers as a young girl growing up in a small Kansas town. It seems more interest and effort was made to prepare light lunches back in the day, and chicken salad was almost considered elegant back then! To surround the salad with assorted fruit was wonderful to behold and your photo and comments brought it all back! I’ll be making this recipe soon and will probably be using the “dreaded” rotisserie chicken for its convenience. ; )

  67. Oh Ann – don’t we all do that ? Let our minds wander over happy memories? I think it’s natural and normal…and reminds us how blessed we are to HAVE those happy memories! Thank you for sharing this great summer salad ! With all the options you included, I could serve this a half dozen times, making it a little different each time!

  68. Thanks for our dinner tonight.We have a heat index of 104 today,perfect light meal.

  69. Lovely post Ann. Brought back lots of memories for me as well. Since we had the pool the neighborhood swam here. I made it clear fairly early in the season that we did NOT have a snack bar and if you wanted me to watch your kiddos all day, send some food. Some did, some didn’t but we often ended up with a similar lunch. Makes a great portable picnic to the lake etc. too. Thanks!

  70. Great ideas, thanks Ann! PS: Love, love, love the convenience of rotisserie chicken, not to mention the flavor!!

  71. Hello from Texas! I always enjoy your blog & your little notes/thoughts. I know what you mean about thinking back to the special times when our children were young & growing up. I reminisce just like you & then push it out of my mind & move on to other happy thoughts….otherwise, I’d cry all day! Lol!
    To those who enjoy criticizing use of rotisserie chicken or other food items, keep your opinions to yourself. if you don’t like whatever for whatever reason, don’t make it…use a substitute, & don’t give Ann grief. :)

  72. Jackie Stewart says:

    Thank you for something new and different Ann. I can’t wait to try this!!
    I love your recipes! Simple and easy to follow and I haven’t tried any I don’t love!

  73. Have a blessed day as you bless so many of your readers and remember, we all go thru seasons in our lives. Having recently retired I am rediscovering many things from recipes to my husband and myself. Each chapter is an adventure. God bless.

  74. Thank you! I also remember the days at the pool with the kids! I wish our pool had a menu like that. I can’t wait to try your recipe for the two of us.

  75. Very hot here this week, and this will be a great dinner for tonight. Memories are wonderful, and do us all some good.

    Thanks for your wonderful stories.

  76. Sounds delish Ann! And I love your blog, you are always so honest and upfront with your thoughts. And everything you share…. I usually pin. HA! So kudos to you!

  77. Love your Blog. Chicken Salad is a favorite too in our house. In fact, I’m giving a Bridal Shower this weekend and making mini-croissants filled with Chicken Salad. I like to add chopped Fugi, Honeycrisp, or Gala Apples and Craisins too. I also toast my Walnuts then chop them. They don’t get soggy. The salad is filled with goodness.
    THanks, as always, for your wonderful posts.

  78. mattsgramma says:

    Hi Ann,
    Love your blog..thank you for all the inspirational cooking, baking, gardening and decorating ideas and recipes.

  79. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Thanks for sharing and the reminder of simple, summer dinner.
    Everything you share is great!
    I appreciate your honesty about the chicken, I AM WITH YOU.

  80. Kathleen G says:

    Haha, I use Costcos R chicken for the main meal, but also salads and enchiladas. Dare I say I love to eat the skin?:). Very versatile, made chicken soup too. We have cool dinners like yours during our long hot days.
    I just became a Grandma a few months ago, your days will be full thinking of your Grandchild and what homemade treasures you’ll make:).
    Kathleen in Az

  81. Thank you Ann, I have been craving a delicious chicken salad. I will be making this with fruits and veggies just like yours. Can’t wait for my husband’s tomatoes. I was glad to hear your home was not part of the flood area in Findley.

  82. Here’s how I feel about people commenting on mayo and the fat content or a person’s meat choice……..don’t make that recipe. Plain and simple! ???? Thank you Ann for this TERRIFIC chicken salad recipe! ????????????

  83. Margie Clements says:

    Yum Yum! That looks really good! Can’t wait to try it!

  84. This is almost the exact recipe I use except my husband likes a bit more dressing. I add some light sour cream to the mayo. It has a nice tang. I do use rotisserie chicken a lot. I usually discard the skin. It is wonderful quick chicken soup. Love your blog and now I am thinking how delicious this fruit plate will be.