Easy Neutral Winter Decor Ideas

When the holiday season is over, and the decorations are stored away, sometimes our homes can feel flat and cold. Today I’d like to share some easy neutral winter decor ideas that you can easily adapt to your own style and budget. Use what you have or maybe treat yourself and splurge on something new! Read on to find out my five favorite ways to cozy up a space for winter.

Easy Neutral Winter Decor Ideas | Inspiration to make your home cozy and inviting during the winter months. Includes metals, texture and natural elements.

Neutral Pillows & Throws

I love neutrals…and the perfect way to add them to your winter decor is with pillows and throws. They are not only perfect for winter decor, but every other season as well. For me, the perfect neutral is ivory. There are many other neutrals to choose from: white, black, gray or khaki/tan. Mix them or keep your color consistent…but pillows and throws can turn a cold, plain room into a cozy retreat.

Easy Neutral Winter Decor Ideas | Inspiration to make your home cozy and inviting during the winter months. Includes metals, texture and natural elements.

Shiny Metals

My current favorite metal is copper…but in our living room, I have mostly gold or burnished gold. I decided to stick to that color and added a few more touches throughout the room. Tassels on the lanterns, a gold bucket filled with a preserved boxwood ball, an ivory pitcher with a gold design. The stack of blue vintage books is embossed with gold. The gold velvet pillows on the sofa are the finishing touch. Other shiny metals that you can incorporate into your winter decor are silver, mercury glass or oil rubbed bronze.

Easy Neutral Winter Decor Ideas | Inspiration to make your home cozy and inviting during the winter months. Includes metals, texture and natural elements.

Natural Elements | Fresh Flowers

Nothing takes a room to the next level like fresh flowers. They instantly add charm and warmth. I have flowers inside all the time in the summer when my garden is in bloom…but in the winter I tend to let that go. When I was planning this post, I decided I wanted ivory roses. Well, of course, they were nowhere to be found. I thought I was settling on the mini carnations and hydrangeas, but they have turned out to be quite perfect. I can’t tell you how they’ve cheered me up!

Easy Neutral Winter Decor Ideas | Inspiration to make your home cozy and inviting during the winter months. Includes metals, texture and natural elements.

Candles & Lanterns

Winter days are short…and the nights are long. Adding candles to your decor can make a room glow and if you choose scented candles, you get the bonus of aromatherapy. They are a budget-friendly way to add warmth to any room.

Easy Neutral Winter Decor Ideas | Inspiration to make your home cozy and inviting during the winter months. Includes metals, texture and natural elements.


Texture is, in my opinion, essential to successful neutral decor. Without texture, a neutral space would be boring and lifeless. You can add texture in dozens of different ways, but here are my favorites:

Easy Neutral Winter Decor Ideas | Inspiration to make your home cozy and inviting during the winter months. Includes metals, texture and natural elements.

  • Chunky afghans
  • Furry throw blankets
  • Throws with tassels or fringe
  • Sisal rugs
  • Velvet, corduroy or embroidered pillow covers
  • Layers or piles of quilts/vintage blankets
  • Books stacked on tables or on shelves
  • Layered window treatments: shades, sheers, panels
  • Baskets or wicker trays

Easy Neutral Winter Decor Ideas | Inspiration to make your home cozy and inviting during the winter months. Includes metals, texture and natural elements.I’ll be back in a few days with a little more information on decorating with neutrals. Why it makes sense and how it can save you money. Why I switched from tons of color to mostly neutrals. How to get started if you want to make the switch yourself. See you then…

Here are a few more ideas for ways to cozy up your winter!

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  1. Dear Ann,
    I love all of your neutral decor. Your former colorful decor sounds just like mine was a few years ago. I then started by changing all window treatments with White Plain panels. I loved the look and have continued with painting end tables and coffee table matte white.
    So I especially have loved so many of your great ideas! Thank you for sharing with us. (And also love so many of your recipes!)
    Thanks again, Ann

  2. Faye Healey Goggins says:

    Greetings to you, Ann. I am so thankful to receive this email from you. With such uplifting topics especially now with the Holidays being over. I too have taken the decorations down and put nice things in its place. Now I am planning for my garden with lots of flowers and herbs and vegetables. Will keek in touch,
    Faye Healey Goggins

  3. Love your ideas and your blog. . . . it’s one of the few I’ve stayed with for over a year. Let me rephrase that – it is one of two that I have kept up with for a long time. I’m always able to find something helpful, practical and even thought provoking (like when you shared about the delays in working on your guest room). Your story spoke to my heart because of similar situations. Thank you for sharing.
    Really agree with your thoughts on using neutral and always enjoy seeing your living room and how you’ve refreshed it. I do have a couple of questions. Where did you find your sofa, and what is the fabric it’s covered in? Also, is this the main living area that you and your hubby “live in” daily? If so, WOW! What’s your secret? LoL If not, can you show your day to day living area sometime?
    Keep up the good work. . . . . And Best Wishes for a wonderful and blessed 2017!

  4. I so admire the look of blankets or throws hanging on the ladder. I have a short but relatively wide ladder in the basement that I will now put into use. This is the perfect time. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Lovely…it’s a breath of fresh air from Christmas. So airy and clean looking. I love everything you’ve done in this room.

  6. Barbara Harilaou says:

    I love the way you added touches of gold mixed with whites ….soft and warm winter decorating.. Beautiful

  7. Ann…so lovely. Your home is always such a treat to see.

    I’m sitting looking out the window as we have non stop snow here in Minnesota! I love the calm of winter

  8. Everything looks winter wonderful.

  9. Hi Ann: Tried the Oatmeal/Raisin cookie recipe yesterday which we are enjoying. Have printed quite a few others which I hope to try also. First must get rid of the 5 pounds I gained over Christmas and New Years!

  10. You should add to your list of textured items “soft, fluffy puppies” ???? love all your ideas, thank you

  11. Diane Smith says:

    Your living room looks lovely, as always! HOWEVER, in your Texture list, you forgot to mention having a cute little doggie on the sofa. Hey, he adds texture! ???? Love your blog!!

  12. Ann, this post came at the perfect time for me, as I just got all my Christmas decor down yesterday and am feeling rather blah about how dull everything looks right now.

    I wanted to ask you about your guest room: did you remove the tartan throws and the lovely pillows that you used in there over the holidays? I ask because I have those same pillows (although I replaced the layered flowers/poinsettias with some felt flowers of my own), and I used them on a pair of black and white buffalo plaid chairs in my living room. They give the chairs such a lift, I almost don’t want to put them away, but I fear that it might look like I overlooked something while taking my holiday decor down. Do you think they are something that could stay for the winter, or should I look for something that would have a similar impact with less holiday sparkle?

    Thanks so much! I enjoy your blog very much!

  13. Elaine Wesselman says:

    Very nice! I love your neutrals.

  14. You are reading my mind, Ann! After I commented on your last post, lamenting on how difficult it is to brighten the home after the Chistmas decorations had come down, I thought about jotting you off an email asking you specifically for ideas on neutral winter decor for the winter! Today I see this! Those pillows on your sofa are the best, along with that sweet baby schnauzer. I love the color and texture. I have a couple of large brushed antiqued bronze lanterns in my storage. I wonder if I could tape off the glass and spray painted? Candles, always the easiest and last for me to remember, thank you. You given me some things to “cook on”. I cannot WAIT for your next post!

  15. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Ann, your posts are always so great to read! Your home is beautiful. Kelly is all settled in for a nice winter nap! Such a nice dog!

    Have a great week!

  16. Love your look ! Nice job ! Your doggy loves your relaxed style too !ha!

  17. I love your winter look and you’ve inspired me to step up the neutrals in my decor as well. The touches of blue and yellow make the space both bright and cozy- Beautiful!

  18. Great Ideas Ann, I love the look of your home!

  19. I really like the look of neutrals and the addition of texture. Your rooms look so warm and inviting. And every time I see your beautiful blue rug I swoon. Just love it. Your front door color and the rug are two of my favorites things in your home.

  20. Ann, Your home looks just perfect for Winter. However you neglected to mention Kelly as a texture…furry. he seems to love the new sofa best of all..or being in the photos. Hope your walks with Kelly are getting easier..Spring will help. Jere

  21. I’ve just recently started following your blog, I love it! I totally understand the empty nest that you speak of (that’s why there’s a 20 year difference in my 2 Sons). ????
    I love everything about this post! The vase is stunning! I followed your link but didn’t see the same vase with the pattern. Can you share where you found it?

  22. I apologize Ann for calling you Yvonne, was one of those brain hic ups…

  23. Lovely as always. I love the tassels on the lanterns. Even here in Florida we cozy up in the winter, mainly because when the temps go down below 50, our houses don’t warm us like the homes further north. I also especially like that cute texture on your couch (puppy). Ha! I have admired your blue chairs before too. I need another chair in my living room. I can’t decide if I want a color like that or just a neutral.

  24. Oh, and Kelly on the sofa also adds to the warmth and texture of winter decorating! Love your post. As always, a breath of fresh air in the blog world. Happy New Year!

  25. Is your quilt ladder a barn find? If so, lucky you! If not, would you share the link?

  26. Absolutely beautiful. Can you tell us the source for the blue slipper chairs and that gorgeous sofa?

  27. Susan Hillier says:

    I do love your area rug, I know that you have shared the info on it in an earlier post, could you share again?
    I do look forward to all of your posts, and gave English muffin bread as Christmas gifts this year, what a life saver that was!! Thank you

  28. So pretty and such nice ideas. Just purchased 2 neutral embroidered pillows for the living room, and am transitioning from red/green holiday decor to green/gold/ivory/lt. tan.Thinking about getting new LR rug because the one there is a bit small. January is great for refreshing the house, thanks for the inspiration! And we just got a huge snowy “refresh” outside too. :)

  29. I think i need to add 1or 2 more things made from textile. I bought mini african violets , my substitute for fresh flowers

  30. Ann,
    You have cheered us with delightful, inexpensive décor that any of us can copy with our own creative ideas. I liked your idea of using tassels on the lanterns.

  31. Ann I luv your ideas. Luv your posts, have subscribed for a while. Such useful and adaptive ideas.

  32. Kathleen G says:

    Good morning Ann,
    My husband made a small wood bud vase for my birthday last week, so that is my new neutral in our living room. Our pop of color are two new small dog beds and blankets for little ones. Kelly looks comfy in your Winter living room. I like the gold texture too. Blessings, Kathleen in Az

  33. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Your home is always elegant and cozy. I am trying to eliminate some of my stuff if I can decide what I don’t need. Lol!

  34. Lisa Marutz says:

    You are so real, so relatable, so talented…thanks for sharing!

  35. Love you page. Great ideas and they make me smile!!

  36. Pat Stoughton says:

    In the section on textures, I love your couch. But you left out the puppy who shows texture, too! LOL

  37. After moving a year ago,I am starting to change
    over my decor to neutrals.Color can be added
    with accessories.Your home is lovely,looking
    forward to your next post on neutrals.

  38. Ann, your room is beautiful and serene. I love it! This looks like such an inviting space to sip a cup of coffee and chat with a friend. ; ) Your ideas are delightful and I’m curious to see your next post. I’m taking down my tree today and tend to decorate with snowman but I like your neutral palate instead. I will say that I enjoy the pop of green my houseplants give this time of year and see that in your design as well. Whether fake or real, they give us hope of warmer days ahead!

  39. Ellie LaJuett says:

    Love the tips! Thanks for sharing where you can purchase some of your items!

  40. KittlyLuvr says:

    I immediately spied your new ivory and gold pitcher! It’s stunning and your other suggestions are great…I am going to pull all of my ‘gold” decorative items on this snowy day and shop from my shelves for my living room. One quick question about affiliate links…if I clock on your link for a specific item but them purchase some else from the same site using your link, will you also get paid for that? And how long do the links last? I have my eye on a sisal rug but it’s out of stock in the size I need….thx!! And your room looks gorgeous!

  41. I just changed my colors for the rest of winter too. It’s always so nice to have the Christmas things put away for another year, and redecorate. Loving all your neutrals and the pooch on the sofa :)

  42. Debbie R. says:

    Ann, your decor is beautiful!

  43. I love bringing out my wooly throws in the winter. The one thing I leave up is my lighted mantel garland. It’s faux frosted greens with pinecones. It’s not Christmas, just winter. I will also leave a few snowmen around because it’s not quite time for them to melt.

  44. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Your pup adds the perfect touch!
    Does it matter to you to mix white whites with your ivory?
    Thanks for the tips. I recommend you force some paper whites. They add and are a perfect way to reach spring.
    Inexpensive, and just FUN!
    Happy New Years!

  45. You are so right. After the Christmas decoration are put away we need to change up but add dome pizzazz. Love using the neutrals. I especially love adding a metal. I’ve seen copper things in the stores and wondered how I could use. After the cold spell we are experiencing here in Alabama I will be looking for a few pieces. Thanks for always inspiring. Always look forward to our visits on Sunday morning.

    Take care

  46. Heather B. says:

    Hello Ann,
    I love waking up Sunday mornings to read your posts! Your living room is beautiful and your 5 ways to cozy up a space are practical and achievable. I am looking forward to reading how to incorporate neutrals into a home.
    Hugs, Heather