Tips for Arranging Peony Flower Bouquets

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Use these tips & tricks for arranging peony flower bouquets to easily display this beautiful flower in your home. Includes how and when to cut, types of vessels, and more.

kansas peony flower bouquets in mason jars and pitcher on kitchen counter

Peony season…a very short time of year when you can fill your home with blooms that have the power to lift your soul. The only negative thing about these flowers is the fact that they bloom for such a short period of time. Other than that, they are perfection. 

peonies and dianthus in garden with rock border 2024

When + How To Cut Your Peonies

When to cut: it’s best to cut peonies is when the bud is still tight, but some bloom color is visible. (Like in the image above.)

How to cut: take a bucket of cool water and sharp garden shears out to your peony bush. Cut low on the bush, so your stem is at least a foot long. Snip off any lower leaves, and plunge the stem quickly into the cool water. If you have ants on your peonies, see my tips HERE.

peony flower bouquets in mason jar carrier

How to Extend The Bloom Time

Unfortunately, peonies have a tendency to bloom all at the same time. In order to extend the time you have to enjoy your flowers, here are a few tricks:

  • Cut about half of your peony buds when they are still tight, but some color is showing.
  • Use sharp, clean garden shears or scissors to cut the stems. Blunt blades can crush the stem, reducing water intake.
  • Cut the stems at an angle. This increases the surface area for water absorption, allowing the flowers to hydrate better.
  • Remove any leaves that would be submerged in water when arranging the flowers.
  • Wrap the peonies loosely in damp paper towels and place them in a plastic bag. Seal the bag loosely to allow for some airflow. Store them in the refrigerator, preferably in the crisper drawer, away from fruits and vegetables.
  • Although I have never personally tried it, this method is shared all over the internet, and is met with great success.
kansas peony bloom

Mastering Peonies
Care and How
To get The
Most Blooms

Plus how to keep them upright, 4 no-fail planting suggestions, and what do do about those pesky ants!

How To Arrange Peony Bouquets

Arranging peonies is easy because they have such big blooms and sturdy stems. What follows are ideas for vessels, and tips to make your peonies last longer. Get the information in regards to the peony cultivars pictured in this post HERE.

moon river peony flower bouquet in blue mason jar

Mason Jars

Every flower looks good in a mason jar, and peonies are no exception. I especially love pink peonies in vintage blue mason jars…but any sort of jar will work. If you are making several arrangements at the same time, spread your mason jars out on your kitchen counter. Add water to each jar. Begin placing the peony stems in the jars, making sure to snip each stem on an angle. By filling the jars all at the same time, you can make sure the peonies are divided evenly, and that the stems are a good height. 

kansas peony flower bouquet in galvanized metal watering can

Galvanized Metal

Galvanized metal and peonies are the perfect pair. Any kind of galvanized metal container will work…even small buckets or watering cans. It’s a lovely example of rustic meets refined!

kansas peony flower bouquet in blue and white pitcher
Pitcher no longer available.
I also have this one that I love.
Here is another choice.


Along with mason jars, pitchers are my go-to vessels for flowers. Pitchers are a wise choice for arranging peonies due to their tall and slender design, which provides necessary support for the peony stems. The narrow opening of a pitcher helps to hold the peonies in place, and prevent them from flopping over, allowing them to stand upright. Additionally, the graceful curves of a pitcher complement the soft appearance of peonies, creating an elegant arrangement. The pitcher’s handle also adds a charming touch, and makes it easy to transport the arrangement if needed. Overall, pitchers offer both practicality and aesthetic appeal, making them one of the best vessel choices for displaying the timeless beauty of peonies.

moon river peony bloom bouquets in mason jars

Centerpiece Idea

One of the easiest centerpiece ideas ever is to group several mason jars together in the middle of your table. Try to vary the heights of the jars, and for added interest, place them on a tray. There is no right or wrong way to do this…just start by putting your vessels on the table, and move them around until you are happy with the way they look.

jan van leeuwen peony bloom bouquet in pitcher

More Tips For Perfect Peony Bouquets

  • Fill the vessel with lukewarm water. Peonies prefer tepid water rather than cold water, as it helps them open up faster.
  • Arrange peonies in odd numbers, as odd numbers tend to look more natural and visually appealing. Start with one or three focal blooms and build around them.
  • Arrange the largest and most open blooms in the center of the arrangement and gradually add smaller blooms around them, creating layers of texture and color.
  • Add some greenery or filler flowers, such as tree branches, fern fronds, or hosta leaves to complement the peonies and add depth to the arrangement.
  • Keep an eye on the water level in the vase and top it up regularly to ensure the peonies stay hydrated and fresh.
  • Place the arrangement in a cool area away from direct sunlight and drafts to prolong the life of the flowers.
  • Mist the peonies with water to keep them hydrated and fresh if they start to wilt slightly.
  • Change the water in the vase every couple of days to prevent bacteria buildup, and give the stems a fresh snip.
peonies in galvanized watering can element

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moon river peony bloom bouquets in mason jar centerpiece

Arranging peonies can be a delightful and rewarding experience, no matter what kind of vessel you choose. Whether you’re arranging peonies for a special occasion or simply to brighten up your home, the process can be both therapeutic and fulfilling. With a little creativity and attention to detail, you can create arrangements that highlight the natural elegance of peonies, reflect your own personal style, and bring a touch of nature indoors. So, gather your favorite peonies and let your creativity bloom!


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  1. Dorrine Conrad says:

    What kind of flower is the white one with the yellow inside the middle? It doesn’t look like a peony. Thank you!

    1. The cultivar is ‘Jan Van Leeuwen.’ I know it doesn’t look like a traditional peony. I found it at my local Lowe’s!

  2. Lovely, fresh ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Ann, what company sells the hand soap and cream with.the holder that you enjoy?
    I need to re order. Thanks!

  4. Beautiful as always. I love flowers, wish I could afford real ones but for now I get to enjoy fake ones. Another thing with me and flowers is that I only purchase white or lots of different shades of green, I think because both colors can go with anything around my small space.

  5. Lovely! I was blessed with an abundance but they are done now. I agree that they are perfection! Happy Memorial Day!

  6. Your photography was so lovely! I have several peonies that smell like roses; went to my daughter’s yesterday and her dark red/pink ones have almost no smell. When I am organized, I pick off those “sucker buds” to let the energy go into the big main bud. I have used plain old tomato cages to keep mine upright. I like to save the petals for pot pourri, too.

  7. Mary Kaiser says:

    I love your peonies. I have 2 plants in my garden one is 3 years old and the other I planted last year. I put tomato cages over mine and the peonies grow right up inside them perfectly. Keeps them from flopping over when they bloom, and once the leaves all come in you can’t even see the cage. It works beautifully!!

  8. Sherry Myers says:

    Beautiful, Ann! This post brought a lot of joy and beauty to this cloudy day in NC. Thank you for your time. Your dedication does not go unnoticed. I have enjoyed your blog for several years now. Your recipes have become some of my family’s favorites. Your home and design ideas have helped motivate me to keep my home warm and inviting to all who enter. Your faith shines through in your care for your readers. I’m glad to be a part of your blog family. God bless your efforts.

    1. Kathy Menold says:

      I think Peonies are my favorite flower. This spring I picked some lovely light pink ones in the marshmallow bud stage and have been able to watch them slowly open for over a week. Don’t know the variety since I got it at a plant sale with no label. I am trying,to add a few each year.

    2. What a lovely comment you made to Ann. I also follow her blog and feel so blessed to find a person that loves beauty in flowers, organization and love of keeping a beautiful home with comfort, ease and style.
      Greetings from Ontario, Canada

  9. Karla Bannerman says:

    Thank you for the peony’s chat. I read to the end, and found the best information! My peonies have always just laid their heads down, now I know what to do next spring . I’ve written down the information about trimming the small buds in my gardening journal, so next season perhaps my blooms will stand tall. 😊

  10. Love all your examples for arranging peonies in different containers. Thank you for sharing. Jean

  11. I am sitting on my deck reading this post and I have a bouquet of deep pink peonies in the exact same galvanized watering can sitting on my table. It looks exactly like the picture you posted! (Great minds think alike.) I also love to use my blue canning jars and white pitchers for flowers, especially peonies. They are my favorite flower and I am always sad when peony season ends. Thank you for the beautiful printables, I can’t wait to use them.

  12. Absolutely gorgeous. I’ve always loved peonies but have never grown them.

  13. Linette Arnold says:

    I read that bringing them in as buds will keep out the ants. It worked! I’m cutting some today as rain is on it’s way for the week!

  14. Hi Ann!
    I absolutely love all the pictures of your lovely Peonies! I’ve never grown them but I think I need to :D I didn’t realize they take so long to bloom but only last a short time. And what’s up with the ants? Anyway, they are stunning! The deep pink is so intense. I especially love the blooms in your Vintage Mason Jars! Your blooms appear to be a saturated deep pink but when I looked up the ‘Kansas’ variety it says red. I would want to grow the exact color you have. Breathtaking!

  15. I hésitate to bring in home because of the ants.
    Nowhere else but many ants in the peonies.
    Here, in Montréal, the peonies will wait…some weeks. The snow just melt.
    Like each year, I will install tomatoes cage to help the plant. I have mine for more than 30 years: white, burgundy, pink like magenta.
    Love tour photos.

  16. Lori Schmidt says:

    I also like putting one peony floating in side a glass round vase, looks like a water Lily floating and it’s great for smaller bushes that don’t produce many blooms yet.

  17. Susan Marcellus says:

    I love your blog. Thanks for all the info on Peonies.

  18. I added a yellow peony about 4 years ago and it is spectacular ! I have 5 pinks and whites from my parents house. I moved them before the house sold. They can live 75 years. Love them so.

  19. Mary Ward says:

    My mom and grandmother always told me you trim the small, extra buds off of each stem so the energy would go to the strongest bud on a stem for better flowers. I am lucky enough to have some large peony bushes from them that I now share with my daughters in their yards

  20. I love the bud trimming idea. I also cage mine in tomato cages…adds a lot of support.