Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas

Gold & white themed gender neutral baby shower ideas. How to put together box lunches plus a lovely favor idea. Includes printable tags & sources.

white box lunches with name tags for baby shower


Hosting a baby shower doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. By planning ahead and keeping things casual, you can provide your guests with an afternoon that’s fun and relaxing. My daughter and I just hosted a gold and white themed baby shower for my daughter-in-law. We stayed gender neutral, and served box lunches. Read on for all the details!

Before I go any further, I have a confession. I don’t have very many pictures. Elizabeth kept reminding me to take them, but much of the time I was just too distracted. I will do my best to explain everything and as always, if you have a question, just leave a comment. 

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Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas


I knew what I wanted the invitations to look like, so I had them custom designed by an Etsy shop called Meyer Market Designs. Bernadette is great to work with and does lovely work.

If you aren’t sure what you want, I’ve gathered a few inspiration links from that would be perfect for a gold and white themed baby shower. 


We kept the decorations simple. Two balloon bouquets for the front porch, and one tabletop bouquet for the living room. I bought several bunches of hydrangeas at Kroger, and sprinkled pitchers of them around the kitchen, living room, and dining room. 

Tip: Stop by your party store a few days before your shower. Pick out your balloons and pay for them. Ask for them to be ready at least a few hours before your shower start time. All you have to do on the day of your shower is pick them up. 

gold balloons for gender neutral baby shower

Box Lunch Supplies

The box lunches take planning, but on the day of the shower, NOTHING could be easier. We literally pulled them out of the refrigerator and set them on the dining room table. We assembled them the night before, right down to tying the bows and adding the name tags. 

gender neutral baby shower favors

We bought gold plastic flatware and coordinating napkins. The napkin was wrapped around the fork and tied with a bow. The cookies were pre-wrapped which was wonderful. The polka dot bag held two lemon mini muffins. Click HERE for the recipe.

box lunch elements

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas: Food

We stacked three plastic containers that held chicken salad, pasta salad, and fruit stars. We had help from two of my best girlfriends. One made the chicken salad, and the other made the fruit stars. What a blessing that was!

Box and supplies

Baby Shower Ideas: Drinks

We set up the drinks on my kitchen island. We served mint lemonade, Diet Coke, and water. I made large round ice cubes with these ice ball molds. They don’t melt as quickly as regular ice cubes, and they were a special little touch. 

white box lunches with name tags

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Ideas: Favor

I shared our favor idea in a previous post, Rosemary Sugar Scrub. I think everyone loved getting a special little gift as they left. 

rosemary sugar scrub baby shower favor 2021

The box lunches were a big hit with our guests. They helped make the atmosphere casual, which was what we were going for. A few of the guests weren’t able to finish everything in their box, so they packed it back up and took it home! The most important thing to me was that our guests felt welcome, and were comfortable. It was a lovely day!

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