Easy DIY Spring Decor Ideas For Your Home

Easy DIY Spring Decor Ideas for Your Home that include using color, adding fresh greenery & flowers, and of course, a few bunnies!

neutral living room dark furniture blue slipper chairs

I won’t mention again that I’ve had it with the weather…or that I would seriously pay money to see a blue sky. Instead, I’m here with a few tips on making your regular, everyday decor look refreshed for spring and Easter. In the spirit of keeping things real, I sometimes feel like all I do is show you the same old spaces, and that you must be getting dreadfully tired of them.

I then reminded myself that most of you are in the exact same position, and that you would love to refresh your spaces without completely starting over. I’m here today to help you do just that. 

neutral sofa in living room spring decor ideas

Easy Spring Decor Ideas

Pictured above is our living room looking pretty much like you’ve seen it many times before. There are, however, a few subtle changes that have brightened things up. There are lots of ways to refresh a room’s decor, but these are my favorites:

Fresh Linens
Seasonal Accessories
Coffee Table Switch-Up

spring decor ideas flowered pillows

Fresh Linens

So with these six things in mind, I did a little shopping, and then gathered a few items of spring decor that I already had. I can’t ever resist a good deal on pillow covers, and I found these lovely blue flowered beauties at Pottery Barn on sale. I also added some little blue lumbar pillows to the sofa, along with neutral linen pillow covers I used in my winter refresh.

neutral sofa with blue pillow


After I was happy with the linens, I moved on to the bookshelves. I decided to keep things extremely simple and placed fresh eucalyptus in three of the pitchers. This little bit of greenery provided interest, texture, and it broke up the all-neutral color palette. I also added a wooden bunny that I’ve had for several years. He comes out in the spring and moves around the house. He usually doesn’t get stored away until fall!

Tip: Place fresh eucalyptus in vessels with no water and it will dry beautifully.

diy spring decor ideas white pitchers on shelves

Accessories & Color

One of my favorite places to add seasonal accessories is on our antique dresser and the blanket ladder. Very small touches like the pussy willow vases and blue vintage quilts add just the right amount of color and brightness.

spring decor ideas quilts in baskets

spring flowers on coffee table

Coffee Table Switch-up With Flowers

For the coffee table, I removed the white wooden tray and replaced it with this water hyacinth tray. The woven texture compliments the stoneware pitchers filled with fresh flowers. The little urn with eggs is another nod to the Easter season. 

fresh flowers in pitchers on coffee table

Small changes can sometimes make a very big impact. When I was finished with my quick updates, I really felt much better. After the holidays, I crave quiet and neutral. By the time spring rolls around, I’m ready for a little color. Don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel when you get tired of things and need a change. Treat yourself to something new, and use what you have in different ways so your space feels fresh. 

traditional living room neutral colors spring decor

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DIY Spring Decor Ideas Sources

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One of the reasons I’m constantly refreshing our living spaces is because it makes me feel happy. It brightens my outlook on life and truly adds a fresh feeling to our home. If I let things become stale and outdated, I would be miserable.

So…if you haven’t updated your living spaces in a while, just try one small thing. I promise it will make you smile. 

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