Easy DIY Spring Decor Ideas For Your Home

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Easy DIY spring decor ideas for your home that use color, natural elements, faux flowers, fresh linens, and more.

neutral living room with set of tufted chairs

About this time every year, I get so tired of the gray skies that I would seriously pay money to see them turn blue. So to cheer myself up, and you too, I’m here with a few tips to breathe new life into your existing decor, and make it look refreshed for springtime and Easter.

I make my very best effort to always be honest, so in the spirit of keeping things real, I admit that sometimes I worry about showing you the same spaces all the time. I then remind myself that most of you are in the exact same position, and that you love to refresh your spaces without completely starting over. Not a complete makeover, but a simple update that includes spring home decor ideas featuring pops of color, pretty accents, flowers, and layers. It’s the perfect time of year to do just that.

living room with neutral colors decorated for spring

How do you decorate for spring?

Pictured above is our living room looking pretty much like you’ve seen it many times before. Nothing has changed with the background and furnishings since the day we moved in. There are, however, a few subtle seasonal changes that have brightened things up. There are many ways to incorporate spring decorating ideas, but my favorites are listed below.

neutral living room with blue accents spring decor ideas

Fresh Linens

With a simple decor refresh in mind, I did a little shopping, and then gathered a few items of spring decor that I already had. Since I don’t have curtains, I focused my fabric choices on pillows. I can’t ever resist a good deal, so when I found these lovely blue pillow covers at Walmart, I ordered them right away.

tufted chair with pillow and throw blanket spring decor ideas

They come in a set of four, so to get matching pairs, I just ordered two sets. For less than $60.00, I got 8 pillow covers! They are extremely budget-friendly, and the throw pillows add a fresh and pretty touch to the room. They really brightened up our sofa and chairs. I used two sets for this update, and I’m going to use the other 2 sets on our porch and patio. I also found a crisp cotton throw blanket that’s the perfect weight for spring and summer.

tv over mantel with spring decor and tulips

The Mantel + Faux Flowers

After I was happy with the linens, I moved on to the fireplace mantel, which is also our focal point. Since I have to work around our much-loved but huge TV, I decided to keep things extremely simple. I placed faux tulips with white blooms in my farmhouse vases. These spring flowers provide interest, texture, and I love that all the neutrals blend together.

white tulips in vases on mantel spring decor ideas

Faux Flower Tip

There are 12 faux tulips in each vase. I needed the tulips stems to be shorter for the smaller vases, so I just bent the end of the stems over. Try to avoid cutting the stems of your faux flowers when possible. That way you aren’t limited as to where you can use them.

tufted chair with blanket ladder in neutral living room

Accessories & Color

One of my favorite places to add seasonal accessories is on our blanket ladder. Very small touches like the cotton blankets, blue vintage quilt, and faux greenery in the basket take the ladder from boring to beautiful.

spring hyacinths and roses in pitcher

I also added one big and one small pitcher of fresh flowers. When I walked into Kroger and saw the purple hyacinths, there was no doubt in my mind that they were coming home with me! I added white roses and one bunch of eucalyptus. The flowers lasted for over a week, and I enjoyed every minute.

coffee table decor books with tureen spring decor ideas

Address The Coffee Table

For the coffee table, I dug out my decades-old wooden tray. I topped it with pretty books and a thrift store tureen. It literally took less than 5 minutes, and it’s a look that will last all the way through summer. If you need more inspiration, check out these coffee table decor ideas.

coffee table decor idea for spring books with tureen

Small changes can sometimes make a very big impact. When I was finished with my quick updates, I really felt much better. After the holidays, I crave quiet and neutral. By the time spring rolls around, I’m ready for a little color. Don’t feel like you have to reinvent the wheel when you get tired of things and need a change. Treat yourself to something new, and use what you have in different ways so your space feels fresh.

purple hyacinths and roses in pitcher beside chair

More DIY Spring Decor Inspiration

  • If you have dark or patterned fabric window treatments, switch them out to a light color.
  • Clear the clutter from the space.
  • Do some spring cleaning.
  • Use spring pastels: yellows, lavenders, shades of pink, light blues.
  • Decorate in layers.
  • Switch out your artwork and/or frames.
  • Cut budding or blooming branches and bring the bouquet inside.
  • Incorporate botanicals.
  • Create a vignette with moss, candles, faux Easter eggs, nests, or bunnies.
  • Place fresh or faux lemons in a bowl.
  • Freshen your bathroom with white towels, and a spring scented candle.
  • Plant spring bulbs in pots or planters.
  • Design a spring centerpiece using florals for your dining table or buffet.
  • Hang a spring wreath on your front door.
ivory tufted chair with blue pillow and throw blanket spring decor ideas
blue striped pillow with checked throw blanket on chair

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start decorating for spring?

You should start decorating for spring whenever you feel comfortable. For some people, that’s late February or early March, for others, it’s well into April. Just do what feels right!

How do you transition from winter to spring decor?

Lighten things up. Replace heavy throw blankets with lightweight cotton quilts. Use pillow fabric with brighter colors and lots of white. Add spring accents like tulips, bunnies, or birds.

two tufted chairs with blue striped pillows spring decor ideas

One of the reasons I’m constantly refreshing our living spaces is because it makes me feel happy. It brightens my outlook on life, and truly adds a fresh feeling to our home. If I allowed things to become stale and outdated, I would be miserable.

osp-single-flower cropped (1)


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So…if you haven’t updated your living spaces in a while, welcome the warmer weather by trying one small thing. I promise it will make you smile.

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  1. I love the soft blues and especially the tulips and florals.The room looks very tranquil.

  2. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Ann, I just love reading your posts! Your home is beautiful and, as usual, you do such a wonderful job with all your decor. Thanks for sharing all your ideas with us! Have a great week!

  3. Sharon McGuyer says:

    How in the world to you kee everything looking great with a fur baby in the house?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Our current home is very easy to keep clean. Hardly any dust! And Millie doesn’t shed, so that’s definitely a plus. Thank you!

  4. CarolBinTX says:

    Love the blue and white…

  5. This may well be the most timely wonderful ideas post for me ever. I am redoing my living room and your ideas here are just what I needed. I have always loved your living rooms but this post has been especially helpful. Thank you!!!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave this comment. It definitely is appreciated! ~Ann

  6. I always look forward to seeing your seasonal decorating updates! Thank you for including links to your decor….love that!

  7. Anne I have to say that your emblem of your new house at the beginning of your blog is so cute. ❤ You have incorporated your favorite color blue and greenery around the shape of your new house. Lovely. Did you paint it or was that done on yr computer. I was looking for a watering or wreath somewhere..lol. The design flows nicely and makes your blog ..You!!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thanks Lorri! I found a graphic artist who made it for me. I sent her a picture of our house. If you want the information, email me. ann@onsuttonplace.com. You get a digital print, not a hard copy. But it’s high resolution so you could have it printed someplace.

  8. Martha Middleton says:

    I love your home – it just looks stunning! You did amazing job with the decorations, I love the blue colour accents.