Simple Bathroom Decor Updates

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Use these simple bathroom decor updates to add style and function to your bathroom without a total overhaul.

simple bathroom decor updates in tiny master bath

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Up today is a little project that I’ve wanted to take care of for a long time. Last summer, when we renovated our two bathrooms, I didn’t take the projects all the way to the finish line. I stopped just short of it. We had these two new and shiny bathrooms, but for the past year, we have been using ancient bath mats, and even older towels. Part of the problem was that I honestly wasn’t sure what I wanted. So when I was asked to partner with Walmart and Gap Home, I jumped at the chance…and finally crossed that finish line.

small master bathroom sink accessories

Practicing Self-Care

Many times, we tend to let small things like this fall through the cracks. We’re all very busy, and it takes all of our focus to simply get through the day. In reality, we should shift some of that focus to ourselves. Self-care is something we all should do, and of course, it means different things to different people. Self-care isn’t selfish…it’s taking care of ourselves. Because if we don’t, what good are we to our families? At the end of the day, we need to do whatever makes us feel happy, and makes our lives better.

decor accessories in small master bathroom

The Finishing Touches

Walmart Home can definitely help accomplish this. Their product selection is amazing, easy on the budget, and anything you need for making your life better can be delivered right to your door. I am so pleased with how the Gap Home bathroom products look and feel. The towels are plush, and you can sink your toes right into the bath mats! The new sink accessories are beautiful ceramic pieces, and definitely add that spa-like feel I was going for.

It may seem like a very small thing, but finally adding the finishing touches to our small master bathroom made me feel like a million bucks! My husband and I are the only ones who use this bathroom…so I will definitely be able to enjoy and appreciate our new things. (And I can finally say goodbye to our old towels!)

gap home bath mat in small master bathroom (1)

Simple Bathroom Decor Resource Guide

Just click on the image below to go straight to the product listing.

gap home soap dish and gap home towels in small bathroom

So…if there’s a small project that you’ve been putting off, I encourage you to get it done, and check it off your list. Even if you don’t feel it falls under the “self-care” umbrella, the fact that you want to do it is reason enough. That feeling of accomplishment, no matter how small, is a wonderful gift to give yourself…and you definitely deserve it.

For detailed information about our master bathroom renovation, click {HERE.}

Until next time…

spa bath accessories from gap home walmart pin

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  1. Love the updated bathroom! That navy striped towel set is the perfect shade of navy.
    We do need to slow down, I agree…don’t forget to enjoy your great work that you do..that includes crafting and decorating your homes:0)

  2. Love the clean blue and whites. Question: is your tile stenciled?

    1. So sorry for the question. I should have followed the story to find the answer — I found your previous post on the source of items, including tile. Again, beautiful!

  3. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Love the final touches that you have added to your master bath, Ann! Just beautiful!

    It sure would be nice if our Canadian Walmarts carried all these lovely items from The Gap! I always enjoy shopping at the US Walmarts when we are in the US. We are looking forward to the day when Biden decides to open up the US border to us Canadians! Our border has been open for awhile now!

  4. What a great source. I had no idea GAP had partnered with Walmart. That great. Your selection is lovely and the bathrooms look fresh and pretty.

  5. Carol Ray says:

    It’s the details that keep me from the finish line also, but I’m getting close. I love how you finished your bathroom. I am interested in knowing where you got the wall shelves too.

    1. This is just the boost I needed…

  6. Can you please provide the source for your wall shelves in the bathroom that are above the toilet? Thank you!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      A complete source list can be found at the link to the bathroom reveal that is at the end of the post. The shelves were made by my contractor, and the brackets are from Pottery Barn. I’m not sure if they are still available or not. Thanks!

  7. Barb'ry Allen says:

    Lovely! Love Blue! Would you consider replacing kitchen counters a small project? We removed everything out of bottom cabinets, disconnected sink, pulled off old countertops, repainted the wall behind the counters, that was our “small” project. 😃

    Our daughter loves your style so much that she is on the internet with Gap Home and Walmart right now. 😉

    1. Ann Drake says:

      No! I would not call that a small project…good for you. I hope you enjoy your new counters!

  8. It’s a beautiful bathroom. Where do you hang the bath towels…before and after using?

    1. I see a reflection in mirror of hanging towel. And folded ones on shelf…????

      1. Ann Drake says:

        I use the top shelf for a few towels, and the rest are stored in our hallway bath. There’s a large, open closet in there.

    2. Ann Drake says:

      There is no wall big enough for a towel rod…so we hung hooks. 2 hooks behind the door, and 1 hook beside the shower.

  9. Lory Bernstein says:

    I just love the crisp look of navy and white. Great job!!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you…as you know, I love it too!

  10. Looks great! When I remodeled our guest bath, I loved finding just the right shower curtain (made by a woman on Etsy), towels and bath rug. Now I need to update our master bath towels. Only wish I could get them free like you!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Nanci…I didn’t get them for free. I paid for them!

  11. Terri Herman says:

    Oh just lovely! Great combination of warm and cozy colors and finishes. I finally accessorized our guest bath & powder room after living in our home for four years! It really makes a difference when it all comes together doesn’t it?