DIY Easter Bunny Nest

DIY Easter Bunny Nest | On Sutton PlaceIn my never-ending quest to renew and refresh what I already have, I’ve updated my bunny nest yet once again. My Nesting Bunny How-To from two years ago features the same bunny. Believe it or not, this little girl is still available at Hobby Lobby in a couple of different sizes. This year for my DIY Easter Bunny Nest I used one of my favorite pieces of ironstone, a large bowl from Pottery Barn. This bowl moves around my house and fits in absolutely anywhere. I placed it on my little yellow table and built the nest from the bottom up.

DIY Easter Bunny Nest | On Sutton Place1.) Begin with a bowl, basket or tray.
2.) Add a riser of some sort so the bunny sticks out of the nest. I used a plastic container turned upside-down.
3.) Cover the riser with dried grass.
4.) Around the edge of the bowl, lay bunches of silk or dried flowers. Anything will work for this. Just use what you have.
5.) Place your bunny in the center of the nest.
6.) Add some carrot bunches (available at Pier 1) for a pop of color.
7.) Add some colorful Easter eggs.

DIY Easter Bunny Nest | On Sutton PlaceFor my original nest, I added a little heart charm on a piece of twine to the bunny’s neck. It’s still there and still very cute.

DIY Easter Bunny Nest | On Sutton PlaceTo show you a few different ways to do this I played around a bit and came up with a couple of options. First is using a bunny that is a little more natural looking. This one is from Pier 1 and you saw it the other day in my spring lantern.

DIY Easter Bunny Nest | On Sutton PlaceSecond is adding a grapevine cloche to the nest with the tall bunny. It adds a natural element to the sort of unnatural wood bunny.

DIY Easter Bunny Nest | On Sutton Place(Her little necklace is turned around…oh well!)

Thanks for stopping by. My home is just about all decked out for spring. I still need to do my front porch but am waiting for a nice day. Hopefully soon that will come. Have a lovely Sunday…

Ann signature flower nosegayDIY Easter Bunny Nest | On Sutton Place

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Thoughts from my friends...

  1. says

    What a fun and versatile bunny nest! I love your ideas and wonderful and easy tutorial! Hmmmm, I just might have to pull out one of my bowls that is not being used and try this! Thank you!

  2. says

    Such a cute post….and thanks for sharing how you elevated the gorgeous bunny. I was having a blonde moment until you showed me. LOL

    and I love the grapevine cloche with Miss Bunny inside, so fun!!

  3. MarciLee says

    I have been collecting bunnies for about 4 years since my grandsons were born. I have to make a darling bunny nest this year for my big bunny, the boys will love it! I have read your blog for a couple of years, love your ideas and style!

  4. says

    Oh my, Ann! I had dubbed you “Queen of Wreaths” but now you’re “Queen of Nests, too!” I love each variation. I am almost finished with my inside decorating, but I’ve yet to do the porch. I was planning to do ti today, but it was too cold and windy here today! Will spring ever get here?

  5. Jeanette Duke says

    Ann, I just love what you have done with your bunny! I copied your bunny in the wreath last year and had it on my coffee table. This year I put it on the island in the kitchen. He just hops around all over! Lol!! Spring decorating is so refreshing.

  6. dj says

    This is adorable, as is all of your ideas. You are such an inspiration — I just placed an order at Pier1 for the carrots and the bunny!! I’ll share a photo of mine when I do it up. Thanks for the idea.

  7. says

    Cute, cute, cute!! I love the grapevine cloche especially. I have to go to Pier 1 this week so I will look for the carrots. Thanks!


    • says

      Hi Shirley! The grapevine cloche came from a farmer’s market a few years ago. Honestly, it is the only one I have ever seen. I googled it but came up with nothing. If I ever see one I will be sure to let you know. Have a good week!

  8. says

    I have the same bunny and bought those cute little carrots today at pier 1! Love it and will try it! On a side note – what is that gorgeous yellow pattern in the back ground ? Chair and pillows – just beautiful!

    • says

      Hi Karen! The print on the chairs is called Aviary by Thomas Paul. I actually got the chairs at They have an incredible collection of slipper chairs that are extremely affordable. Thanks for stopping by!

  9. says

    What a fun idea. I am definitely going to try this for sure-I love it, Ann!

    My weekly Say G’Day Linky Party is on right now and I would be thrilled if you could join in and link up this post. Please stop by and say g’day!

    Best wishes for a lovely week,
    Natasha in Oz

  10. Kris says

    So lovely Ann, love all the options. Tuesday Morning has some of the carrot bunches also. They have these larger twig type carrots that I thought were unique but I wasn’t sure how to use them. I’m sure you could find a way. Love all your ideas. Have a great week.

  11. says

    I don’t think my comment went through before…arrrgh. I said I loved your sweet little bunny in a bowl. That is a really cute idea as are the other ideas you have, too. Happy Sunday to you- xo Diana

  12. says

    That is such a cute Easter arrangement. I love how you added carrots around the grass. Seems like we have to wait a while this year for Easter to get here!

  13. Sandy says

    Ann, I have the cute bunny from Hobby Lobby on my shopping list. Thanks for sharing. Your bunny nests are adorable. Love the yellow in your living room.