Fall Dining Room Decor

Fall Dining Room Decor | Ideas and inspiration from onsuttonplace.comHello…I’m back with the hope that you have a beautiful Sunday planned and also with a few Fall dining room decor ideas. I shared a bit of this room a few weeks ago in my Fall Home Tour. My dining room is small and is mostly taken up by the table and chairs. It’s a lovely set that my husband inherited from a cousin…which might sound kind of odd but when my blog was very new I told the story of how we came to own it.

Fall Dining Room Decor | Ideas and inspiration from onsuttonplace.comAlong with the table and chairs we also got two incredible corner cabinets. I would have never been able to fit a bigger sideboard or china hutch in the room so I felt very lucky. I know dining rooms are sometimes considered wasted space. Honestly, as much as I love this room, it’s hardly ever used. That said, I can’t imagine living in a house without a dining room. So wasted space or not, I always add seasonal touches even if no one sees them but me!

Fall Dining Room Decor | Ideas and inspiration from onsuttonplace.comThis amazing boxwood wreath came from Antique Farmhouse last fall. (Just a few days ago they offered them again so if you want one you should hurry.) 

Fall Dining Room Decor | Ideas and inspiration from onsuttonplace.com

Fall Dining Room Decor | Ideas and inspiration from onsuttonplace.comThe tablescape is very simple. Pier One chargers, Walmart plates, DIY linen napkins and small plates from my wedding china. 

Fall Home Tour | On Sutton Place

Fall Dining Room Decor | Ideas and inspiration from onsuttonplace.comI love the velvet pumpkins and I will actually be sad when I have to put them away!

Fall Dining Room Decor | Ideas and inspiration from onsuttonplace.com

Fall Dining Room Decor | Ideas and inspiration from onsuttonplace.comI realized when I was editing these photos that I didn’t have a shot of either corner cabinet. The tablescape is gone and there are a few changes but I managed to get one good picture. Photographing this room is always a challenge because there just isn’t much space. I hope you enjoyed looking around!

Fall Dining Room Decor | Ideas and inspiration from onsuttonplace.com

As always, thank you for taking time out of your day to stop by.
If you are raking leaves, just keep thinking what good exercise it is! 

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  1. JUDY HORNE says:

    love your blog….looking forward to getting a pilow cover… I was wondering where you purchased your drapes for your lovely dining room

  2. Chris Johnson says:

    Your tablescape is simply charming. Where did you find the velvet pumpkins? Such an unexpected glamour. Thanks for your inspiring blog.

  3. micki clemens says:

    If I didn’t know better I would think I had written much of your blog. I love the way you think and the way you decorate. I’m glad you found such an entertaining way ( for me )to deal with empty nest. I also found it extremely difficult to deal with and it honestly took probably 5 plus years to pass
    through worst of it. You have become an entrepreneur! I’m signed on to follow your blog and thank you. Ps I quilt in my free time and am retired-happily!

  4. I’ve only just found your blog via Pinterest and I love it. I live in England and I love looking at different lifestyles. I love the look of your dining room. Mine is only 10 ft x 10 ft – now that’s small

  5. Karen On Bainbridge Island says:

    You make an excellent point that a formal dining room is a great place in a home to turn into a seasonal display space. Our house has a formal dining room space, but we have never used it in that way. I elected not to put an overhead light fixture in the center of the room, but instead have sconces and a small hanging fixture at the edge of the space in front of the window. We call the space our wine/library/game room….it has a game table with two chairs, a small settee, a chair, and a rather oversized glass fronted two piece cabinet that is used to house glassware, liquor, wine, book and collectibles. The room is painted quite dark and its has lamps on the side tables that flank the settee. We like to have a glass of wine there, read the paper, sip tea and play games. I do put in small seasonal decorative touches but generally only for fall and Christmas.

  6. Table looks wonderful, especially with the Noritake Adagio plates. That is the same e pattern as my wedding china. I alsovlove the chargers too. Keep wanting to purchase those too. I think I will just come over and enjoy your table instead!

  7. Lovely room. Perfect decor…..just enough. You do a really great job.
    Happy Fall!

  8. debbiedoos says:

    Such a pretty Fall dining room setting Ann! I would love to have dinner with you, Tom and the family.

  9. I just recently started following your blog, Ann, and I am so glad I did!!! Your home is truly lovely!! As for the dining room-I absolutely love your tablescape (your wedding china is GORGEOUS), and I’m green with envy over those corner cabinets!!!

  10. Marlene Stephenson says:

    Wonderful job,love your corner cabinet,don’t see those often,have a great day.

  11. Yvonne @ StoneGable says:

    Just so beautiful! I love your clean, not cluttered style! Well, I love your style!

  12. Just love your site!! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Peggy Zortman says:

    Your dining room is lovely. Your dining set is beautiful. You just don’t see pieces like that much.

    1. Marcia Heath says:

      I especially love the pumpkins on the silver decanters, It really says Fall season and it reminds me of home.

  14. lenda davis says:

    Love your fall decor, LOOKS so fresh and beautiful. Thanks for all the hard work you do to entertain us and give us inspiration, I have some medical problems at this time and unable to do much decor, so I enjoy all the great things you bloggers do.

  15. Jill Wendt says:

    You have a beautiful dining room. Why don’t you have breakfast or dinner in there once a week? Enjoy your beautiful set of furniture! I would love to sit at your table with my coffee and newspaper while working on the crossword puzzle.

  16. Hi Ann, Just love your dining room ideas. You put so much love in your decorating and it shows. I am so inspired with every idea! Dotti

  17. Such a beautiful and elegant Fall dining room … the fabulous place settings … velvet pumpkin … stunning vignettes! As always, so inviting, just waiting to be filled with family for the holidays.

  18. Rose@http://muchloveroseblog.tumblr.com says:

    Hi Ann-
    I think your dining room is bigger then mine.
    I am redoing it as I write this to you.
    I am using a mirror on the only wall (where my china cabinet use to be) that will be placed near the dining room but not in the dining room.
    I will be posting pictures on my blog as soon as I have completed the rooms.
    We are getting new rugs and the place is such a mess.
    Can’t wait for this to be finished.
    Have a wonderful Sunday

  19. Your dining room is just lovely, Ann, with a sense of family and tradition. It is just as a dining room should be, and I must admit that when I see this, I really miss our old house that had a traditional dining room, not the open plan we have now. It was in the center of the house, so it was used all of the time, for meals, a cup of tea with a friend, or a project with the grandkids. You have warmed my heart today with memories as well as inspiration for decorating!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you Laurie for taking the time to leave such a nice comment!

  20. Your dining room is simply gorgeous! I went back and read the post on how you acquired that set…how interesting! I’m glad you kept the original finish…but painted the interior. I inherited my MIL’s dining room set…it’s glass and rattan…not everyone’s style…but it fits in quite nicely for us. I love when family pieces can be incorporated into a home…it seems all the more special! ;)

  21. Stunning Ann!! I love the velvet pumpkin and fern in your silver champagne bucket!!

  22. Lisa Beggs says:

    Beautiful as always Anne, I love the velvet pumpkins as well. Did you make this or purchase it? I just decorated my rarely used dining room as well this past Friday evening ~ surprising how many times now that it has been “seasonally adorned”, that I make the effort to peek in and enjoy the view!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Lisa! No I didn’t make the pumpkins…they came from Hobby Lobby!

  23. Jeanette Duke says:

    Well, Ann— My husband and I will be in your neck of the woods for a few days as we begin or journey over to Niagara Falls and onto Prince Edward Island. We are going to visit some of the Amish country and a friend said we have to visit the Warther museum and button museum. This is our first trip to Ohio and we are so looking forward to it. I would love to meet you if you were close.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Jeanette! I am not close to Amish country at all…but I hope you enjoy your time in Ohio!

  24. Jeanette Duke says:

    Love your decor!

  25. Very pretty, Ann! I think your room is just the perfect size. I love the chargers, I have to check out Pier 1. And the boxwood wreath? I ordered the very small ones from AF to hang off the back of my dining chairs with ribbon at Christmas…have you seen that done? It’s precious! I have a big boxwood wreath that is now a year old and not fading or aging one bit (in spite of my not misting it with water regularly!).

    Happy Fall!

    Jane xx

    1. Ann Drake says:

      I just laughed out loud Jane…I have never misted my wreath either! I did buy some of the little wreaths but am not sure how I’m going to use them. Thanks for stopping by!

  26. Kathleen G says:

    A dining room full of family history with the warmth of your autumnal touches.

  27. The simplicity of your choices appeals to me as I tend toward simple and effective.

  28. It looks perfect! I love how you used the velvet pumpkins.

  29. Just beautiful, Ann! Your home is always so warm and welcoming. I love, love the velvet pumpkins I see everywhere! Did you make yours?

    Thanks for sharing ~ hope you have a wonderful Sunday!

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Pat…no those velvet pumpkins came from Hobby Lobby!

  30. Karen Sauzer says:

    Simple but elegant. I love all of it!

  31. Cheryl R. says:

    Ann, what a lovely room. I absolutely love your velvet pumpkins, can you tell me where you purchased them?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Cheryl…the velvet pumpkins came from Hobby Lobby!

  32. Ricki Jill Treleaven says:

    I love how simple and elegant your dining room looks. So pretty….

  33. Annn – Your table and china cabinets are classic and beautiful. I like how you pulled the captain’s chairs off to the side corner; it makes the table feel more open and inviting. I especially enjoyed reading how you came to own the your dining set; always wonderful when things you love come from your family! Kristine

  34. Penny @ The Comforts of Home says:

    Your dining room is lovely Ann. I love the table chairs and corner cabinets.

  35. As always, your dining room looks just lovely, Ann. Love the bittersweet hanging from the cupboard. I solved the problem of never using the dining room by putting in an oversized farmhouse table. Now that it looks less formal, we use it all the tme.

  36. Lindsay Eidahl says:

    What a beautiful dining room. It would be much fun to have a separate dining room to decorate!

  37. Dear Ann,
    I love your Fall dining room decor. It’s just right! It did make me a little sad to see your dining room table and chairs. I just downsized into a tiny beach cottage w/out a dining room. I had a table/chairs identical to yours. And I miss them and decorating them for the season. Its a tradeoff though as I do love my cottage by the sea. I would love to share pictures if it you’d be interested.

    I now have a lovely patio in front of the cottage where I entertain. That’s a lot of fun for me and guests. Its always a work in progress which as decorators, we always have a project or two.

    I do love the bittersweet hanging on the doors of the corner cabinet. Beautiful “sweet” touch.


    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you Paula! I think a cottage by the sea sounds lovely…I think I would even give up my dining room set for that!

  38. love your decor. I also love the velvet pumpkins but I may just have to display my collection of glass, velvet etc somewhere. I hate putting them away!

  39. Thank you so much for stating that your chargers were from Pier 1 and plates from Walmart. Years ago my family had lunch with a couple from our church who were know to be millionaires; their house was huge. She served lunch on plates that were given away as a premium at the local grocery store. She was a humble and beautiful woman.

    Sometimes I struggle that my dining room furniture is not the style I’d prefer or that my kitchen needs updating. But I’ve learned that Dave and I are the reason people come to visit, and that’s more important.

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Updated kitchens don’t make a welcoming home…your special touches do. I don’t have an updated anything in this house…not that I wouldn’t love it but I doubt it will ever happen. Work with what you have and I promise it will always be perfect.

  40. Joan Bartkovich says:

    Hi Ann!

    I just wanted to say that I am new to your site, and I really enjoy it! Your home is beautiful and I enjoy your decorating tips since many of them look like things you can pick up when outdoors! Keep up your good work!


    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you Joan and welcome to On Sutton Place!

  41. Shelley @ Calypso in the Country says:

    Your dining room is so elegant. Love the boxwood wreath and those cute pumpkins too!

  42. It all look terrific Ann, the velvet pumpkin is just splendid. We also never use the dining room, I would vote to change it to a sunroom some day, if I ever find the time.

  43. Heather B. says:

    Hello Ann,
    I love your fall decorating in your dining room. I too inherited a dining room set, but mine is from my grandmother. It is circa 1936 and I haven touched it, but after reading what you have done to your corner cupboards I am seriously considering painting it and adding glass shelves to my China cabinet like you did. I will be sure to send you a picture via facebook when I’m done. Thank you for taking risks and sharing.
    Heather in Canada

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Thank you Heather…I’d love to see pics!