Welcome Spring Early: Fresh Flowers, Color, & More

Welcome spring early with these ten ideas for your home. Easy and budget-friendly tips that use greenery, light spring colors, fresh artwork and more.

If you find yourself longing for spring, you are in the right place. I’ve gathered together my ten best ideas to welcome spring early to your home. Some of you who are in the southern states might actually be experiencing spring-like temps. Up north, we are still in a deep freeze with snow on the ground. Either way, a smattering of fresh spring colors will cheer up your space and I guarantee you will feel better!

Tips to Welcome Spring Early!

pink flowers in pitcher ways to welcome spring early

1. Add fresh flowers and foliage.

The easiest way to bring a breath of spring air into your home is with fresh flowers or foliage. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive. A simple bouquet of grocery store flowers will do the trick. I don’t have a Trader Joe’s close by, but I know they have amazing bunches of flowers for a good price. If you need some tips for arranging, just click HERE. 

baskets with lids beside neutral chair

2. Neutralize & lighten.

Lightening and neutralizing your fabrics is a great way to welcome spring. Keep the cozy factor because winter is definitely not over…but add lighter throws and pillows to give your space a fresh look. Some of us did this after the holidays, but if you didn’t, now is a great time to break out the neutrals. 

Easy Spring Project: Forcing Branches to Bloom
Photo from Satori Design for Living

3. Force blooming stems and bulbs.

It’s a little too early to do this up north, but in the south, it might be the perfect time to welcome spring by forcing blooms. You can force anything that blooms in the spring like forsythia, cherry or crabapple. I’ve only done this once with forsythia, and it was many years ago. I would love to try again this spring. If you want more details right now, visit Forcing Branches to Bloom from Satori Design for Living. 

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round forsythia wreath on blue door welcome spring ideas

4. Add a spring wreath or basket to your door.

Greet your guests and welcome spring by hanging a bright wreath or basket on your door. Choose something that adds curb appeal and shows up from the street. Yellow, white or pink are good choices. Put it up now and leave it up until summer. Click the link below for more ideas! Get all the information on our front door color {HERE.}

7 Spring Wreath Ideas

diy lemon flower arrangement on table

5. Add something yellow.

There is something about the color yellow that makes you feel happy. It’s cheerful and bright…and the perfect way to welcome spring. Adding a touch of yellow to your decor can be as easy as buying a bag of lemons and placing them in a bowl. I know they won’t last forever, but they will last quite a while. Another idea is making a lemon and flower arrangement. It will last for several days and the dose of spring colors will make you smile! Last, go ahead and splurge on a bouquet of yellow tulips. Divide them up into small vessels and you have an instant coffee table display. 

yellow and white tulips in jars

Tip: Don’t forget to use layers. Add a tray or two to corral the vessels. Your display will look more cohesive and pack a spring punch!

william morris pattern free printable quote pin

6. Change your artwork.

Changing your artwork seasonally is an easy and budget-friendly way to freshen your decor and welcome spring. Sometimes it’s even free! Make an initial investment in frames and mats, then rotate your artwork. 

Free Artwork:

lavender sachet with tag hanging on cabinet knob to welcome spring

7. Add fresh and light floral scents.

Certain scents come to mind when I think of spring. Lavender, gardenia, and lily of the valley to name just a few. Welcome spring early to your home by buying a scented candle, or making lavender sachets. My friend Lory, from Designthusiasm, gathered together 10 Ways to Use Home Fragrance. Visit her blog and get inspiration for adding a luxury touch to your home for spring. 

fruit on cakestand in kitchen welcome spring in kitchen

8. Organize and Clean.

Back in the day, spring cleaning was a big deal. Housewives all over America would wash walls and curtains, clean out closets and cupboards, and generally get their homes in order. I don’t generally do any spring cleaning, but I recently decluttered my kitchen counters, and refreshed them for spring. What a difference it made! 

tulips in ball jars to welcome spring

9. Rearrange your furniture and accessories

I don’t rearrange my furniture, but I love to move my accessories around the house. To welcome spring early, I placed a white ironstone tray on our coffee table, and topped it with flower-filled blue Ball jars. I followed my own advice, and added some yellow tulips to the white tulips and eucalyptus. For the past few weeks, my grocery store has had bouquets of tulips in all different colors. I’ve been buying them every time I shop…and it has definitely lifted my spirits, and brightened the space. 

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mini angel food bundt cakes on blue plates

Mini Angel Food Bundt Cakes

10. Lighten your menu.

Although technically not decor, my last tip is something I am trying very hard to do right now. Early spring almost always coincides with the season of Lent. It’s the perfect time to eat a little lighter and hopefully lose a few pounds. When I do this, I just feel better and that’s always a good thing. So here’s to resisting the urge to make comfort food and choosing the salad instead!

I hope you found one or two ideas that you can use to welcome spring early to your home. Thank you for your friendship and kindness…I am so grateful.