Simply Spring: A DIY Wreath

Simply Spring: A DIY Wreath | On Sutton PlaceMany of us have endured one of the worst winters on record and most of us are done with it. I for one am totally done. I thought some spring inspiration might lift our spirits and yours too. I’m sharing a tutorial on a basic DIY spring wreath. I showed you how to make a wreath last spring and it seemed to go over well so I thought I would give you all another option. 

Simply Spring: A DIY Wreath | On Sutton PlaceAt this point you are almost finished. Fluff your garlands a little and then add whatever embellishments you have on hand. I used a bird’s nest with eggs and a burlap bow. Hot glue secured the eggs in the nest and I stuck wire through it to attach it to the wreath. If you want to make a bow, just follow my tutorial on How To Make A Perfect Bow.

Simply Spring: A DIY Wreath | On Sutton PlaceI showed you the first glimpse of my pussy willows yesterday when I shared how to make DIY No Sew Linen Napkins. They have already been moved and found a new home in my rain boots. Making a rain boot vase is easy and so fast. Last year I forced forsythia and put the blooming branches in the boots. We are so far away from that at this point…it’s just not warm enough yet. I think the pussy willows are the perfect substitution. For now.

Few notes: The wreaths I used were both 22 in. The burlap ribbon is 6 in. wide. The garlands are a little pricey but I got them for 50% off at Hobby Lobby. Make sure and wait for a sale. 

Other sources: 

6 inch burlap ribbon
bird’s nest with eggs

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DIY Spring Wreaths | On Sutton Place

 Thanks for stopping by and have a perfect week.

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  1. JaneEllen says:

    HI Ann I’m new to your blog, found you on Inspiration Gallery Link Party. As soon as I saw your wreath I went into my studio and sewing room to get wreath and flowers, look for nest I want to use. Will be working on that wreath tomorrow. My flowers aren’t white but pretty delicate purple flowers I can combine with some others I got at Habitat.
    My pc has been down for almost 2 months so I’ve been missing so much inspiration. Finally got it back today, yeahoo. I’ll be one busy gal making things like crazy again. Did get alot done needed doing around this joint while on hiatus. I’m really itching to get some Spring decos in the house as I love decorating for holidays, season, whatever excuse I can some up with. Glad to find your blog and you’ve certainly inspired me. Happy Spring days

  2. Pretty, pretty, pretty! The wreath is darling, and the pussy willows in the boots? Love!

  3. mila bassett@mila's milieu says:

    Hi Ann,

    my daughter and I followed your tutorial (to a T:), and made a wreath. It came out beautifully, thanks to your clear instructions, though not as beautiful as yours, of course. But we had loads of fun, and our front door makes me smile every time I see it.

    And congratulations on your 500th post! I did not want to comment in your 500th post, because it wouldn’t be fair for me to win the wreath (as if I ever am lucky enough to win), since I already had bought all the supplies to make my own.

  4. Very lovely!!! Can I ask the reason for 2 wreaths?

    1. Ann Drake says:

      Hi Karen! I try to stack 2 wreaths for added depth. It helps make it pop off your door. It’s not necessary…just something I do. Thank you for your patience. I am finally catching up on email!

  5. I had a time of it – Brought home my stack to make the beautiful wreath. My two cats took turns jumping in and out with one finally curling up inside. Then the other played wack wack with the tape measure and the burlap ribbon, but I persevered. Of course, it’s not looking like yours because Everyone read Sutton Place and scooped up garlands of flowers and greenery at 50% off. Regardless, my wreath is beautiful and hung in such a way that no one sees the staples. Oh yes – my wreath ended up on the wall because it didn’t fit on the front door between the storm door.
    Thanks so much Ann – I had a wonderful time!

  6. Jeanette Duke says:

    I just love light and airy wreaths and this one fits the bill. So springy!! Very pretty, Ann!

  7. What a pretty wreath Ann and I love those sweet boots!!

  8. Hyacinths, both large and small, are blooming here in Colorado so your burst of inspiration came along just in time to get me off my duff to make a wreath – and instructions for a bow no less –
    Thanks Ann!!!

  9. mila bassett says:

    Ann, thanks so much for the tutorial! Your wreath is so beautiful and tasteful (as opposed to tacky, which I see around all the time). Here in Texas spring is *knocking on the door* for sure (he he). It will make a perfect Spring break activity for me and my girls. I look forward to starting this project!

  10. Lovely wreath! It looks just gorgeous with your front door…and those resin boots! Do you remember the name of your door color? I need to paint mine…and I need a stunning color! ;)

    1. Rain boots…stupid spell check!

    2. Ann Drake says:

      Donnamae the door color is Naval by Sherwin Williams. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. I love the wreath, and the color of your door is awesome! I had purchased Pussy Willow branches last Spring and had them displayed outside in a bucket. I kept water in the bucket and they grew roots. My husband planted the branches and we are waiting to see how they did. I live in upstate NY so it will be awhile yet.

  12. 74, sunny, and another pretty wreath to inspire me to bring spring inside – or on my front door. I think it’s time to give my old forsythia wreath a refresh. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Beautiful, Ann! I just love those boots!!! Your wreath is lovely and springy!!~~Angela

  14. Beautiful- and love those yellow boots! What a perfect pop against your door!

  15. Mary Alice Patterson says:

    You make the prettiest wreaths, Ann! Love this spring one too.
    Mary Alice

  16. Ann, you are the wreath queen! I love each and every wreath you make and this one is no exception! I love that it is classic and simple at the same time :) Love those boots with the pussy willow branches too!!

  17. I just discovered your blog…and love it so much I put it on the side of my blog for those who follow along. Great inspiration and I LOVE that you share your sources. Thank you for taking the time to inspire those of us who love to “prettify” their homes, but on a budget. What a lovely blog you have and I am sew pleased to have found you. XXX

  18. laura@top this top that says:

    Ann, I am afraid I would want to stare at your beautiful wreath on the door all day and not want to knock to come it!

  19. Pamela Gordon says:

    Your wreath is beautiful Ann. I need to make a new one for the front door and am finding some wonderful inspiration on here. Have a great week!

  20. Yvonne @ StoneGable says:

    Ann, another home run! The picture of the wreath on the door with the rain boots is AMAZING! It should be in a magazine! LOVE this wreath and it’s so so easy!

  21. Kelly @ Eclectically Vintage says:

    Those rain boots put a spring in my step! I can’t wait for the snow to melt so I can clip a few forsythia branches from my neighbors bushes!

  22. Lovely wreath. I plan to make up a few once we are moved into our new home. Thanks for sharing.

  23. You always have the best ideas and tutorials, Ann! Your door is ready for Spring, thanks to your gorgeous wreath! Love the burlap, branches and nest … winter will surely leave the premises now! And, the branches in your cute boots is such a fun touch! Happy to be partying with you. :)

  24. Penny @ The Comforts of Home says:

    I am heading out to Michaels today to pick up some things to make a wreath. Yours is beautiful Ann.

  25. Kim Hites says:

    The wreath looks great! I’m done with winter, too. I especially like the rain boots as vases. Thanks for the quick and easy tutorial.

  26. Shirley@housepitality designs says:

    Ann, you always have gorgeous wreaths on your doors for each season and this one is no exception…I love how you layered it with the greens and then the florals…Looks fabulous against that beautiful blue door…and must say I love those boots with the pussy willows!!!..So great to party with you today!

  27. debbiedoos says:

    Queen and master wreath maker. This is gorgeous Ann!

  28. Love the wreath, Ann and I need to add something on my door. Haven’t done a thing outside yet. I love the added cute boots.

  29. Your wreath with your bird’s nest adds the perfect touch of spring Ann! I’m wild over your blooming wellies too :)

  30. You are the queen of wreath making and this is one of my favorite. I just adore the nest and tiny eggs. Beautiful like always, Ann.