Easy Easter Dessert Ideas | A Recipe Collection

Easy Easter Dessert Ideas. A recipe collection of cakes, breads and scones to impress your Easter dinner guests. All are make-ahead, family-friendly recipes. 

Things are hopping on the blog today! I’m sharing six of my favorite (and easy) dessert ideas for your Easter celebration. These easy Easter dessert ideas are recipes the whole family will love. You can make them all the day before so they’re ready to go on Easter Sunday.

Easy Easter Dessert Ideas | A Recipe Collection of cakes, breads and scones to impress your Easter dinner guests. Make-ahead, family-friendly recipes.

The bundt cakes feed a crowd so if you choose one of those, that might be all you’ll have to make. The other recipes can be doubled if needed. I haven’t decided what I’m serving yet…I may have my family vote if I can’t make up my mind!

Mini Angel Food Bundt Cakes | Easy Easter Dessert Ideas | A Recipe Collection of cakes, breads and scones to impress your Easter dinner guests. Make-ahead, family-friendly recipes.

Mini Angel Food Bundt Cake Recipe

Lavender Lemon Bread | Easy Easter Dessert Ideas | A Recipe Collection of cakes, breads and scones to impress your Easter dinner guests. Make-ahead, family-friendly recipes.

Lavender Lemon Bread

Lemonade Icebox Cake | Easy Easter Dessert Ideas | A Recipe Collection of cakes, breads and scones to impress your Easter dinner guests. Make-ahead, family-friendly recipes.

Lemonade Icebox Cake

Fresh Strawberry Scones | Easy Easter Dessert Ideas | A Recipe Collection of cakes, breads and scones to impress your Easter dinner guests. Make-ahead, family-friendly recipes.

Fresh Strawberry Scones

Lemon 7 Up Bundt Cake | Easy Easter Dessert Ideas | A Recipe Collection of cakes, breads and scones to impress your Easter dinner guests. Make-ahead, family-friendly recipes.

Lemon 7 Up Bundt Cake

Sour Cream Chocolate Bundt Cake | Easy Easter Dessert Ideas | A Recipe Collection of cakes, breads and scones to impress your Easter dinner guests. Make-ahead, family-friendly recipes.

Sour Cream Chocolate Bundt Cake


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  1. I like Felicity’s Flowers :) Thanks so much.

  2. Thank you helping me get excited about spring! Loved an apron over at April’s site.

  3. Lynn Fowler says:

    would be thrilled with Greta`s Garden, as it is my favorite.

  4. Love April Cornell’s Felicity’s Flowers in blue! Thanks for the post, Ann-with-no-e. :-D

  5. My favorite pattern is “Folklore.” I like the more subdued pattern on this tablecloth- very pretty!

  6. Love the Greta’s Garden pattern! It’s beautiful.

  7. All of her fabrics are beautiful. My favorite is In Full Bloom, however the Christmas collection really calls to me. Love all your decorating ideas and recipes. Thanks for the great blog.

  8. I love your blog and I will be trying out some of these recipes for sure! I visited April Cornell’s site and love Felicity’s Flowers in blue/white. so many beautiful patterns! Thank you for all the inspiration you share.

  9. Sarah | She Holds Dearly says:

    Ann! These are gorgeous, I am so going to use at least one of these recipes this year!

  10. April Cornell’s site is beautiful. I want everything. My favorite pattern is the Tulips.

  11. Lauren Taylor says:

    So…i love so much on April Cornells site!! WOW ..what a great place. I found so much i love. In Full Bloom…i love Greta. I”m making a wish list. Thank you for intriducing me to such beautiful fabrics….

  12. I love both of April Cornell’s Backyard Rooster tablecloths and the Felicity’s Flowers tablecloth. I can’t decide which I like better. Great post by the way! I will definitely be making some of these treats.

  13. All of April Cornell’s linens are lovely, but I would have to say my absolute favorite is the giveaway, Greta’s Garden. I just adore the yellow and blue. So pretty. Also, I can’t wait to make your Lavender Lemon Bread and Lemonade Icebox Cake. They both look scrumptious. Thank you for sharing your recipes.

  14. kari mcmillan says:

    I have always loved your blog. So many wonderful recipes.I would love to win either gift! I really love the floral oilcloth tablecloth.

  15. I love the Tea Rose Round Tablecloth. The print would look great on my round dining room table. Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. My first and favorite choice is the Queen’s Court Paisley.

  17. Janet Lee says:

    I don’t know how you could choose, the linens are all lovely! I’d have to say that I like Greta’s Garden pattern best.

  18. Love the Greta, and Meadow!

  19. Beautiful April Cornell linens…….Love the Provence Seersucker tablecloth as well as the Queens Court; the springtime yellows and blues.

  20. Cherylbissler says:

    Difficult to pick a favorite, but once I saw Pears, I was sold. Love it!

  21. The Willa Rose pattern is strickingly beautiful especially against white. It just pops!! I love the pattern in the napkins and even the pillow. The tablecloth is fresh and I would use it through summer!!

  22. Ann I love your wonderful ideas. Thank you for sharing with us. I loved April Cornell’s beautiful tablecloths. What a great variety of beautiful choices. It was difficult for me to select only one, but my final favorite choice would be the Kashmere Paisley tablecloth. The colors are perfect for my perfect for my springtime décor.

  23. Susan Kistler says:

    Love the Peony tablecloth!

  24. Jeannie C says:

    Love the Homespun Matelassé or Aunt Gertie’s Pachwork! But they were all beautiful!

  25. Jane hoyle says:

    Love wildflower! Reminds me of my gardens. Victoria Rose is adorable too! Oh, decisions, decisions!

  26. I am really liking the simplicity of the white matelasse tablecloth; it would be a really pretty backdrop to my springy tableware that I have.

  27. Good morning Ann. I loved the April Cornell site. Everything was beautiful. I especially liked the Chickadees. Christmas called to me. Not easy in Arizona in the 90s in March. So many others as well. Thanks for introducing me to April. I’ll be making on of your desserts, maybe several, for Easter. Maybe all.

  28. Nancy Murphy says:

    What’s not to like in April Cornell collection?

    The Greta’s Garden makes me happy. Just love yellow, blue and green together.

    The recipes all look wonderful. Strawberry season is in June here so I will be making the scone recipe you shared.

    Love your blog.

  29. I love Felicity’s Flowers, but they are all beautiful. Its hard to choose.

  30. laura janning says:

    oh ann, they all look delish but that lemon lavender cake gets me everytime i see it. happy almost spring.

  31. Annette Casanova says:

    I love the Felicity’s red Simple Pleasures set. All are so beautiful. I love all your recipes and decorating. I am looking forward to trying some of the desserts soon.

  32. Ann Ellis says:

    Hello Ann,
    Love your blog, and thanks for sharing the April Cornell site!

  33. I love Felicity’s Flowers! Beautiful with my olive green dishes and black and white checked napkins!

  34. Carol Sharp says:

    Wow~ What a selection! It took me a while to pick my favorite of favorites.

    I chose Wildflowers in the end. We live in the country and every month of the summer hues of color spring up in the natural meadows of our land with the bluestem grasses and ever changing skies as a backdrop. I love to bring the outdoors in whenever possible. I pick flowers for my counters and put them in anything I can find!

    I subscribed to the site. How could I not?

  35. The desserts look wonderful! Thank you for the recipes.
    I like Felicity’s Flowers, but they are all beautiful. I have signed up for their newsletter.
    Thank you, Ann, for the opportunity of the give-away.

    Take care.

  36. The Watercolor collection is just delightful. Thank you for all you do to inspire & enlighten!

  37. Mary Gitzen says:

    Love the Warercolor colllection, especially the tulips. Also the Watergarden Collection. Beautiful!

  38. Kim Stearns says:

    Aunt Gertie’s Patchwork and Greta’s Garden are my two favorite patterns. I would love to win either prize. Planning to try your recipe for Strawberry Scones soon.

  39. MARY-ANN (FROM CANADA!) says:

    Ann, thanks for those wonderful recipes! I am going to make the Chocolate Bundt cake tomorrow. My husband loves anything chocolate!

    Also, thanks for your generous giveaway! It’s so nice. April Cornell’s linen, etc. are absolutely lovely. My favorite pattern would be “Provence Seersucker”! However, I really love Greta’s Garden, too!

    Your posts are wonderful, Ann. I always enjoy them!


  40. Jackie Stump says:

    Thank you! They are all beautiful and unique. I love the Heirloon Rise and the Wildflowet.

  41. Chryste Whisenhunt says:

    I think April Cornell fabrics are absolutely dreamy! So feminine and homey. . . Perfect addition to any home. Thank you Ann for highlighting her line – I never knew existed.
    My two favorites are the Greta’s Garden – because it goes beautifully with a quilt top I have in progress; and the Victorian Rose which would go perfect with a large painting I have of a creamy vase of flowers. The aprons are wonderful too!

  42. Tea Rose, and thank you!

  43. Cindy Steele says:

    I love Greta’s Garden.

  44. Cindy Steele says:

    I love this website and April Cornell.

  45. Willa Rose caught my eye, but it is so difficult to choose just one pattern! I love the Christmas collection and I can’t wait for my catalog to arrive (that I just requested).

  46. The April Cornell designs are beautiful and full of color. The water lily and Greta’s garden are my favorites. Can’t wait to try the dressert recipes.

  47. Laurie Bohannon says:

    All April’s prints are gorgeous, but I really like Wildflower; with the white background the variety of colors stands out. So many colors can be used with it.

  48. Candy Priddy says:

    I love all of April Cornell’s designs – clothing and home goods. I really like the Heirloom Rose collection. The pale blue background with the beautiful old roses has such a vintage look. I also love the details of the lace trim. All of her collections are so feminine and lovely, and I also love her watercolor images.

  49. Cindy Alcorn says:

    Mystic Embassy with its Suttle pattern and nice green would be a welcome to any home decor.

    1. LINDA JEWELL says:

      LOVE…..the Victorian Rose tablecloth over the Fiesta Stripe tablecloth. Those colors so vibrant are to die for.
      That’s my pic and I’m sticking to it…….
      Thank you,
      Linda Jewell

  50. All very pretty, but I would have to choose the Willa Rose ???? Very generous giveaway, thank you for the chance!

  51. Pat McLaughlin says:

    Backyard Rooster is my favorite pattern.

  52. Judy clay says:

    It’s so difficult to choose a favorite but I’m drawn to Willa Rose. I love your recipes and have tried quite a few. They are always so easy but so good.

  53. Mary Beth says:

    Oh, Ann, you recipes sound delicious and they look amazing! I can’t wait to try one or two of them for Easter.

  54. mattsgramma says:

    I think I really like “Mystic Emb” the best. Thank you for the opportunity to win a beautiful tablecloth and/or towels and napkins. I enjoyed checking out April’s site. Your recipes look delicious too.

  55. I love the Meadow pattern and Willa Rose. Love their linens.

  56. Hi Ann. I love Felicity’s Flowers and Greta’s Garden. So pretty. Thank you for all the yummy recipes and all that you do. You put a smile on my face with every email.

  57. Elaine Wesselman says:

    I am in love! I just ordered 2 pairs of tennis shoes !! They are so cute I couldn’t resist! All of her prints are so pretty. Thank you !

    1. Elaine Wesselman says:

      I also wanted to add: My Mother’s maiden name was Willa Rose!

  58. Lisa Paul says:

    Many beautiful choices but my favorite is the Wildflower tablecloth. It reminds me of Spring drives down Texas roads when lovely wildflowers blanket the fields.

  59. Carol Tellefson says:

    I like the Tea Rose pattern. Thanks for having this give away.

  60. Susan Starling says:

    I love all of the patterns but Felicity Flowers is my favorite! Thanks for the recipes they ALL sound yummy. I enjoy your blog so thank you for all your ideas, etc.

  61. Wow! There’s a lot of very pretty items on April’s site. I like the Victorian Rose and the In Full Bloom Oil Tablecloth, which would be wonderful with children! Thank you for the chance to win! Your Easter desserts look yummy and really enjoy your ideas!

  62. Debbie manno says:

    As always Ann you have the most mouth watering desserts. YUMMY!!~ Can you make them all for me please.

  63. I love the Felicity table cloth. Bright and cheerful

  64. Ann, your recipe ideas are inspiring! I’m hosting brunch this year and I think I’ll be using an idea or two!! Thank you!

  65. Sandi Berger says:

    Okay that took me down a fun rabbit hole! Thanks for introducing me to the world of April Cornell. I knew about their table linens but they certainly have much more! My top three favorites (couldn’t get it down to one!) were Mystic Emb, Luxurious Linen Jacquard, and Folklore.

  66. Great post! I am going to try the Lemon Icebox Cake! It looks yummy!

    I would like to enter your giveaway as well. Such pretty tablecloths. I really loved Felicity’s Flowers Tablecloth. I have been looking for a blue and white tablecloth. All of them are pretty.

  67. Karen Brown says:

    Felicity’s Flowers! – my favourite. Makes me believe spring is on its way.

  68. Carol Spangler says:

    Love, love, love Felicity’s Flowers. Pink/rose is for me. Thank you!

  69. Karla Withrow says:

    I really liked the Conservatory Gold pattern. So pretty!!(so sorry for misspelling on first comment)

  70. Karla Withrow says:

    I really liked the Conservatory Hold pattern. So pretty!!

  71. I love the Greta’s Garden tablecloth that is pictured on your blog. They all seem to be Greta’s Garden.
    It is absolutely spring and summery and just plain lovely.

  72. I’m in love with Felicity’s Flowers, so bright and cheery! I love it go tea towels also but torn as the chickadees are really beautiful. So generous of you give us anything in ition to all your great ideas and recipes. Thank you.

  73. Oh my! So beautiful. I love the Willa Rose and Provence Seersucker the best. I love yellow in the summer. Thanks Ann for all your great inspiration. Love your site. Have a Happy Day!

  74. Debra Norman says:

    Loved ALL of the tablecloths; however the one that I liked best was the Pear Cloth…so beautiful!!!!! Thank you for introducing me to April Cornell’s sight! I am a tablecloth fanatic!!!!! Debbie Norman

  75. I like the Homespun Matelasse Tablecloth – the pale yellow would be a great color for my blue and white dishes.

  76. Karen K from Buffalo says:

    So many pretty patterns & hard to choose only one, but I would have to say Greta’s Garden is fresh & beautiful. Thanks Ann!

  77. Thank you for the giveaway! My favorites are Greata’s Garden, (anything with colors blue and yellow is gorgeous), but I also like April’s Reef Tablecloth.

  78. Susan McMillan says:

    I love Greta’s Garden! Would look so pretty in my kitchen!

  79. Wow, hard to pick your favorite pattern, they are all so beautiful! I love the Heirloom Rose Linen and the Pears and Bluebirds the best.

  80. Ann – what a wonderful website (both yours and April Cornell)! I love the tulip pattern as it reminds me of a “Windmills and Tulips” river cruise to the Netherlands that I took several years ago. Unfortunately, I should have picked up more tulip items! I also love her snapdragon prints. So unusual and very pretty coloration.

  81. I think the Mums patterns is fun for spring and summer

  82. Penny Kafflen says:

    I love the pretty frilly nightwear! My favorite pattern for linens, etc. is BETTY. This would look amazing with my mix-and-match Fiestaware.

  83. Linda Ward says:

    I’ve always loved April Cornell…my husband is conditioned to flowers and girly things as I’m a quilter and sewer! I particularly loved the tea towels, Pears and Tree Priestess! Thanks for the chance! :)

  84. I absolutely love the Felicity’s flowers pattern!

  85. They are all so pretty, but I think I like “Gretas Garden the best!

  86. Lidy@FrenchGardenHouse Antiques says:

    Thank you for these beautiful recipes, Ann! I might make several of these, each one looks amazing. It’s a joy to be on this All Things Easter bHOME Tour with you! xo

  87. Love tablecloths use on both my tables. Really glad to find this site. Love Charlotte’s Chenille EMB. Lovely.
    Thanks again for the GREAT link.

  88. Mary Roth says:

    April Cornell’s Site has such beautiful feminine items from clothing to curtains, tablecloths to throws and quilts. I was admiring them and my husband happened to observe them and he commented that they were too girly.

  89. Vikki Erba says:

    They are all so beautiful! I do like the “Tulips” pattern tablecloth.

  90. Kathy Mollett says:

    I especially love the Queens Court but they all are beautiful!

  91. Susan Fogg says:

    All were too beautiful….but Greta’s Garden blue and yellow pattern was a hit with me!

  92. Oh my Ann I love them all. Thank you for introducing me to the site and store. Seeing you in my inbox is surely one of the favorites of my day. Hoping for some good Irish luck on the giveaways.
    Blessings to you and yours!

  93. Kerryanne says:

    All lovely recipes Ann. Personally, I can’t go past a good scone recipe and they are always a crowd pleaser. I hope you and your family have a fabulous Easter.

  94. Stephanie Rose says:

    Ann, stop! These look too delicious! I can’t even take it :)

  95. What a lovely giveaway! My choice would be the aqua Tea Rose pattern. Thanks!

  96. The Victorian Rose dress is striking and very romantic. That would be my favorite.

  97. Jill English says:

    In Full Bloom is my favorite! Can’t beat blue and yellow!

  98. Sara M Ostendorff says:

    I love all things April Cornell, though those having anything blue in them are particular favorites :-)

  99. Kathleen G says:

    Meadow Tablecloth!
    Love your recipes and thank you Ann!
    Kathleen in Az

  100. Love the Kashmere Paisley Pattern

  101. Jennifer Bennecke says:

    To choose just one favorite pattern is very difficult because I love all the patterns for various reasons! However, the one that I am drawn to the most is Jacob’s court. I love the soft colors of the yellow and gray.

  102. Greta’s Garden is my favorite! I love the floral pattern and the blue & yellow.
    The Christmas choices are really pretty too.

  103. Actually! I love the Greta’s Garden pattern! Great colors.

  104. Queens Court is my favorite!

  105. Mariann S says:

    Folklore is the one for me. It is so delicate and would highlight any kitchen or dining room and it would go beautifully with my dishes and room decor. Thanks Ann for the chance to win such a lovely prize. And thankyou also for the recipes. I have my eye on the chocolate bundt cake.YUM!!

  106. I love Filicity’ Flowers! Love…love…April’s designs. First fell in love with a flannel dress in the 70’s. I wore till it literally fell off me….then cut it up and used the bits for a wee dress for my first daughter. Then used the rest as dusters. Lol

  107. Mary Chris says:

    I would like enter the April Cornell give away.

  108. All so lovely, but my favorite color is red and Willa Rose is so beautiful to me, make me Happy ! :)

    1. forgot the “s” in makes, so excited about all the lovely items I forgot how to spell:)

  109. Janice Wurm says:

    April’s Reef Chef Apron. I really love aprons of all shapes and sizes! !!!

  110. maria kebler says:

    i love roses, and the color blue!
    so my favorite pattern is the victorian tea rose in aqua
    it was hard to choose just one, all her linens are beautiful!

  111. All the patterns are beautiful. I like Felicity’s Flowers best. You can never go wrong with floral. I will be hosting Easter dinner this year, so thank you for all the dessert ideas.

  112. Carolyn jackson says:

    I love the folklore tablecloth!!

  113. Sharon Bousman says:

    My favorite April Cornell pattern is Greta’s Garden but they are all so pretty it’s hard to choose!!

  114. Thank you for sharing April Cornell. I have never seen her website. I love Felicity’s Flowers. It has a toile feel to it, which I adore ❤

  115. Carolyn Penney says:

    I love Felicity’s Flowers!

  116. All the different patterns are lovely. I think Felicity’s Flowers in blue would go best with my dinnerware. But they are all so
    pretty. Thanks for the dessert ideas too! ;)

  117. tumbling hydrangea is beautiful… and it would match my dining room perfectly!!

  118. Sydne Bartlett says:

    I love Felicity’s Flowers! I have loved April Cornell’s beautiful fabrics and nightgowns for years!

  119. I love Greta’s Garden. The light and airy pattern is so pretty. I also like Felicity’s Flowers and Boreal Birch Birds. Heck! I like all of them. It’s hard to choose just one! Thanks for sharing her site.

  120. Karen Sauzer says:

    My favorite is Lemonade Cocktail! I’ll run right over to my dad’s house and pick some fresh lemons from his super lemon producing tree, and enjoy some homemade lemonade every afternoon at a table with this beautiful table covering!

  121. Donna Fellows says:

    I love your website with all the beautiful, fresh, romantic ideas and yummy recipes. April Cornell linens are gorgeous and would be a lovely treat on my dining table. My choice would be Felicity’s Flowers in Blue.

  122. Ann Turner says:

    Greta’s Garden is my favorite pattern!

  123. So many beautiful things! I love the MEADOW cloth the best, I think!

  124. Susan Lank says:

    I love the Rose Nouveau pattern from April Cornell. So glad you shared her website, I would have never known about her!

  125. Felicity’s Flowers has been a favorite pattern of mine for some time. It is difficult to choose one because each is so well articulated, much like a piece of art work. I am a collector of table ware and use many of my antique table cloths to enhance the setting. Love the Summer feel of Greta’s Garden as well. Who ever the lucky recipient of the gift may be, they will love the set.

  126. Victoriian Rose works for me! thank you

  127. Oh dear, hard to pick just one tablecloth! But, I’m in love with the romantic crochet cafe cloth. So pretty.

  128. Bonjour!
    Well!…. April Cornell, the queen of beautiful patterns and easy flowing clothing and homewares!! We used to have an April Cornell store not too far away, and it was heaven every time I walked in! I’ve owned many April Cornell clothing and tablecloths etc….
    My favourite pattern (for today ????) is Savannah seersucker! Happy and welcomed Spring colours, which we desperately need in this neck of the woods!
    Thank you for making me think of sunnier days ahead! And, long life to April Cornell and your blog On Sutton Place! Thank you! Marie xx

  129. They are all beautiful! Felicitys Flowers would go great with my new addition of blue dishware pieces.

  130. I love the Folklore print pattern! (Greta’s Garden is beautiful too.)

  131. Tulips are my favorite flowers . . . so I have to say I am drawn to the Tulip Tablecloth. So pretty and fresh!
    Thank you for an opportunity to enter the drawing :)

  132. Greta’s Garden is a stunner! I also like the Savannah Seersucker. Both lovely for Spring.

  133. My favorite is called Wine Country !

  134. Karen Milton says:

    I love the red felicity’s flowers pattern! It would look so great in my dining room all year round!

  135. Rose Anne Manfredi says:

    April Cornell offers such beautiful selections! It was so difficult to choose a favorite pattern since all of them are so lovely. The Meadow design that is offered on several items is the one I chose as my favorite.

  136. I attend a pot-luck function every year and I can’t go if I don’t bring that lemon refrigerator cake! It is the best and my most ask for recipe!

  137. Sandy Thornton says:

    What a fun post! Thank you!! The Lemonade Icebox Cake looks delicious! I’m going to have to give that a try! And thank you for the introduction to April Cornell! I’ve never been there before and very much enjoyed my time spent on that site!! I love the vintage and elegant feel to the fabrics used in the clothes, linens and everything there!!! It was hard to pick one but my favorites were The Willa Rose in red (or yellow), Aunt Gertie’s Patchwork, and Tulips! That tulip fabric was so fresh and beautiful! There was even a cushion to match!! Wouldn’t it be so fun, (if money was no object which isn’t it always? :) ) to have a ladies tea and use the tulip tablecloth and put one of those matching cushions on each chair. You could set the table with a beautiful pitcher of tulips and have some Lemonade Icebox cake and tea. And then each of the ladies could take their cushion home as a gift!! (If money was no object!) I’m sorry for going on so but that was a very inspiring post and my mind is having a bit of fun!!! Thanks again!!

  138. Playful Paisley is my favorite (at the moment).

  139. Pears tablecloth pattern

  140. Susan Morris says:

    I absolutely love April Cornell. Her linens and accessories are just beautiful. I would guess my favorite would be Felicity’s Flowers.

  141. Greta’s Garden is beautiful, but I also like the Lotus, Tea Rose and Aunt Gertie’s was pretty special also.
    Thanks for introducting us to April’s collection!

  142. All of April Cornell’s tablecloth designs are lovely. After looking at the site and re-looking several times, I believe my absolute favorite design is the Felicity Flowers tablecloth print! Hard decision!!

  143. Joan Mathieu says:

    Felicity’s Flowers in red. Who doesn’t love a red tassel?

  144. Susan Higginbotham says:

    Greta’s Garden is a lovely pattern, but the Tulip pattern is so springy looking.

  145. Love all your dessert recipes. I will certainly be in the kitchen trying these. Yummy!! So many wonderful items on April’s website. I love the Willa Rose farmhouse apron. It brings many memories of Gramma, she always wore one like that. Thanks for sharing and all the inspiration. Enjoy your day!!

  146. Oh My !!!!!
    What Beautiful linens !!!!!
    SO many to choose from, but Love Aunt Gertie’s Patchwork tablecloth ( and the name !!!!! ).
    Thank You for the chance to win :0)

  147. I love folklore in smoke!

  148. Mildred Hoppe says:

    Many pretty patterns and fabrics. But Greta’s Garden is my favorite. Blue and yellow together are my weakness.

  149. The Greta’s Garden pattern drew my attention right away. The cheerful colors makes any table inviting!

  150. So many beautiful patterns, its hard to pick one. I like Beckoning Bocas.

  151. What lovely patterns, and choosing?? Honestly, Tea Rose (I do love roses, though I don’t have them because one child has an allergy) is probably my favorite. And I really, really like that she has plus sizes and not just standard. I haven’t been a standard size since my last baby some 30 years ago now! I think I’m going to do a lot more looking at her choices, and thank you for featuring her website.

  152. Ann, I so appreciate your Printables. Each season, I print something and frame it. Each time I pass, I smile. You’re giving joy! My favorite it Greta’s Garden…yellow and blue are the perfect combination.

  153. Kimberly A Busby says:

    Oh, her shop is so beautiful. I love the Felicity’s Flowers pattern.

  154. “Simple Pleasures” is just that! One of life’s simple pleasures! I am so glad I discovered your blog. I just love your style and your desserts are delish! Thank you for adding a sunny note to my day.

  155. Lisa Verrette says:

    I love the Water Lilly – Blue! Just beautiful!

  156. Anne Boychuk says:

    There are many beautiful patterns to choose from. My favourite is “Charlotte’s Chenille embroidered”, so lovely.

  157. Marcia Albrecht says:

    They are all so beautiful but I think I like Meadows best. Thank you for the tasty recipes…..I host dessert and coffee on Easter for my family and I’ll be making several of these!

  158. Ann, There is a raging snow/rain storm outside my door, I was glad to see your blog today! Bright, cheerful, & a much needed diversion this morning. Our governor has declared a “State of Emergency”. Spring can’t come soon enough!
    Thanks for all the recipes & Easter ideas.

  159. Denise Hughes says:

    Loved the Victoria Rose Dress!

  160. Susan Hatcher says:

    I love the Dandelion Dreams pattern. There is some really pretty stuff there. Thanks for introducing and for the giveaway.

  161. Ann:
    Happy spring! I can’t wait to get baking! I love all things April, but the Boreal Birch Birds pattern is my fav.

  162. Karen Robbins says:

    My favorite pattern is “Gretta’s Garden but all of her items are beautiful. Thank you for introducing her. Also thanks for the yummy dessert ideas. I love your blog and always look forward to a new post.

  163. Ann:
    Thanks for the Easter inspiration, can’t wait to get baking! I love all things April, but the Boreal Birch Birds pattern is my fav.

  164. The “Playful Paisley” for sure! It’s adorable….want it, GOTTA HAVE IT:)

  165. Rhonda S. says:

    So many pretty tablecloths but I love the Snapdragon Watercolor. Thanks for offering this generous giveaway! I am a lemon fan and the Lemonade Icebox Cake looks yummy.

  166. Rae Endreola says:

    I so enjoy your beautiful blog. Felicities flowers is my favorite.

  167. Laurie Koehler says:

    Kashmere Paisley is my favorite, but, all her things are lovely

  168. Julie Sheppard says:

    As I sit here reading your blog (which I love), we are having a blizzard! yeah mid march! I love Margaret’s EMB tablecloth! so delicate!

  169. Brenda Penton says:

    My favourite pattern is the Fiesta Stripe.

  170. Carrie Bannister says:

    There are so many I love, but Folklore is my favorite!

  171. Shelley Valentine says:

    What beautiful textiles! My style is Folklore & love the runner as well as the tablecloth. Lovely spring accent pieces!

  172. Mary Allan says:

    Savannah seersucker!

  173. Beth Laakman-Schaumburg says:

    Thank you for introducing me to April Cornell. I think she and I are going to be good friends. There are so many beautiful patterns in her collection. After careful consideration, I choose FELICITY’S FLOWERS. I love blue and white.

  174. Charlotte Hammack says:

    I love Provence and Waterlilly. Greta’s Garden is a beautiful sweet print that is just right for spring!

  175. Oh my goodness. I believe this is the hardest thing ever! They all are so beautiful, but if you insist on a choice (lol) I love the Water Lily !

  176. Charlotte says:

    Love your posts. Envy your home! Beautiful!

  177. Jean Younger-Brown says:

    Ooooh, so hard to choose; I love Greta’s Garden, but I’m most partial to the Provence Seersucker! So enjoy your blogs, Ann and thank you for the yummy recipes.

  178. The “Savannah Seersucker” pattern is my pick!
    Can work for St. Patrick’s day into Easter…multi purpose :)

  179. So many pretty patterns -Gretas Garden.

  180. Great dessert ideas, thanks! April has lots to choose from. Greta’s Garden pattern really caught my eye. So French!

  181. Wow! SO many beautiful patterns at April’s. The wildflower pattern is my fav. Thanks for the opportunity.

  182. Oh what a difficult decision. But I think it has to be the Provence Seersucker. Thank you.

  183. Barbara Peter says:

    Water garden wonder is my favorite.

  184. Mary Sweet says:

    Although it is so hard to choose, I love the pattern Lemonade Cocktail. It reminds me of summer.

  185. Thank you for the receipes!
    I love the April Cornel tablecloth and her dresses are lovely!

  186. Charlotte says:

    Hi Ann and thank you for introducing me to April Cornell’s site. What beautiful prints. I love Greta’s Garden, so cheerful and bright, love the color combination. Your desserts all look great. I think I’m going to have to give the Mini Angel Food Bundt Cakes a try. So pretty and l like the individual, light serving size. Always enjoy your blog, have been following for a couple of years but this is my first comment. I’ve recommended your blog many times to friends and my sisters. Always a good read and love your style. Thank you!

  187. Terri Herman says:

    So many to choose from! Love the Heirloom Rose linen one! Thanks for the chance! ????

  188. Michelle Powers says:

    I love the Playful Paisley’ pattern!

  189. My favorite would be the Felicity’s Flowers. So classic and fresh.

  190. I love the water lily pattern and colors!

  191. Anne Marie says:

    I love the tea rose pattern.

    1. I really love the Linen Jacquard pattern. Simple but elegant. Thank you!